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New"If you have a sports website with a Google Page Rank of 3 or more I can make you $$$$. Email or call me for details. or Ph: 403 870-5578 CDN #" Myk

If you have unique products or services to sell the web can definitely make you money. I can set up your e-store." Myk

Myk trying to be a QB at NFL Pro Bowl!
"Myk's Mates Club NFL MYKwebTV" is massive!  
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 The web is not free, your PC costs you $$ you pay for electricity, Internet connection etc.  Do you have a "Pay per View" idea? Let me know I can consult to your company." Myk

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"If you are new to MYKwebWORLD and you want to know what I do this is a great article from
the May 2003 Business In Calgary Magazine, a 3 page article
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MYKwebWORLD Design Services.


We can really make your business grow!

Tues, May 12 09 "New reference websites/TV!"
Some recent websites, some with TV that we have designed. 1) Click here
2) Click here 3) A revamped This site has many #1
Google Rankings
Click here Ph: 1 403 870-5578 or" Myk Aussie

"Why have a website if you donít have   
webTV, streaming video?"

Seriously, I'll give you a money back guarantee! 
If after 12 months you can look me in the eye and say the streaming video added to your website 
did not help you close one deal at all I'll give your money back!

New Wed Nov 3, 2010 If you have a sports website with a Google Page Rank of 3 or more I can
make you $$$$.

Email or call me for details. or Ph: 403 870-5578 CDN #.

For a initial investment as low as $295US I can supply webTV, streaming video to your existing
Includes a 2-3 minute segment with introduction and ending.
Amazing marketing results are achieved by having webTV, streaming
videos on your
existing website. 

Why would you have a website and not have webTV, streaming video?

Invest in webTV, streaming video
before your opposition gains a great advantage!

Adwords setup. In October and November 2007 I worked as a consultant for a automobile dealership
in Calgary setting up the Google, Yahoo and MSN Adword systems.
If you have a product or service to sell on the Internet it could be well worth me setting up a paid Adwords system designed specifically
for your business. These advertisements appear on the right hand side and at the top of Google,
Yahoo and MSN searches.
If someone clicks on the advertisement you will be charged but this visitor
to your website could easily make you a sale. Click through costs depend on the "Keywords" used in
the search.

Updated March 15, 2006  "My Massive Super Bowl XXVIII many Comedy based TV shows!"
I can do something similar for your upcoming sports event.
Enjoy! Click here" Myk Aussie

MYKwebWORLD offers you complete Internet TV/website design and solution!

This can include 

1) webTV,
streaming video which is amazing streaming video edited for Ultra High Speed, High 
Speed and Modem. By using Microsoft Player I need to film, edit and upload the video to your
existing site or my server. I can get you video on your site for a minimum of $495US. Java based
Clipstream Video starts at $250US. 

As above I suggest both products for 100% viewing. If you are going to wisely spent the money to
add streaming video to your website then you do not want to loose potential viewers. Media Player
achieves approximately 90% success rate, Java based
Clipstream Video will then achieve a 100% viewing success rate. I look forward to supplying you with
pricing options for video clips on your website.

2) website design. 
3) Database design 
4) Very effective search engine placement.  
5) Effective linking of your new site to very targeted businesses.
6) E-store for immediate revenue opportunities.

7) Very effective hosting of your Internet TV station/website. My Dell Super Server is placed in a
secure location that has a large connection and thus lots of bandwidth. MYKwebTV and
Total-CFLwebTV plays very well and capable to have large numbers of viewers at once. I also have a
hosting alliance with a major ISP company that has offices in several US locations.

8) Putting in place advertising on your site for immediate revenue opportunities. Google Ad's that 
you see on many sites can make you some revenue but also look at the 4+ companies that pay 
per mth to advertise on MYKwebWORLD and home page. Especially if you are a
popular sports based Internet TV station/website
I can arrange for these advertisers to advertise 
on your site.

9) Java based Clipstream Live video. I can broadcast live and full screen a sporting event, work  
conference, seminar, your engineering workshop facility etc to the world or to select viewers.

Imagine watching a unique sporting event live on the Internet that can't be seen on conventional TV
systems. It is very achievable and now with bandwidth costs dramatically reduced over the past 6-12
mths it can now be cost effective. Imagine you are a Engineering Manager and you want to make
sure no one is breaking into your manufacturing plant after hours. You can have 5-8 of your
Engineering Managers at once securely view your facility from a home PC or if you are traveling 
and connected to the Internet via your laptop Live you can see the progression of the machine 
being built. Starting at $199US this is excellent software.
10) I can set up "Pay per View" or secure free viewing of your webTV and or Live video.

I have several very experienced people in place at MYKwebWORLD. I can provide you with solutions 
ranging from $495US to in excess of $50,000US.

MYKwebWORLD reference site.

Mr Howard Ackman owner of has seen some great results with the website
designed by MYKwebWORLD. Mr Ackman was very impressed with my creative thinking in regards
to the webTV segment involving Calgary model Charlene Jackson. 

For Howard's Roadsport Autocredit webWORLD Click here

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Reference Sporting Event. April 27, 2003 Myk Aussie was paid to Sports Cast and thus produce a 
MYKwebTV, streaming video show of the Amazing Ski 2 Sea event in Kelowna, Western Canada. 
Click here

If your business is based in Western Canada I can provide you these services with a very short 
around time.  

Please give me a call at
011 1 403 870-5578 or email or if you have any questions at al


Andrew Harrison
MYKwebWORLD Manager, MYKwebTV,
011 1 403 870-5578 CDN number 
Email us at MYKwebWORLD at



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