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 Mar 03 Myk's Basketball webWORLD!

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Pro Basketball Weekly: NBA and Pro Basketball Video Picks with amazing coverage from Myk & Moose The Pro Baseball webSportsCasters.

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"Hi Guys and Cool Women welcome to me Basketball webWORLD." Myk Aussie 

Pro Basketball Weekly: NBA and Pro Basketball Video Picks with amazing coverage from Myk & Moose The Pro Baseball web SportsCasters.

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Mar 31 "Mooses NBA Pro LA Clippers update" Myk Aussie

NBA Update
By: Rich (Clipperized) Salzer

"The Clips, as injury-depleted as they are have been trying...They lost to Dallas, who I think will win the Championship over the Hollywood Flakers,
who I despise, by 7 pts. Fri., ruining a perfect 22-pt effort by my man, Eric 'Pike' Piatkowski...But they got it right yesterday by beating rapidly improving Memphis (formerly Vancouver) Grizzlies, 100-98...Pike, Corey Maggette, Chris Wilcox & Lamar Odom lead the way w/ double-figure scoring for L.A...So far the teams that have clinched playoff spots in NBA are: the Mavericks, Detroit, New Jersey, Sacramento & San Antonio...More next week - aloha & mahalo" Mooseman

"Moose why don't you like the LA Lakers?" Myk Aussie

Mar 25 "Moose visits the NBA Hall of Fame for MYKwebWORLD!" Myk Aussie

By: Moose Salzer  I recently had a fine time @ the Pro Basketball Hall-of-Fame in Springfield,  MA...Has anybody noticed how good the Minnesota Timberwolves (great name, great logo!) have gotten since Wally Szeczerbiak is back @ full strength?...This is how Eric Piatkowski could be w/ my beloved/beleaguered  L.A. Clips if El Brand was still healthy & they had a real coach...

A basketball publication recently said Szeczerbiak's mate Kevin Garnett, an all-star forward is the best ever @ his position...Bull*&^%!...Larry Bird would have torn his arse off him @ handed it to his bald dome!..Garnett is an A-1 defensive liability despite his offensive prowess...If everybody  would play as hard & intelligently as my Clip's Pike or Wally-world, attendance would be up all over the NBA instead of on the decline for the 5th consecutive yr.

My beloved Hawai'i Warriors were knocked out of N.I.T.,  84-70 Monday by the Univ. of Minn...Good season though, guys...2nd yr. in-a-row that U H kanakas had 20-win season...Coach Riley's guys are: 48 Ws/
only 18 Ls the last 2 seasons, 24th in the nation...GO WARRIOR NATION!..Vili, the Warrior looked good in our Pro-Bowl edit of Football Fan Frenzy 2
" Moose

Mar 22 "From Myk Aussie on SportsRage Friday night. Gabriel that's bullshit what bib Shaq O'Neal is saying about Mike Bibby the Sacramento King & former Vancouver Grizzly star! Univ. of Hawai'i Warriors Men's NCAA Basketball team!

I like Shaq & laughed a lot after his Cindy Crawford "rooting" story from a year or so ago but picking on Bibby is not good. Bibby is a star butShaq reckons no one knew about him when he played in Canada for the Grizzlies & reckons Bibby shouldn't be in the Olympic squad. We all knew about Mike Bibby  up here in Canada. After being drafted the same year as Vince Carter Bibby was a super star in his 1st years in the NBA with the Vancouver Grizzlies now the Memphis Grizzlies. I had the pleasure of watching Mike several times at GM Place in Vancouver, once with front row seats thanks to me Cwoc at the time & her high up Uncle from Orca Bay.

I dropped the rooting word on Montreal SportsRage radio as most Canucks & Americans don't know what it means. Shaq said on US radio a year or so ago he had rooted Cindy but then had to take his remarks back as Cindy's management got all pissed off at Shaq.

NCAA Basketball update from Moose. 

Subject: Univ. of Hawai'i Warriors Men's NCAA Basketball team
Date: Sun, 23 Mar 2003 16:00:09 -0500 By: Moose Salzer
On Sun. night I'm on Kumu2 / AM1500 radio @ 11;45pm, EST which is of course 6;45 pm HST. The topic will be the men's Hawaii basketball team which is 19-11 but will play Minnesota U. Monday in the National Invitational Tournament. Good Luck Warriors!

I agre go Warriors. Me & Moose also report on the Hawaii Warriors in the NCAA footy." Myk

Mar 17 "Moose who are your fav NBA Players continued ? " Myk Aussie

"Myk here you go! Best Basketball players I've ever seen" Moose

The Guards, G/Fs, C/Fs
Michael Jordan...Guard/Forward...Playing his final innings in NBA for a bad Washington team..I don't believe he was better than Larry Bird...Compare...I say they are even...Has 30,000+ pts...played in 6 Championships, Bird 5...His Chicago teams were considerably better than some of Birds Celtics finals teams...It's difficult to compare players of different sizes & positions...The greatest athlete to ever play his position(s)...Not as good an all-round player in all phases as Bird, though Bird did his 13 great seasons, LEAD THE U S Olympic team to the gold medal @ Barcelona, retired, got into management, coached the Indiana Pacers to the finals v. L.A., NOW seeks to own on NBA team outright...Thanks for the memories, Michael & as Bird said when asked a few years ago if Jordan was the best of all time, Bird answered, "He's in the top two." - I agree. - Moose

Craig Ehlo...Guard/Forward...6-8, 200 lbs...the anti-Jordan (along w/Joe Dumars of Detroit)...Everybody harps about Jordan scoring the "winning shot" & 69 pts. on Cleveland, 40 on Ehlo but how many remember Ehlo scored 31 that day & Cleve. won in O.T...played Jordan very well w/ 4 different teams during a 14 yr. career...Active for 2 more games in 15th
& 16th seasons as Ast. coach, too...Now coaching High School in Wash. St., where he played for well known George Raveling, alongside German import & former Seattle Sonic mate, Detlef Schrempf...A terrific versatile defensive guard in his prime especially 10 seasons for Lenny
Wilkens, now coach of the Myk's Toronto Raptors...spent too much time @ forward during his career...Used to be quicker than Jordan in his early yrs...Played in the finals for Houston in '86 & Seattle in '96.

Joe Dumars...Guard...6-2, 200 best defensive guard v. Jordan. Has a long memory. Hired ex-Celtic Dennis Johnson backup, Rick Carlisle over former Detroit back court mate, Isiah Thomas, who in turn replaced the retired Larry Bird...Got that straight?. Strong scorer who was the main catalyst on Chuck Dailey's three straight Championship final Piston teams,
before Jordan's Bulls pulled ahead of Ehlo's Cleveland teams, in early '90's...Best General Manager in the NBA.

John point Guard of all-time...even Ervin Johnson, Jr. says so...playing in his 19th season for Utah...Will play 2 more seasons he says...Has played alongside Karl Malone, who just went over 36,000+ pts., recently, his whole career...Would love to see Stock win one title...Took Utah to two Championship appearances, lost both finals to the Bulls...That's why they call him Michael Jordan! Love ya, John...keep up the great work...Better on Defense than most think...He will also put the steals mart out of reach.

Dan Issel...Center/Forward...6'9.5", 245 lbs...Quick: who is the highest scoring Caucasian in Pro Basketball History...Not Bird, it's Issel...played for Kentucky coaching legend Adolph Rupp (1936-72)...Team won the college CHAMPIONSHIP in '67...Helped current Memphis NBA coach Hubie Brown win the ABA title in '75 w/ the Kentucky Colonels...Played his last 10 seasons w/ Denver Nuggets, who next to Cleveland are now the 2nd worst team in the NBA...Coached the Nuggets twice, but got tired of the losing & was bought out & quit...Was an announcer twice for team... Scored 27,492 career points...10 time All-star...Strong, though not tall C/F. THere you go Myk" Moose Salzer, webSportsCaster, MYKwebWORLD.

Mar 13 "Oh No Moose beloved LA Clippers can't make the playoffs! Moose & Clippers mates thanks for the great pics. Moose was on a  recent LA NBA web SportsCasting trip for MYKwebWORLD where he caught up with Eric 7 Elton 2 of his fav Clippers players. Moose is a 27 yr fan of the Clippers franchise & now a big part of MYKwebTV web Sportscasting." Myk


Left:  Eric Piatkowski  shooting Right: Elton Brand in action          

Mar 6 "Kobe Bryant becomes the youngest player ever to reach 10,000 NBA points! What a star Kobe is. As we approach the NBA Playoffs here's some of Moose's Best ever NBA Players" Myk Aussie

Subject: Best Basketball Players I've ever seen By: Rich Salzer

Bill Russell, Boston Celtics...Won 11 Championships in 13 yrs...Was in NBA Championship 12 times...Last three season was Player-Coach...Later Coached two more teams.

Patrick Ewing, New York Knicks, Seattle Supersonics, Orlando Magic... Helped get Knicks into two Championship series...Was honored on 2/28/03 in Madison Square Garden w/ his number #33 being hoisted to the rafters. Scored 23,504 pts, 22nd all-time.

David Robinson, San Antonio Spurs...helped the Spurs win the '99 NBA title...retired w/ a big ceremony on 2/28/03 like Ewing's in New York great left-handed shooter/shotblocker.

Larry Bird, Boston Celtics, like Russell played all 13 seasons w/ Celtics...13 time all-star...Considered the best all-around player in NBA history, along w/ Jordan...Key member of '92 U S Olympic gold Championship team...Scored 21,609 pts...Great Rebounder/Shooter/Passer.
Later coached the Indiana Pacers to NBA Championship series.

Kevin McHale, Boston Bird, his linemate, & Russell, spent his entire 13 playing seasons w/ Boston...GM of the Minnesota Timberwolves, in his homestate. Best low-post player ever...Great Shot-blocker/Rebounder/Scorer...Scored 21,000+ pts like Bird.

Julius Erving, Philadelphia 76ers, N.Y. Nets, Virginia Squires...'Dr. J' was his nickname...played guard his last two seasons...Won three Championships...One of his jerseys still in the Norfolk Scope Arena in Moose's present hometown. Fantastic Leaper/ Scorer (30,000+) pts. / Passer...An executive w/ Coca-Cola later among other business ventures." Moose

Pro Basketball Weekly: NBA and Pro Basketball Video Picks with amazing coverage from Myk & Moose The Pro Baseball web SportsCasters.

Feb 17 "I really knew I was in LA Laker City last week as I watched Kobe Bryant & Shaq O'Neal tear up the Denver Nuggets from Hooters Bar in Santa Monika LA. Mates I had a great time as I watched the star Laker players continue their good form after a horrid 1st half of the season. Mooses NBA report is below. Moose loves the LA Clippers so I'll probably rip into him every now & again in this section of MYKwebWORLD. Why did Shaq get in Cwoa trouble on US radio awhile back ? "Myk's Mates Club News " for this funny story." Myk

"The Clippers lost a heartbreaker as Eric Piatkowski's 15 pts. on Michael Jordan weren't enough in the 2nd half to beat Washington in Jordan's last appearance v. L.A. Jordan will re-re-retire after this season & Washington is going nowhere. The Clippers have been decimated by injuries this season & several it's biggest stars may not be back @  next season. Piatkowski & all-star Elton Brand are must resigns for the Clips to make a run next season. They could still make the playoffs this season if Coach Alvin Gentry gets his line-up right. Piatkowski is fully recovered from his partial tear of a stomach muscle. His minutes should go up like in the game v. Washington, if his hot-shooting continues. 

As our friend John Miro of Kumu 2, AM 1500 in Honolulu says "Everybody in L.A. is screaming for Gentry's skull because the team has so much talent & isn't winning..." I can vouch for that. I was in L.A. for two games (v. Sacramento, who probably will win it's 1st NBA Championship this season after blowing a 3-2 lead to that other L.A. team last season, who I also saw play the Clips). The view of
most of the fans at floor level where I sat during the two games was that Gentry is too much of 'one of the guys' as a coach, plus he won't get Wang Zhizhi any playing time! The ex-Dallas Maverick has played well when given a chance in the rotation. Below are some pictures I bought in L.A. that show some of the main Clips in action. Thanks to the NBA!" Moose

Pro Basketball Weekly: NBA and Pro Basketball Video Picks with amazing coverage from Myk & Moose The Pro Baseball web SportsCasters.

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