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"This massive site started in 2000 is best viewed in IE! Hi Guys and Cool Women. Welcome to one of the Biggest "legal" Sports Comedy Internet TV stations in the World! I'm the Australian Sports, Comedy, Media Guy. I've been based in Canada since 1998 traveling to many sporting events. Enjoy the hrs of intense 3-10+ min sports, comedy TV shows and the many sports columns. My MYKwebTV shows sports reports and pic's are positive and also interesting stories so go somewhere else if you want negative sports reports! MYKwebTV is also on YouTube.com/MykAussie and many now on twitter. This is fun! I've done 900+ guest spots on USA, CDN and Aussie sports radio over the past 18+ years. Here's my Media section 1999-present. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in having me on your sports radio show." @MykAussie

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May 18, 19 You can watch 170+ of my sports, comedy TV shows on my YouTube Ch

and the 2017-19 TV shows that I have been here on AFL etc TV
Feb 2, 17 Super Bowl in Houston rehighlighted NFL TV

Nov 28, 12 7 new Comedy MYKwebTV/TotalCFL TV shows from 100th CFL Grey Cup

Nov 27, 12 100th CFL Grey Cup. Stamps fan crashed Argos Parade brilliantly
YouTube MYKwebTV

Nov 10, 12 Opinion has it funny Bill Clinton tribute from CFL Halloween game
YouTube MYKwebTV

Nov 1, 12 Promoting this Grey Cup MYKwebTV show leading up to
100th Grey Cup
newApril 12, 12 NHL Playoffs! I'm drinking from The Stanley Cup YouTube MYKwebTV
newJan 21, 12, Watch my Hardcore style sports & life stories calls to Sports Rage on Mates Club

newMar 5, 11 AFL CDN Northwind training, interview Aussie Rules Footy TV

Dec 6, 10 Snow Bowl, diehart fans game at the CFL Grey Cup Snow Bowl TV
Sept 1, 10 Ottawa Swans Aussie Rules Footy. Game action, interviews OAFL TV
July 16, 10 Sports Comedy. I got on The Jim Rome show with Jay Mohr
Mar 29, 10 2010 SANFL Aussie Rules Footy Media Launch SANFL TV
Dec 8, 09 09 CFL Grey Cup TotalCFL TV shows Grey Cup TV
Aug 17, 09 NFL. At Seahawks vs Chargers NFL TV
July 28, 09 Pt 1- 5 Calgary Stampede Rodeo with Cwoc Cohost Sienna Rodeo TV
Feb 3, 09 I've had media passes at 3 Super Bowl weeks. My Best of NFL Super Bowls TV
  NFL Pro Bowls were amazing on sidelines, at events. Lots of NFL Pro Bowls TV
This was a great event. Funny CDN Belly flop contest Comedy TV
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"Football Fan Frenzy" our comedy movie!
Updated Jan, 2019. This comment was made from a earlier edit. The movie has been improved since. "Myk Aussie your movie is as good as you told me it was! Very, very funny, you are a clown. Anyway what are you? Comedian, media guy, movie maker, you do it all. It was a pleasure meeting you!" Michael Landsberg, TSN Toronto. For details, reviews and to watch online Click here

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"Total CFL TV includes, Many CFL Grey Cup TV shows from 1999 to the 100th Grey Cup, BC Lions TV, Calgary Stampeders TV, Edmonton Eskimos TV, Saskatchewan Roughriders TV, Montreal Alouettes TV, Hamilton Tiger-Cats TV, Toronto Argonuts TV, Winnipeg Blue Bombers TV, CFL Winnipeg Blue Bombers TV, 2010 Grey Cup TV. 2009 CFL Grey Cup video, 2010 Grey Cup video, sexy cheerleaders, CFL Grey Cup video 1999 to present, BC Lions video, Calgary Stampeders video, Edmonton Eskimos video, Saskatchewan Roughriders video, Montreal Alouettes video, Hamilton Tiger-Cats video, Toronto Argonuts video, Winnipeg Blue Bombers video,Grey Cup video. For CFL and CFL Grey Cup TV videos

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April 26, 2019 "Larger screen- Talking AFL Rd 6 picks, NFL Draft etc on FNTSY Sports Network TV from New York!" Myk

 April 19, 2019 "Larger screen- Talking AFL Rd 5 picks, Denver Broncos, Game Of Thrones etc on FNTSY Sports Network TV from New York!" Myk

April 5, 2019 "Larger screen- Talking AFL Rd 3 picks etc on FNTSY Sports Network TV from New York!" Myk

 Mar 29, 2019 "Larger screen- Talking AFL Rd 1 big upsets, AFL Rd 2 picks etc on FNTSY Sports Network TV from New York!" Myk

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