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"Welcome! I'm the South Australian Sports, Comedy, Media guy! I've been based in Canada ince 1998 traveling to many sporting events. With approved media passes I have produced 200+ MYKwebTV Sports Comedy shows, been a guest on close to 1,000 sports radio and TV shows in USA, Canada and Australia!" @MykAussie

Recent TV and radio guest spot.

May 10, 2010
. "I'm on as a weekly guest on The Morning After show, FNTSY Sports Network New York based TV, radio etc talking AFL picks, NFL, current sports topics, sports comedy." @MykAussie


I could be a great guest on your show!

For the past 20+ years I have followed many North American and Australian sports intensely/studied them! I adjust my segment on the show I go on to suit the audience and thus could be a great guest on your show talking sports and life craziness stories!

This is a great article explaining who I am and what I do.

It is from the Business In Calgary magazine and read by in excess of 100,000 Calgarians.
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My sports comedy movie/documentary.


The 2 min trailer to Football Fan Frenzy my 90 minute sports comedy movie/documentary.

Invest in the next and final edit!

I'm looking for help to complete the next and final edit of Football Fan Frenzy.

For details to watch online, honest reviews, more
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Have me web sports cast your event in North America!

I have interviewed many star athletes, done play by play and color

commentary as well along with filming the event and then the editing and marketing.



Cell ph and text: 1 780 993 7419

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