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Wed, July 21 04 "NBA star Steve Nash returns home to Canada! Kobe signs a Massive Massive contract and stays with the LA Lakers!

I read with interest that Cwoc Pammy and star NBA basketballer Steve Nash were the crowd favorites at this years Courtnall Celebrity Golf Classic on Vancouver Island the home of Pammy. No doubt the #1 Cwoc specimen was looking fabulous as always.

Great to see Kobe is still a LA Laker. He signed a Massive Massive contract last week and it's so big I don't even want to think about it. Read below for my Pro Kobe reports over the past 12+ months as the star fights off the Not Cwoa." Myk Aussie

Thurs, July 15 04 "Moose will be eating humble pie if Kobe ends up a Clipper! NBA Update from Moose: The three probably scenarios in the Kobe Sweepstakes...Two L.A. ones!" Myk Aussie

Wow! If Kobe ends up at the Clippers what is Moose going to say about that? For the past 2 years I have been Pro Lakers and Pro Kobe whereas Moose has been Pro Clippers and anti Lakers! 

Report below by Pro Clippers Moose 
The following synopsis is the possible scenarios that will take play,
basically as soon as Shaq completes his trade/signing with the Miami Heat, who've changed their mind and told Michael Jeffrey Jordan, the potential owner and Michael Jeffrey Jordan, the potential player, both to get lost:

1) Kobe stays with the Hollywood fLakers. Not likely. It's not that he has anything against new Laker Coach Rudy Tomjanovich but Kobe will wait until Shaq and his big butt are firmly planted in Miami Heat-ville before staying in L.A. - either with the Lakers or Clippers. Also, Kobe would make $13.5 mil. by staying with the Lakers but he knows that team isn't going anywhere if they lose both he and Shaq. Replacement stars are hard to find nowadays. I rate this choice as number three. Unless the Lakers can sign free agent Rashied Wallace from Champ Detriot. Not likely because if the Lakers free up that $13.5 mil. for Kobe, where will they fit Wallace under the salary cap? Chances: 15-85% against.

2) Kobe signs with the Clippers for the $11.8 mil. cap space they have and OKs a deal somewhere else - after the mid-way point in the season. Don't laugh - it's done every years. Wallace got himself traded to Detroit in time to get out of Portland and hook up with the team that blew the Lakers out in the finals. Now he's a free agent. Not exactly the same thing but here's how #2 and the following #3 fit together. Chances of number #2 alone 35-65%.

3) If Shaq is definitely in place in Miami, he's out of Kobe's hair. 'Only one star to a ball at a time, please', seems to be the rule these days. And Kobe and Shaq are not very effective WITHOUT THE BALL. Kobe would be better off at this point in his career going to the Clippers since Quinton Richardson can't stay healthy and he plays was worse 'D' than did his predecessor Eric 'Pike' Piatkowski, currently making $6 mil. more in the doghouse at Houston. If the Clippers get Kobe, the rumour is they trade Kobe to Houston for Pike and Steve (Franchise) Francis and send Quniton to the Lakers. Either way, if Quinton goes to Lakers and Kobe goes to the Clippers, they are both still in L.A. whether Kobe goes to the Clips or not, they're still El Brand's team. 

Kobe had his run to four Championships with the Lakers, three wins.
There are no more titles in the Lakers future for three or four years unless they somehow get Karl Malone (who I say is going back to Utah to wrap up his career, 0-3 in NBA title tries) back and sign Wallace from Detroit. The Clippers could get Pike back from Houston for Quinton and keep Kobe which would allow them to keep Elton B., Corey Maggette at forward while Pike resumes his career to the 2 for the Clips. After all he is their all-time leader n games played in L.A., 3 pt. shots attempted, Free Throw percentage, 3 pt. shots made and 3 pt. percentage. 

Put Kobe in the backcourt
WITH Pike and maybe Kobe, who never went to college (thus the problems he has; domestic and on the court, no 'D') will learn positioning, et, al from one of the better Defencive guards in the loop (although no Craig Ehlo or Joe Dumars). The Clippers will be better than the Lakers this year anyway. Plus Kobe will be able to play his way instead of in the triangle Offence. Remember he's no Jordan in his prime...Chances of number 3: 60-40%

If the Clippers pull the coup and get Kobe (remember his dad played for the SAN DIEGO Clippers 20 years ago), their season tickets (already good) go up again. If Kobe goes to either the Clips or Houston or anywhere but Miami and the Lakers, he still wins because it's a fresh start!

The recap:

1) Kobe stays in L.A - with the Lakers. 15-85% against.

2) Kobe goes to L.A. - the Clippers and stays (50-50%) or goes to Clips and then somewhere else (40-60%)

3) Kobe uses the Clips for half a season and if they aren't as good as he thinks they should be, he goes elsewhere (60-40%)" Moose

Tues, July 13 04 "Mooses NBA report! Moose we will have Piston fans reading!" Myk Aussie

I'm on Detroit Pistons radio 8am Pammy and BC Lion time today so maybe some Piston fans will read your Pro Clippers reports! 

NBA Update: By: Moose Salzer

If there was ever any question as to who the best player in NBA history is, it's been answered by now. Larry Bird. Despite his dumb statement that blacks are better athletes than anybody who ain't black (if their supposedly so great, why have they made no dent in the NHL, easily the most skilled sport out there)! I hope Kobe comes to the Clippers (when....."Moose he's not going to jail" Myk) and Pike rejoins the Clips and they go to Miami and blow out the Heat by 50 points. Can you say 'Has-been?'

Take Larry Bird, his sometimes dopey 'Hick-from-French-Lick' comments to the contrary, now there was a basketball player! Yea, I know all about Jordan's heroics - the first two times. But the last two comebacks were garbage. Bird played 13 consecutive years, torn the NBA up, going to five NBA Championships in only 7 years, helped the US win the Olympics and then retired. Period. End of story. Then he later helps his hometown Pacers to the NBA title game (they lost), then retires and steps into the front office (after he got his heart condition under control). Now the Pacers are close to going to announcer Championship Series with ex-Celtics buddy Rick Carlisle, who I played against in high school, as the Coach. Bird did it the right way. Play your a** off, dominate, retire, move to the next thing. Jordan's on-again, off-again, on-again, off-again, on-again thing p****s me off big time. Look, has-been, make up your mind. You're the second best player ever - live with it. And let somebody else have a chance at a title!" Moose

Sat, July 3 04 "Kobe Bryant who hopes to beat the Sexual assault charges may be the replacement for Eric Piatkowski the L.A. Clippers are looking for according to Moose! Now Moose will have to eat humble pie if that is the case!" Myk 

 By Moose "Kobe Bryant even said he wouldn't mind taking a pay cut to play for the fLakers crosstown rivals if V.P./G.M. Elgin Baylor will make an effort to keep Elton Brand, Quint Richard son and Corey Maggette together. I wouldn't mind seeing Kobe lace them up for the Clips, if he at least tries to play defence, like Piatkowski did. I still have hopes Pike will finish his career for the Clips. That numbskull Coach in Houston hardly used Pike last year and the Rockets player L.A. in the playoffs. Pike used to hold Kobe in check when the Clips were nipping at the heals of the Lakers several years ago before all the injuries and free agency hit the Clips and ended the run of Alvin Gentry." Moose

Wed, June 16 04 "The Detroit Pistons have won the NBA Championship! 

The NBA Finals have been and gone as the Pistons hammer the Lakers and win 4 games to 1. They win their 1st Championship since the late 80's.  Oh no what a big surprise it was to the Westerners as the Lakers but as Moose says the "Flakers" were completely outplayed by the Pistons. What will now happen to the very rich star studded Lakers. Will Kobe keep out of the slammer and play again, let's hope so, will Shaq return to Orlando, will the injured Mailman Malone retire. Lots more coming on the NBA but please read below as I have followed Kobe's troubles with a not Cwoa for the past 12 mths." Myk Aussie .

Wed, June 9 04 "Kobe on the court he belongs saves the Lakers with 2-3 seconds left! Lakers defeat the Detroit Pistons in Overtime! Series is 1 all!

Kobe Bryant was a absolute Super Star on the Court last night. Down by 3 points with 3 seconds to play and already down 1-0 in the NBA Finals the ball goes to Kobe and he shots a rippa of a 3 pointer. The best play I've seen under extreme pressure since Michael Jordan stole the ball from the Mailman Malone in the Playoffs several years ago. Looks like the NBA East has caught up and it will be a great Final series. Read below for my close pro Lakers and pro Kobe in and off the Court reports over the past year." Myk Aussie

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