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 Dec-Jan 04 Myk & Mooses Basketball webWORLD!

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Lately I have been talking Kobe with Gabriel Morency the star host of SportsRage! Since Nov 2002 I have been on "SportsRage" Inet & Montreal Radio, Fri 10.45am Pacific CDN/US time,
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Wed, Jan 7 "Wow! Mooses LA Clippers defeat the LA Lakers!" Myk 

Mooses NBA Update Eric Piatkowski, who's struggled with back and leg maladies the last two seasons, hit a crucial three pointer down the stretch in Houston's win. The Rockets survived a combined backcourt shooting of 2-15 from Pike and Steve Franchise, who did have 12 assists. The L.A. Clippers won the first "Battle of L.A." of 2004 by getting by the Hollywood fLakers, 101-98 Sunday. Kobe (He might soon be a Clipper, which is a scary thought!) Bryant scored 44 points but gave up 45 with his usually poor 'D'.

El Brand, Corey Maggette & Quint Richardson combined for 66 of L.A.'s 101 points.
NBA Results:

L.A. Clippers 101, L.A. Lakers 98
Houston 83, Golden St. 65
Utah 108, Dallas 94
Chicago 87, Phoenix 82
San Antonio 98, Denver 74
Milwaukee 88, Philadelphia 76

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Wed, Dec 24 " Merry Merry Christmas to Basketball fans! NBA webWORLD lots of Comedy, LA Lakers & Mooses LA Clippers" Myk

I have a big 2004 planned. I'm heading to NBA Toronto Raptors Land and then off to Super Bowl XXXVIII. Hope you can join me in 2004 and especially on Invest In Inet MYKwebTV! Myk's Mates Club Click here  

I have been following the Kobe case very closely. Hope you enjoy my Comedy & HARDBall reports below. Lots more coming to MYKwebWORLD" Myk Aussie

Wed Nov 17, 03 "Motion calls Kobe accuser "troubled"!" Myk Aussie

Mate I have been right on top of the Kobe sexual assault case. Read below for the comedy style & HARDBall details over the past 6 mths. The latest as reported today is that the troubled young NOT Cwoa was seeking attention from her ex-boyfriend by accusing Kobe of rape, defense lawyers said in new court filings. 

The defense also asked the judge for permission to introduce, as evidence reports that the woman twice attempted suicide (I wonder if this was in my home city of Calgary where she partied with her friend, read below) and statements that she was taking a drug to treat schizophrenia. Wow! Good luck Kobe.

"Innocent until proven guilty is the law we live by!" Myk Aussie

Note: My Aussie talk "CWOA Cool Women Of America. For more of my Aussie sayings Click here

Tues Nov 16, 03 "Moose's pro Clippers NBA Update!" Myk

'Bye-bye Frank Johnson. The longtime NBA player and coach got the ax by Jerry
(Rattler) Colangelo this week, replaced by longtime NBA assistant, ABA player &
former Denver coach, Mike D'Antoni. D'Antoni was a short time Denver H.Coach
before being relieved by Hall of Fame player, Announcer, etc. Dan Issel (27,482
pts.) three yrs. ago. Good luck Mike and good luck to your future Frank, you
just didn't have enough Clydesdales there in Phoenix to pull the wagon uphill.

Al Iverson back after missing one game. Philly needs him in the lineup. Big nights
from Lamar Odom of Miami with 29 pts., 14 rebounds; Michael Redd, Milwaukee,
30 pts.; New Jersey's Kerry Kittles, 22 pts.; Minnesota's travelin' Sam Cassell's
25 pts.; and how about Christian Laetner of Washigton - 14 pts., 14 rebounds
and eight assists. Good job guys! Maybe this league can be saved yet. Big NBA
news this week in Sports Ill. (no, not Illustrated, just Ill.) Kobe to be a Clipper!!??
Yikes! It's a trade that the Clips might need to make in Feb. If Kobe's doesn't end
up wearing a striped suit (
"Moose leave him alone. Innocent until proven guilty just like you mate Lawrence Phillips." Myk)! Clips need someone to replace departed lifer Eric (Pike) Piatkowski, who flew the nest for bigger bucks and a chance at an NBA ring in Super Bowl XXXVIII town - Houston. Hey, I'd love to play with Steve Franchise and Yao myself. But seriously, the Clips miss Pike's outside scoring like mad-ball! Especially with Lefty Odom filling it up in Miami Heat-town. I guess I could get used to bad-boy Kobe in Red, White and Blue 'cause his dad, Jellybean B. played
for the Clips in San Diego, when they were good." Moose

Last night's Results:
Sacramento 100, Utah 93
Milwaukee 109, Chicago 95
New Orlean 111, Phoenix 101
Seattle 93, Detroit 72
New Jersey 99, Orlando 95
Denver 86, Philadelphia 77
Miami 91, Memphis 88

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Tues Nov 9, 03 "The Eagle County Sheriff's Dept Hmmm being involved in "anti" Kobe t-shirts, Wow! Moose's pro Clippers NBA report!" Myk Aussie 

"It was reported this morning that the Sheriffs Dept in Eagle County Colorado is somewhat involved in "anti" Kobe t-shirts.  78 t-shirts were ordered by the dept by a particular "corrupt" cop.

What a disgrace in the "anti black people" county! Pammy Mackey Kobe's lawyer is obviously having a field day with this disgrace. Apparently one person in the Sheriff's dept was responsible for ordering the t-shirts. One shirt it was reported showed a picture of Kobe being hanged.  Read below for my extensive comedy type but informative coverage of the case. Remember Kobe should be considered "Innocent until proven guilty" Myk Aussie

NBA Update
By: Rich Salzer

The Division leaders of the NBA are:East - Atlantic Philadelphia

East - Central Indiana

West - Midwest Denver(?!)

West - Pacific L.A. Lakers

NBA Notes - When Eric Piatkowski gets over the groin pull the Rockets will
wrestle the division back from upstart Denver. But Carmello Anthony and company are having a surprisingly good start to the season. Ditto for rejuvenated Utah with Carlos Arroyo, Andre Kirelenko and Matt Harpring. I could say the same for the one-
kidney'd wonder Greg Ostertag, but that would be stretching it. My vote for Coach of the year so far would be a tossup between Indiana's Rick Carlisle, one of my NBA buddies from Virginia and Utah's Jerry Sloan. I really do hope Jerry gets that elusive ring before it's all said and done. I think Larry Miller of Utah has been very fair with Sloan, who replaced Frank Layton so many years ago. There has been no pressure to fire Jerry or replace him by kicking him upstairs, etc. 

My Clippers are only 6-9 right now but with Allstar El Brand coming off I.R., the Clips will still make the playoffs. They did the right thing by signing El and Cory Maggette to long term deals in the off season and by moving Cory to Pike's former spot when he signed with the Rockets. This is the most geographically incorrect league this side of the NFL, though Paul Tagliabue has done a good job of trying to make the NFL more geographically correct. No hope for the NBA I'm afraid until they get a real Commissioner. Same for MLB & the NHL. My other buddy from Virginia, Al Iverson lit up New Orlean last week for 50 pts.! Anthony of Denver, I think is better than
Mr. Nike of Cleveland - so far...Philthydelphia is a much better place without whining Larry Clown at coach buggin' Al. Larry Bird did the right thing in jettisoning Isaih Thomas and his weird substitution patterns in Basketball city, Indianapolis, IN.
How about 41-yr, 20-yr man Kevin Willis holding down the backup Centre spot in defending Champ San Antonio? What a guy! Lakers look good now, but how will they react when Kobe (....Moose calm down Kobe is "Innocent until proven guilty" Myk) Tim Floyd doing a great job with New Orlean at coach, too...

Last night's results:

Cleveland 95, Atlanta 85
Phoenix 110, Boston 106
Philadelphia 93, Miami 90
New Jersey 93, Milwaukee 86
Memphis 92, Washington 87
San Antonio 105, Orlando 94
Houston 83, New Orlean 74

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Sat, Dec 6 03 "Eric Piatkowski admits he was scared!" Myk Aussie

Erik is Moose's favorite NBA player and a big fan on MYKwebWORLD. Moose met up with Erik several times in 2002 to talk basketball. Erik told Moose he thought MYKwebWORLD was great. Thanks Erik. 

As reported Erik Piatkowski admitted he was cared. Scared of what would happen if he didn't report to camp in shape & scared to getting off on the wrong foot at his tenth NBA training camp after spending the past nine season with the LA Clippers. Erik went from 220 to 208 pounds & is now at the Houston Rockets. Good luck to Erik for the NBA season." Myk Aussie

Nov 1, 03 "NBA Notes!" Moose

Ex-Clippers all around the NBA after (now) spendthrift owner Don T. Sterling cleans house. Piatkowski successful in his Rockets debut, along with Stevie franchise and Yao. Pike in the best shape of his life. Expect Van Gundy's guys to make a serious run at title! Stay tuned!" Moose   

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