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Racing is for the money chasers...

The Australian sports industry is replete with mega motor racing events that can fill up a whole calendar year. From local motor racing competitions to the major internationally-acclaimed racing events such as the Australian Grand Prix are some of the many sports competitions Aussies look forward to every year. Although traditionally, Australians are not known for their motor racing prowess, the amount of money that has been splashed into the Aussie motor arena through sponsorship deals, naming and broadcasting rights indicates an upward shift in popularity and revenue generating capacity of the industry. Major corporate giants in Australia have stampeded to offer lucrative deals to sports personalities including the motor racing competitors; there has been a large outpour of money into motorsport.

Aussies in general are a sports-loving people; and thus many corporate enterprises in Australia have taken advantage of the huge fan base motorsport has in locally by using their cooperation with motorsport personalities as opportunities to advertise their company products and services. Naturally, every sensible corporate organisation would want to extend its corporate social responsibility programmes to the sporting world which attracts lots of people. A notable example would be entertainment companies who can also capitalise on the huge presence of people that watch live motor racing by advertising their various online casino games that they offer. Casino companies can enter into strategic partnerships with firms that have broadcasting rights so they can be afforded space to air their advertisements during live motorsport commercial breaks and live commentary build-ups.  The online gaming services that firms can advertise are found on Australian online casino brands.

The Australian motorsport industry has undergone tremendous growth with the increase in sponsorship and endorsement deals, broadcasting rights, live streaming and other initiatives that generate revenue for stakeholders in this popular industry. The regulatory authorities of the Australian motor industry have been supporting in the expansion of motorsport to other parts of the country where it was not famous.



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