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"This massive site started in 2000 is best viewed in IE! Hi Guys and Cool Women. Welcome to one of the Biggest "legal" Sports Comedy Internet TV stations in the World! I'm the Australian Sports, Comedy, Media Guy. I've been based in Canada since 1998 traveling to many sporting events. Enjoy the hrs of intense 3-10+ min sports, comedy TV shows and the many sports columns. My MYKwebTV shows sports reports and pic's are positive and also interesting stories so go somewhere else if you want negative sports reports! MYKwebTV is part of the YouTube Partner program YouTube.com/MykAussie This is fun! I've done 600+ guest spots on USA, CDN and Aussie sports radio over the past 18+ years. Here's my media section Feel free to contact me if you are interested in having me on your sports radio show." @MykAussie

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Below are some of the NFL team sections. Includes NFL picks, NFL betting, NFL videos which are MYKwebTV shows from NFL games, Super Bowls and Pro Bowls.

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Sept 27, 17 You can watch 170+ of these TV shows on my YouTube Directors Ch

and the 2016-17 TV shows that I have been on AFL etc TV
Feb 2, 17 Super Bowl in Houston rehighlighted NFL TV

Nov 28, 12 7 new Comedy MYKwebTV/TotalCFL TV shows from 100th CFL Grey Cup

Nov 27, 12 100th CFL Grey Cup. Stamps fan crashed Argos Parade brilliantly
YouTube MYKwebTV

Nov 10, 12 Opinion has it funny Bill Clinton tribute from CFL Halloween game
YouTube MYKwebTV

Nov 1, 12 Promoting this Grey Cup MYKwebTV show leading up to
100th Grey Cup
newApril 12, 12 NHL Playoffs! I'm drinking from The Stanley Cup YouTube MYKwebTV
newJan 21, 12, Watch my Hardcore style sports & life stories calls to Sports Rage on Mates Club

newMar 5, 11 AFL CDN Northwind training, interview Aussie Rules Footy TV
newDec 7, 12 Australian reputable list of casinos, websites Read Reviews
Dec 6, 10 Snow Bowl, diehart fans game at the CFL Grey Cup Snow Bowl TV
Sept 1, 10 Ottawa Swans Aussie Rules Footy. Game action, interviews OAFL TV
July 16, 10 Sports Comedy. I got on The Jim Rome show with Jay Mohr
Mar 29, 10 2010 SANFL Aussie Rules Footy Media Launch SANFL TV
Dec 8, 09 09 CFL Grey Cup TotalCFL TV shows Grey Cup TV
Aug 17, 09 NFL. At Seahawks vs Chargers NFL TV
July 28, 09 Pt 1- 5 Calgary Stampede Rodeo with Cwoc Cohost Sienna Rodeo TV
Feb 3, 09 I've had media passes at 3 Super Bowl weeks. My Best of NFL Super Bowls TV
  NFL Pro Bowls were amazing on sidelines, at events. Lots of NFL Pro Bowls TV
This was a great event. Funny CDN Belly flop contest Comedy TV
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"Football Fan Frenzy" our comedy movie!
Updated Dec 9, 2014. This comment was made from a earlier edit. The movie has been improved since. "Myk Aussie your movie is as good as you told me it was! Very, very funny, you are a clown. Anyway what are you? Comedian, media guy, movie maker, you do it all. It was a pleasure meeting you!" Michael Landsberg, TSN Toronto. For details, reviews and to watch online Click here

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Upcoming MYKwebTV. A event I plan on web sportscasting soon is the Kentucky Derby horse racing event. For a MYKwebTV show from Louisville Kentucky where I talk some horse racing with AFL legend coach Kevin Sheedy
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NFL webWORLD. "Seahawks smash Broncos in the Super Bowl. My NFL weekly picks and bets in a great competition! More NFL news! I have been a Donkey all week! Fri Jan 11 I'm talking NFL on Sports Rage. Picks, bets! It was a wild day on twitter! More of my thoughts! There is no higher priority for the National Football League than the health and wellness of our players." Roger Godell. This was cool. I got a email today direct from Roger Godell! A very funny new Tom Brady TV commercial! My Denver Broncos #18 Peyton Manning jersey is in Canada! Talking NFL on Sports Rage! My chats on twitter over the past 24 hours in regards to Legend Peyton Manning! Aussies in the NFL, NCAA and potential NFL Aussie players. A report from nfldownunder.com! Watch AFL Aussie Rules Footy players boot the torpedo or screw punt as used in the NFL! Singer M.I.A. may owe big money for Super Bowl halftime contract violation! New York Giants defeat New England Patriots 21-17 in the Super Bowl! My Super Bowl bets. My Super Bowl novelty prop bet! Super Bowls MYKwebTV! More Sports and life craziness! Twitter is great to get sports news, news from ya mates ASAP, @MykAussie!
My many Pro Bowl MYKwebTV shows with amazing close up footage and interviews with the #1 NFL cheerleders! Listen now. I got on The Jim Rome radio show Wed July 7 which has approx 4 million listeners and talked sports! Lots of NFL TV and sexy cheerleaders from Super Bowls and Pro Bowls etc on Mates Club TV. For NFL betting, NFL picks, NFL reports, NFL TV

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AFL Australian Football League and Intl Aussie Rules Footy webWORLD. Refer to @MykAussie for AFL Ontario, Intl Aussie Footy and AFL reports! Hawks win AFL and AFL Ontario Grand Finals! Lots of AFL and OAFL talk on my twitter/MykAussie! I'll be in Edmonton Aug 3 to commentate the CDN vs USA 49th Parallel Cup! Crows win in Bananabender land, at the Gabba! 2013 season has started. World Footy news. Sydney Swans defeat Hawthorn Hawks by 10 points, 14-7=91 to 11-15=81 in a great 2012 AFL Grand Final. Mike Pyke a Canadian played for the Swans! Intl Aussie Rules Footy the 49th Parallel Cup in Ohio on Sat Aug 4. USA Revolution defeat Canada Northwind in men's game. Women's game USA Freedom defeat Canada Northern Lights! AFL coming to LA in Aug looking for star US athletes. A great video promoting Aussie Footy and Australian life! Funny, Dan on TSN his Aussie accent! Bend it like Bartel" says @CFLKate. Ticats Kicker Josh Bartel shows off the Aussie banana kick! BL&GFA Sth Aussie, South Gawler Lions great win over Willaston Donnybrooks in the McGahan-Heinrich Cup. Lions win all 4 grades! Detailed report from Matt Symes! A Aussie Rules player will be playing in the CFL this season as Josh Bartel made the Hamilton Tiger-Cats roster. Reports, video! AFL picks Rd 11! OAFL Rd 5 Ottawa Swans win Big over Toronto Eagles on Saturday! Fri May 19 Talking AFL and OAFL on Sports Rage! BL&GFA South Gawler Lions defeat Gawler Central Tigers! OAFL Ottawa Swans home opener was Saturday May 12 against High Park Demons. Watch now including YouTube.com versions, a 4 part MYKwebTV show from 2010 as the Swans defeated the Demons! Crows defeat Swans! OAFL week 1 reports! Crows defeat PAP Smears/Power. A great picture! BL&GFA Soth Gawler Lions defeat arch rival Willaston Donnybrooks. A report from Lions Matt Symes! ANZAC Day clash! AFL picks week 6. Essendon Bombers vs Carlton Blues is on TSN2 TV in Canada Friday night 11.30pm EST! How dangerous is a Swan? A man has died after being attached by a Swan! Week 3 AFL picks! OAFL Ottawa Swans pub crawl Golf games was Sat April 14.For Australian Rules Football picks, AFL reports, Intl AFL TV, AFL betting etou can also play casino at the online sports betting sites. Learn how to bet on sports and online casinos, guides for various popular online casino games from onlinecasinoexpert.com.

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CFL webWORLD. "2014 CFL season news! CFL and NFL (AFL) Legend Cookie Gilchrist video. Documentary coming. 2014 Grey Cup to be in Vancouver. 7 new MYKwebTV/TotalCFL TV shows from 100th Grey Cup! Lots of news from the great Grey Cup Festival! Talking CFL and Grey Cup on Sports Rage! CFL All-Star team voting! Aussie Josh makes CFL East All-Star team! 100th CFL Grey Cup news, events! CFL results, picks, spreads, bets! Aussie Josh Bartel nominated by Tiger-Cats for CFL Annual Rookie of the Year Award! I'm talking Sports including CFL Hardcore Comedy style on Sports Rage with Champ Gabriel Morency. Watch and listen now. If you don't like the way I talk that's OK but I'm not apologizing! Talking CFL on Sports Rage! For CFL picks, CFL betting, CFL reports, CFL TV etc

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Ice Hockey webWORLD. "I knew I could smell something last Saturday in Ottawa. It was all the Maple Leaf fans out and about! Ahhhhh! Leafs smash Sens 4-0 though so good on Leaf fans I suppose! Finally NHL starts! Many CDN men are vedi happy! A new great NHL Lockout documentary from Ottawa! The Canada loss to USA in World Juniors really got to me! Fri May 20 I'm talking Sports Hardcore Comedy style on Sports Rage with Champ Gabriel Morency. Includes talking about NHL Enforcer Derek Boogaard drug/booze related death! Talking about a crazy parking ticket I got near where the Ottawa Senators play on Sports Rage. There are now 159 of my 185+ MYKwebTV and TotalCFLwebTV shows now on my YouTube.com Directors Channel! Listen now! I got on The Jime Rome radio show Wed July 7 which has approx 4 million listeners and talked some NHL with guest host Jay Mohr! For Ice Hockey and NHL report, NHL betting, NHL picks, NHL TV etc

Cricket webWORLD."Congratulations to Travis Head as he makes 90 runs for South Australia Redbacks! Travis head makes his debut for South Australia Redbacks! India wins World Cup! Talking Cricket World Cup again on Sports Rage. For Cricket reports

Golf webWORLD. "Watch now! The crazy funny guy that interupted the Webb Simpson NBC interview! Bubba Watson wins the US Masters. Some of my golf tweets over the weekend. My US Masters bets! Tiger Woods talks to a medium, a spiritual adviser. Is the article saying the medium is a scammer or the concept of talking to the dead is a scam, I believe they are saying both. I disagree! It was a great US Masters with Aussies Adam Scott and Jason Day runners up to Charl Schwartzel. I got on The Jime Rome radio show on Wed July 7! Tiger Woods and his luv of the "Map of Tassie"! Listen now! Graeme McDowell wins the US Open at the Pebble Beach Golf Links by 1 shot! Steve Elkington's comment about Tiger Woods on The Jim Rome show this week was a classic Aussie saying. Elk's new website secretinthedirt.com! Phil Mickelson wins the US Masters! Tiger comes 4th! The new Tiger Nike commercial! Talking about Tiger Woods many weeks on 5AA Adelaide Sth Australia radio with Jeff Burzacott. Listen Live each week! For Golf reports, Golf picks, Golf betting etc

Basketball webWORLD. "Miami Heat win the 2013 NBA Championship. LeBron James was briliant in game 7. They had a Alien on the team, Chris "the birdman" Anderson what planet is he from I wonder! Yeh CDN Steve Nash a LA Laker! I'm talking Sports Hardcore Comedy style on Sports Rage with Champ Gabriel Morency. Includes talking some NBA, "The Irish" Texans in Dallas? Watch and listen now. I'm talking Sports including NBA Legend Kobe Bryant's recent troubles Hardcore Comedy style on Sports Rage with Champ Gabriel Morency. NCAA March Madness, UCONN wins a disappointing Final of a great tournament! NCAA Men's Final vs Cinderella a Hardcore Comedy style report by SoonerLeesa a Sports Rager. March Madness Final Four. "Final Four vs Ferris Bueller" a Hardcore Comedy style report by SoonerLeesa! NCAA, Brigham Young University kicks forward Brandon Davies off the team for having premarital sex! Talking about this BYU issue with Gabriel Morency on Sports Rage! "Hardwood vs Hardwood", a Hardore Comedy style report by SoonerLeesa. Aussie Andrew Bogut on Jim Rome show! Listen now! I got on The Jime Rome radio show on Wednesday and talked about Chris Bosh and Kobe! Talking Basketball on 5AA South Australia radio! For NBA reports, NBA betting, NBA picks, NBA TV etc

Fighting webWORLD. "Watch and listen now! From Fri May 18, I'm talking Sports including UFC and life stories Hardcore style on Sports Rage with Gabriel Morency! UFC's Chael Sonnen's winning call in the 2012 Smack Off on Jim Rome radio show! Watch now! Heavyweight post-fight craziness. Dereck Chisora brawls with David Haye at Klitschko vs Chisora post-fight press conference! MMA on Morency Sports! UFC weekend in Toronto for Morency's Road Rages was great! Picture with Strikeforce's Gilbert Melendez. Talking Sports including Boxing each week on 5AA radio! Click here Big fights are often held in Las Vegas the gambling capital of the World. Betting on sports including fights can be fun. Why not also try some online casino games available here For a excellent casino site in the United Kingdom have a look here

Cwoc Pammy webWORLD. "The luckiest Aussie ever, Damian Whitewood who is Pammy Anderson's Dancing with the Stars partner! For Cwoc Pammy reports, TV

Boarding and Skiing webWORLD. "Blind surfer Derek Rebela of Brazil takes on the Pipeline! Talking all Winter Olympics on Wednesday on 5AA South Australian radio. Listen now, link is below! On Wed Feb 24 Talking Olympic Snowboarding and Skiing on Wednesday on 5AA South Australian radio. Listen now, link is below! Another Gold Medal for Canada! Canadian Freestyle Skier Cwoc Ashleigh McIvor wins the Gold Medal in the Women's Ski Cross! Aussie Bird Torah Bright wins Gold in the Women's Snowboard Halfpipe event! USA's Shaun White wins Gold again in the Men's Snowboard Halfpipe event! Canada wins it's 2nd Gold Medal as Maelle Ricker wins the Women's Snowboard Cross. What a great event the Snowboard Cross is to watch. For Skiing and boarding reports, TV

Tennis webWORLD. "Watch and listen now! From Fri Jan 20, I'm on Sports Rage with Gabriel Morency talking Sports and life craziness stories! I talk Australian Open tennis and the Melbourne vs Adelaide rivalry! Koala's in Australia not interested in USA Tennis Star Andy Roddick and his wife Brooklyn, they were into eachother making some Luv and showing off to the cameras! USA Tennis Star Andy Roddick and his wife Brooklyn Decker were recently visiting the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary in Australia. However, during a interview with reporters two koalas amazingly overshadowed Andy by making some Koala Luv for the cameras. Very funny! For the video. For
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"Pt 1 and 2, 09 Snow Bowl highlights TV is up! Pt 1- 3, 09 Snow Bowl TV is up. Pt's 1 and 2 09 Grey Cup TotalCFL TV are up! The West won the 10th Snow Bowl defeating the East 39 to 28. For Snow Bowl reports, TV
NCAA webWORLD including Hawaii Hula Bowl TV, NCAA Bowl reports, NCAA betting

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"Total CFL TV includes, 2009 CFL Grey Cup TV coming in November, CFL Grey Cup TV 1999 to present, BC Lions TV, Calgary Stampeders TV, Edmonton Eskimos TV, Saskatchewan Roughriders TV, Montreal Alouettes TV, Hamilton Tiger-Cats TV, Toronto Argonuts TV, Winnipeg Blue Bombers TV, Adam Pacman Jones CFL Winnipeg Blue Bombers TV coming, coming in Nov 2010, 2010 Grey Cup TV.
2009 CFL Grey Cup
video, 2010 Grey Cup video, sexy cheerleaders, CFL Grey Cup video 1999 to present, BC Lions video, Calgary Stampeders video, Edmonton Eskimos video, Saskatchewan Roughriders video, Montreal Alouettes video, Hamilton Tiger-Cats video, Toronto Argonuts video, Winnipeg Blue Bombers video, coming in Nov 2010, 2010 Grey Cup video. For
CFL and CFL Grey Cup TV videos

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