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New May 20, 2003
Myk Aussie and guests talk about NBA & star player Allen Iverson on TSN's Off The Record. MYKwebTV Click here 

April 21, 2003 "Legend Michael Jordan plays his last NBA game! Moose's Pro Clippers NBA Update" Myk Aussie

One of the highlights I have had living in Canada the past 5 years has been to watch Michael Jordan play on TV. Aussie TV we didn't get much NBA. A great career by a magnificent athlete is now over. 

Clippers finish on high notes: NBA Playoff preview By: Moose/Clipper Salzer

Well, the Clippers dismal 27-55 season comes to a depressing close (a la the Carolina Hurricanes in the NHL) BUT THE Clips managed to win 6 of their last 10 (3rd straight yr. they've won @ least 6 of 10...)games.

Led down the stretch by the return of Elton Brand & Keyon Dooling as well as vet Eric 'Pike' Piatkowski & Zhizhi Wong's strong strech performances the Clippers knocked Golden State (Oakland) Warriors out of the hunt for the last playoff spot open in West three nights ago, 122-107.

Piatkowski scored 27 pts. to go w/ 9 reb(s) & 4 steals & El Brand had 26 pts. & 23 reb(s) & 6 assists to lead the way. W/ Cherokee Parks injury 3 weeks ago taking him out of the lineup, Wang asserted himself
as C/F, sharing the middle w/ smart vet Sean Rooks to give the Clips a good 1-2-3-4 punch in the middle of the Offence & Defense, along w/ F Lamar Odom & Brand. The Clippers won the last game of the season Wed. night in Portland, pasting the Blazers @ home.

The Clips won 3 of their last four games down the stretch. 

Look for Utah to give Sacramento all it can handle but I like the Kings! I'll take them over the misnamed 'Jazz' in 7, maybe 6. I like Indiana over the erratic Celtics (boy could they use Bird again!), Detroit & New Jersey in the East. Expect Minnesota to clobber the Flakers (I can see Wally Szezrbiak throwing down three-pointer & dunks on Kobe's blad head now!), Dallas will beat Portland & San Antonio to advance, maybe past the 1st round. Since the Clips are out of their 5th playoffs in a row,
this will be my final NBA column until after my birthday, Oct. 11th.

A good present would be to become a mate's club member & keep your Footy soldiers in the girdiron
battlefields. Remember: 1-403-870-5578; Myk is great @ building webpages, etc. Buy our new video & my jerseys & other memorabilia off our e-store. Mahalo & Aloha 'til Oct. Myk can handle the NBA playoffs, etc. the rest of the season as I've got Arenaball,  NFL (AAA) Europe, National Lacrosse League, Baseball & two Hockey leagues to cover." Moose Salzer -

April 16, 2003 "Moose's Pro Clippers NBA Update" Myk Aussie

NBA & NCAA Basketball Roundup 
By: Rich Salzer

Clippers among league leaders as NBA season winds down...Eric Piatkowski
is 11th in the NBA in both free throw shooting & three-point shooting...Elton Brand is 13th in NBA in FG % & 12th in rebounding average...PG Andre Miller is 8th in assists average...In the NCAA's how about the Syracuse defense, babeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(As ESPN's Dick Vitale would say)...

Congratulations to the Syracuse (Larry Csonka's Univ.!) Orangemen who won the NCAA Men's basketball Championship! It was nice to see a good coach like Jim Boeheim, who had a cancer scare last Oct. get one more title. I still don't know what poor Roy Williams needs to do to win one. He had a golden opportunity w/ Hinrich & Collison & the boys, but after blowing Marquette out (I hear it on the PA. system @ Conseco Fieldhouse during the Firebirds/Rampage arena game Sat. before last...More next week as I give my expert NBA playoff tips - Dallas or Sacramento all the way & the Lakers to the ToiletBowl! (It's a new Championship I just made up especially for my Hollywood Mates 'cross town!)" Moose

April 10, 2003 "Moose's NBA Update" Myk Aussie
NBA Update By: Rich Salzer 
"If things weren't bad enough for Da Clippas it looks like Dennis Johnson, the interim coach probably will be fired @ the end of this dismal season (Sorry for the negativity, Myk!). Eric Piatkowski has played very hard & very well lately because his mates, G, Keyon Dooling & All-star F, El Brand are back off the injured reserve list & they sure did a number on the Knicks in Madison Round Garden last weekend!
Pike is averaging 16.9 per since El & Key are back in the lineup...Come on Clips, let's finish w/ a flurry & try to save D.J.'s job!" Moose

April 3, 2003 "I asked Moose last week, why don't you like the LA Lakers? Wow here's Mooses controversial reply below" Myk Aussie
April 7th, 2003 NBA Update By: Moose Clipper Salzer

"An L.A. Story. Myk asked me last week why I don't like the L.A. Lakers. This will be the tale of two teams in one city. In high school they made us read the Tale of Two cities (not the same). Once upon a time, a young athlete was growing up in Nth VA., outside Wash., D.C.

This athletes name was Rich Salzer. I always watched the Univ. of Maryland,
w/ it's interesting coach, Charles "Lefty" Driesell, because they were always on T.V. They had players like Tom O'Brien (who was from Falls Church, where my uncle lived), Tom McMillian & Len Elmore. Later, McMillian went to the Buffalo Braves of the NBA. So I started watching the NBA. In '74 & again in '76 the Braves took the Celtics to 6 or 7 games but lost in the Eastern Conference Finals. Both times the Celtics won the NBA Championship. Then in '78 the Braves were bought by a couple of movie maker types that didn't know if the ball was blown up or stuffed w/ feathers. They relocated the team to San Diego & they became the Clippers. Same Franchise, different city.

Something magical happened that season as a team in a new city went to the playoffs with a 43-39 mark. They lost to the Lakers in the playoffs as it was obvious to anyone that the Lakers got the better end of the officiating (as they always do...). How stupid is it that they are called Lakers, anyway? I used to live in L.A. & there are no lakes to be found in Los Angeles. None. They got the
nickname from Minneapolis, which is where the team moved from in 1960.
And they were a better team there! Also how about the Utah "Jazz"?

They used to be in New Orleans. Now it's the New Orleans Hornets? David
Stern has lost his mind (if he had one to begin w/!) Now he wants another
team in Carolina but denied the best player of all-time, Larry Bird & ex-N.C & Celtics player & coach M.L. Carr the franchise, instead selling to a non sports entity. Well, back to why I don't like the Lakers. The working class people used to complain how stuck up they - won't give you autographs, always want to be in the movies.

Well, San Diego is not a basketball city. It's more like Football & Baseball. Both of it's teams in these sports have made Championship games @ 1 time or another. So Laker owner tells his (now former) buddy, Don T. Sterling to buy the Clips & move them to L.A. So he does but slashes the payroll way down by trading C Bill Walton to the Celtics.

Bird's Celtics. They also had M.L. Carr, current Detroit coach Rick Carlisle, Martinsville, Indy's Jerry Sichting, Robert Parish, current Clipper coach Dennis Johnson, current Minn. GM Kevin McHale, et, al. Presto! Another Boston Championship (Bird took them there 5 times)!

The Lakers are still the same overrated egomaniacs they always have been
, have won a few more Championships & get this: they even have ex-San Diego Clipper F, Joe 'Jellybean' Bryant's son, Kobe. Yep, he came right
out of High School to Dave Stern-gang's New Age NBA. 

And tightfisted Don Sterling, who went to the Kenny Easley school of Cheap Sports Economics, still owns my Clippers. Well, I'll NEVER GIVE UP ON MY CLIPPERs & I don't care who likes it. Obviously someone does 'cause the Clippers usually have as good an attendance as the fLakers! A poll (& I like & trust polls as much as Cliton & Shrub, or is it Bush?) recently proved what I have expected all along: 51% of the people in L.A. FAVOR the Clips, the working class people's team over those stuck-up Hollywood phonies, who play no defense, really & get all the officiating breaks. In the Indiana writer's column on how Jordan used to run the league & basically make his own rules he said, "Now I don't hold to the conspiracy theory-decisions made in the dank basements of Masonic Lodges" type of favoritism, but it makes you wonder.

Wonder indeed. How the Lakers always manage to stretch that Salary cap dollar so finely that around trade deadline time they manage to pick up just that right missing piece to help them - surprise!- get back to the finals. Sorry, guys - not this year. The Clippers could have been somebody this year. Could have been a contender. With a roster of a healthy All-star F like Elton Brand, Gs Andre Miller, Eric 'Pike' Piatkowski, Corey Maggette, Keyon Dooling & C Michael Olowokandi, etc.

The injuries took the Clips out of contention. But corruption has kept the Lakers @ the top. That's my conspiracy theory. And I'm sticking to it!" Moose

"Wow ! What a report by Moose Clipper Salzer. I had to do a bit of editing but left most of Mooses comments in. I personally like the Lakers, I like watching tthem play & enjoyed the atmosphere immensely recently in the Hooters bar in Santa Monika one night the Lakers were on TV." Myk Aussie

April 5 "Mooses NCAA Basketball update" Myk Aussie

2003 NCAA Sports Update By: Moose Salzer
Myk Aussie & mates in NCAA men's basketball March Madness is down to Marquette v. Kansas & Syracuse v. Duke...I hope Kansas wins it because they haven't in a while, plus it would be more a team effort like the 1967 Kentucky Wildcats w/ Dan Issel

A brief bio of one of my favorite Sports personalities, Dick Vitale,
("BabbbbEEEE"!)...Dick was a highly successful coach @ the Uni. of Detroit
in the 70's...Two of his players, Terry Tyler & John Long played long
careers w/ the Detroit Pistons in the NBA...After leaving the U. of Detroit Dick became an announcer for the Pistons...Then he left the broadcast booth to become the head coach of the Pistons...At the time he jokingly referred himself as "a one-eyed New Jersey Italian"..he played high school & college 'ball w/ a glass eye...Dick today is the top College basketball announcer of ESPN & does guest column work for the U S A Today sports section on college hoops...

In women's college hoops in their finals this weekend, Tennessee v. Duke & UConn. v. Texas... Good luck to all the teams above..." Moose Salzer, MYKwebWORLD

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