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Sat, May 29 04 "I like the Lakers but it's Moose's anti Lakers NBA Playoff report! Kobe stars again after being in Court!  Kings Michael Bibby the Super Star!" Myk Aussie

Kobe the LA Laker Super Star again star's this week after returning from Colorado Court where he continues to sort out his Katie apparent aggressive sex possible Rape troubles. Kobe has had huge games at least 3 times after attending court and then flying to play in the playoffs. Now that is great mental strength! 

It was great to again see former Vancouver Grizzlie's Michael Bibby have a great year and a great playoff series. Michael is my favorite NBA Player after I used to enjoy watching him up her in GM Canuck Place several years ago. Drafted #2 I believe behind Vince Carter, Michael goes about his playing in a very professional manner and is a Super Star! Vince the Canadian Toronto Raptor, well he is a star but is a little soft at times! 

NBA Update By: Moose Salzer

I have to give credit where credit is due as my buddy and fellow Sports expert Scott Baxter, the wordsmith has done it again! Scott said last night that "Austin Croshere is French for Danny Ferry." But then again Danny Ferry made it two NBA Finals and Croshere may have insured that Virginia's Rick Carlisle's Indiana Pacers may make it back to the Finals for the first time in four years, since Rick's boss Larry Joe Bird's squad made it there with Croshere playing a major role back in '00. Croshere replaced ineffective Jeff Foster in the lineup as the Pacers went really small-ball last night, crushing the Detroit Piss-tons in the Palace of Auburn Hills, MI, behind Croshere's 17 points which included 3-3 on three-pointers. The rest of the Pacers played well too. After the disappearing act pulled by off-season acquisition Scott Pollard, Foster and pretty well stabilized the pivot for the Pacers through most of the year with Croshere getting only 21 minutes per game and 5 points per. But in the playoffs, Croshere upped his game to match physical bodies with the Detroit Wallaces (no realtions). Series tied two to two. 

In the West, Scott thinks Wally World is
another Eric Piatkowski, without the defence. L.A. leads Minnesota 3-1 at the moment but I still think the T-Wolves will win the series. Call me the eternal optimist! I see the Hollywood fLakers are about to be given a path to the NBA Championship by corrupt D...."Moose you can't say that" Myk.... and his new age NBA honchos. This despite Wally Szerbiak's heroics off the bench for the Minnesota TimberWolves. I see, in the West, the T-Wolves are finding out how virtually useless Michael Olawokandi-ass really is. Only Fred Hoiberg and ex-Laker former number 1 pick Mark Madsen have done anything off Minni's bench. The officiating in the NBA is as bad as ever (actually, they AREN'T that good)! Bring back Earl Strom!" Moose

Tues May 11 04 "Kobe is in court again with his problem Not Cwoa! Lakers fight back to win game 3 against Spurs! Former Vancouver Grizzles Michael Bibby is now a star with the Kings!" Myk Aussie

NBA fans have a read below for my detailed comedy style coverage over the past year of Kobe's little not Cwoa (Cool Woman Of America) problem.

NBA Playoffs are in full swing. Great to see former Vancouver Grizzles Michael Bibby now a true star in the NBA. I enjoyed watching Michael play up here in GM Place, the home of the Vancouver Canucks.

Anyone wanna help write NBA reports for MYKwebWORLD? Let me know " Myk Aussie

Wed, April 27 04 "Moose's anti Lakers I bet NBA Playoff report!" Myk Aussie

Kobe had a shocker on Sundee probably thinking of his in court appearance this week but ended up starring in OT to win the game for me favorite team the LA Lakers! Way to go Kobe you Super Star.

NBA Update: By: Rich Salzer

Larry Bird and Virginian Rick Carlisle returned to Boston, who they helped lead to four straight NBA Championship Finals in the 1980's and their Indiana Pacers clobbered the Celtics 4 games to 0 in their first round NBA playoff series.

The Pacers will have one week to rest to meet the winner of the New Orlean Hornets/ Miami Heat winner. In other Eastern Conference playoff first round action, Michael Redd's Bucks managed to steal one game v. Detroit. The New Jersey Nuclear Swamp Nets smoke the Knickerbockers of Nuevo York 4-0. Jersey looks to go to it's third straight NBA Finals, but Nets beware: you don't want to become the Bills of the NBA. In the Western Conference playoffs, The Nuggets, with the REAL rookie-of-the-year, Carmello Anthony, beat the Timberwolves in their series to cut the lead to 1-2.

Eric Piatkowski finally got off nutty Coach Jeff Van Gundy's bench long enough to help the Rockets beat the Hollywood fLakers but trail 1-3. I've got every toe and finger crossed that the Rockets and Yao can still win that series. If the rusty Van Gundy, who's been spending the last few years broadcasting beside Marv (the pervert) Albert, had played his best personnel the Rockets wouldn't be in this mess. I still say Memphis has to win one at the Pyramid before bowing out of the playoffs so Coach Hubie can pick up his weel-deserved Coach of the Year Award. Come on Hubie, pull a Rollie Massamino in '85 v. the Hoyas or better yet, convince Pau Gasol he's Dan Issel, Jr. or Shane Battier he's Art Gilmore, Jr. like when

Kentucky bet Indiana in the '74-'75 ABA title. Expect the Spurs to wrap up their series too. More next week!" Moose

Tues, April 20 04 "Moose's and Scott's NBA Playoff previews!" Myk Aussie

NBA Playoff Preview 2004 From Moose


Indiana Pacers v. the Boston Celtics. What the CELTICS wouldn't do to have Larry Bird and Virginian Rick Carlisle back, eh? Carlisle is Coaching the Pacers now and Bird is his boss in the Front Office. Too much Pacer talent for the Celtics to handle. Pacers in five.

New Jersey Nets v. the New York Knicks. With Jason Kidd hobbling, the overmatched Knicks should 'cause young Coaching whiz-kid Larry Frank to get even less sleep. But I'm predicting that with New Jersey's depth they should beat the Knicks in 6 at the most.

Detroit Pistons v. the Milwaukee Brews, er, ah Bucks. Milwaukee will wish they had George Karl back! Poor Terry Porter. The white guys should help (Kukoc, Van Horn - a recent addition) but the bench for the Bucks Sucks (pardon the pun)! Too much Front Court Depth and no back court depth. And for Cralisle's old bunch in Motor City, two Wallaces haven't proven to be one too many. Until the Pacers blow them out in the next round. Pistons in six.

Miami Heat v. the New Orlleans Hornets. They almost became the Norfolk Hornets several years ago but the BIG DEAL IN THE BIG EASY is wearing off already. The fans dropped by 3,000+ this season and it won't get any better for them when Lamar Odom's Heat boot 'em out of the race for teh NBA Championship. It was nice to see Lamar stay out of trouble off the court, play his a** off on it (including 'D', if you can believe that) and finally get back to the playoffs. His leaving and also Piatkowski's going to the Rockets killed the Clippers season. He and Pike were the only two current (ex-) Clippers who'd been to the playoffs ('97). Miami over New Orleans in five.


L.A. Lakers v. the Houston Rockets. Hello: earth to Jeff Van Gundy; you need outside shooting to open things up for Yao, Jackson, Mobley and even Steve Franchise in the middle - i.e. start playing Eric Piatkowski or the fLakers will smoke you guys in five. I'm going with the Rockets only 'cause I had 'those other guys in L.A.' hOUSTON IN SEVEN with every finger and toe crossed!

Denver Nuggets v. the Minnesota Timberwolves. Big, big turnaround in John Elway-town. But don't bother Big John now, his Colorado CRUSH are making their own playoff run in the Ar.FL playoffs strtch run. DENVER has the NBA's star of the future in Carmello Anthony. At least he plays QUITE A BIT of Defense (are you listening LeBron James?). Denver will pull the upset of the young 21st Century. Nuggets in seven!

San Antonio Spurs v. the Memphis Grizzlies. Man, what a job ancient Hubie Brown has done with the Grizzlies! He straightened out Ja Wil and it's 'Vanilla Choclate' no more! I can't see the defending Champs being ousted by the Grizzlies but remember Brown's '74-'75 Kentucky Colonels won the ABA Championship with the best record in Pro Basketball History, 74-10 (they played 84 game schedules in the ABA). Too bad Dan Issel, Artis Gilmore and Maurice Lucas are no longer playing. Pau Gasol would make a great 7-0 guard wouldn't he?! Spurs in seven.

Sacramento Kings v. the Allas Avericks (Where's the D's...) Don Nelson should run for Pres. on the Libertarian ticket if he can get the Defense- lass Avericks over the Powerful Kings. Why oh why did they trade Raef LaFrentz, there best Defensive player for three jump shooters!!!!????? Kings in six." Moose

From Scott "Indiana in 5 over the Celtics - Celtics have the worst home record among the playoff teams in the NBA. It is also one of the worst in years Detroit over Milwaukee in 5 - Michael Redd might steal a game at home against the suffocating D in Auburn Hills, MI. I would not be shocked if  this was a sweep. Detroit is the best team in the LEast, but I can not  watch them at all. Milwaukee lost 3 in a row to end the season (and losing the 4 seed), and do not match up well against the Pistons.

New Jersey over New York in 7 - the best hockey series in basketball. Knockdown, drag out affair. Miami over New Orleans (is sinking, and I don't wanna swim) in 6 - This series should be put on cable access due to lack of interest. However, I do like the young trio of Odom, Wade, and Caron Butler.

The Best Western Conference - Minny over Denver in 6 - KG will get his playoff series victory against a game Nuggets squad.

Lakers over Rockets in 7 - Lakers will squeak out in this series. San Antonio over Memphis in 5 - Spurs have too much D for the upstart Grizzlies. The Grizzlies are one of the more enjoyable teams to watch.

Sacramento over Dallas in 7 - high scoring series between two choke franchises. I do not foresee the winner getting past Minny in the second round. Kings have been a .500 team w/ Webber starting. Sacramento's best chance was gone when they lost to the lowly Warriors in the last game of the season." Scott

Sat, April 17 04 "Moose's NBA Playoff previews coming next week!" Myk Aussie

Wed, Mar 30 04 "Update on Calvin Murphy from Cwoa Belinda in Super Bowl 38 City, Houston for MYKwebWORLD." Myk

"To NBA webWORLD mates former Houston Rocket and NBA Hall-of-Famer Calvin Murphy is out of jail on $90,000 bond after being indicted on three counts of aggravated... "Disgusting behavior gotta go to .....
Myk's Mates Club Click here" Myk      

Contd...... Prosecutors say five of Murphy's grown daughters ranging in age from 20 to 27 are accusing their dad of . gotta go to .....
Myk's Mates Club Click here Murphy played for the Rockets from the fall of 1970 until the early part of 1982. He was the teams leading scorer on the court and holds the record for most points for a decade or more. He has been part of their TV broadcast team since 1990." Cwoa Belinda, MYKwebWORLD Houston

Cwoa Belinda was a big part in making the Super Bowl trip a success for the SportsRage fella's & MYKwebWORLD. Thanks Belinda" Myk Aussie

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Wed, Mar 24 04' "Moose's NBA & NCAA report!" Myk Aussie

Al Iverson is getting it pretty good in the Sports pages around the country for his most recent selfish act. Also, the NBA playoffs are coming up soon and I'll have detailed analysis, predictions, etc. The bad news, for the seventh straight season is my L.A. Clippers are out of contention again. The best they can do if they win out
or around about's, is to come in fourth in the NBA Pacific Division. Even though my Clippers can't make the playoffs this season, they have won two games in a row and the Division leaders for all Divisions now are:

Atlantic - New Jersey
Central -  Indiana
Midwest - Minnesota
Pacific - Sacramento
Yesterdays scores:

L.A. Clippers 110, Phoenix 98
Washington 114, Sacramento 108
Boston 104, Denver 100
Indiana 80, Portland 71
New Orleans 104, Philadelphia
Toronto 85, Utah 81
Atlanta 111, Dallas 110

NCAA Mens' Basketball Update:

Alabam-Birmingham 76, Kentucky 75 (sorry Phil Simms!)
Georgia Tech 57, Boston College 54 (sorry Doug Flutie!)
Saint Joseph's 70, Texas Tech 65 (pass the asprin, Bobby Knight!)
Piitsburgh 59, Wisconsin 55
Duke 90, Seton Hall 62
Texas 78, North Carolina 75
Alabama 70, Stanford 67
Vanderbilt 75, Maryland 73 (sorry Bonnie Bernstein and Scott Zolak!)" Moose

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Wed, Mar 17 04' "Moose's Al Iverson NBA report!" Myk Aussie

NBA Update: Al Iverson - I'm off the band wagon now.
By: Rich Salzer

As many of you know I like Al's game and passion. But I've defended his childish antics long enough. Some of you probably secretly figured my patience with him would soon wear thin, being that basically I am pretty
much old school in my Sports thinking anyway. But the latest tirade, not even I can condone. Seems Al decided, even though he was taped and dressed out he didn't want to play off the bench for the Philly 76ers.

Give me a serious break! I know Al, I don't think much of Chris Ford as a Coach either, after his failures in Boston, Milwaukee and with my L.A. Clippers, but dang it all he is the coach and you're not 100%. If he wants
to use you as a sixth man to monitor your health for the good of his team you have to live with it. What kind of a message does it show your teammates if you sulk all the time and decide when you want to play and how?
Either grow up or get out of the NBA and let a more coachable player take your roster spot. Stop acting like that other spoiled 'superstar', Myk's boy Kobe Bryant!" Moose

"I talked about NBA & star player Allen Iverson on TSN's Off The Record. Check out MYKwebTV Click here " Myk

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Sat, Mar 13 04' "Moose's anti LA Lakers NBA report!" Myk 

He's some good commentary on Myk's boy Kobe Bryant, from George Willis of
the New York Post: "Bryant says he'll explore free agency and might sign with
the Knicks. Bryant should thank his lucky stars he doesn't play in New York. He
would be exposed for what he is; another selfish, overrated, ungrateful ego."
Wow. There you go Myk. Just like his dad like your other boy Peyton Manning." Moose

"Wow! Moose rips into Kobe my equal favorite player along with Michael Bibby again." Myk

Sat, Mar 6 04' "Moose's anti LA Lakers NBA report!" Myk Aussie

NBA Update: The Hawks beat the Hollywood fLakers, 94-93 & Toronto beat Miami (Vise-town), 89-86 on my buddy, ex-Clipper Lamar Odom's three-pointer. Last time I did an NBA Report I castigated Herr Van Gundy in Houston for sitting my fellow Eric 'Pike' Piatkowski. 

But Vans must have gotten a copy of my Newsletter from one of you faithful readers, 'cause Pike is now 6th or 7th man again along with another ex-Clipper from the Clips last playoff team, in the 90's, Rod Taylor. Keep it, Vans, you need Pik's three-point shooting to open things up for Steve Franchise and Yoa in the Middle!" Moose

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