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Sept 4 06 "The New Mates Club webWORLD!" Myk Aussie


Me Mates at Total-CFL

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 "Super Bowl TV! This is one of my fav interviews ever! For Full screen version &  the Super Bowl 38 Massive Mates Club TV
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"I'm in my CDN Burnaby Eagles Aussie Rules Footy jersey acting silly on Halloween 05. I have some amazing Comedy Halloween shows

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Mates Club webWORLD Massive Menu

"Bill Romanowski and Thomas Incledon PhD, their "Pure Romo Nutrition". I use it, it's great and it tastes great as well Click here " Myk


Hi Guys and Cool Women, welcome to the new Mates Club webWORLD! It’s been awhile since I sent an email. I have spent a lot of time of late making Mates Club Massive as I had way too much "Free" General Viewing MYKwebTV. The new link to the “Mates Club webWORLD Massive Menu”, the top left hand corner or Click here I hope you can add it to your favorites and please do not send this link to your mates. A Mates Club individual sign in system is coming.

If you have not watched MYKwebTV before try this
"The Best 7 mins from Grey Cup 05 week!"

I'm here with Cwoc Pammy. Check out CFL Grey Cup 05 Mates Club TV as I recently caught the real Cwocodile Pamela Anderson. I'm very happy with this 7 min show, the last 5 sec's is especially amazing!
Click here More on CFL Mates Club below. This picture is from a Dec 05, Vancouver magazine.

Mates Club webWORLD Navigation is easy! At the top left hand corner of each Mates Club webWORLD page is the link back to the “Mates Club webWORLD Massive Menu”. If you see the General Viewing “MYKwebWORLD Massive Menu” link in this top left hand corner it means you have been taken to the General Viewing Sometimes this will happen as in my Mates Club webWORLD columns I “sometimes” reference a General Viewing MYKwebTV show or column with a link. Clicking on the “back button” or having the “Mates Club webWORLD Massive Menu” link in your favorites should avoid any navigation problems.

The new NFL Mates Club is Massive!


Left: Moose and I at Super Bowl XXVII Oakland Raiders Media Day in San Diego here with Bill Romanowski. I have 2 great interviews with Romo on Bronco's Mates Club TV
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A unreal NFL Cwoa babe photo from the Pro Bowl sidelines, Wow! Pro Bowl's are amazing fun. I've been on the sidelines in Honolulu with NFL approved media 3 years and produced some of the most popular MYKwebTV ever!

90% of my of NFL TV shows are Comedy based so I am confident you will enjoy the Comedy, Player interviews and Babes based shows from the past 5 years. Also the NFL 05-06 HARDBall style columns that Moose and I have done are now only on Mates Club. Here is a example the NFL Pro Bowl Mates Club TV with many stars players, cheerleaders, great fans and celebrities including the beautiful Jessica Simpson
Click here

The Mates Club Column with Sports Comedy and Sexy pic’s!

From a recent Mates Club column. Some Cwoc Cowgirls in Calgary I believe! The Cwoc chasing was again on recently as the BC Footy guys came here to Calgary to take on the AB guys in the annual Stampede Cup of Aussie Rules Footy. Mates Club I consider all OK for guya about 12 years and older but women must be 16 as I don't want their mum's telling me off. I often show a picture like this but I very rarely show any nipple and I never show any Regina Cwoc or Cwoa pussy on Mates Club. you guys can get that other places if you need to. Some people need to relax a bit on what is OK for us to view. The female body was created and in many cases it is a beautiful thing like above.

The Mates Club Column with Comedy style and Sexy pictures is still the same link that I have been emailing you the past 1+ years. As you will see this has been updated many weeks for the past 3 years so feel free to read the past columns, laugh and enjoy the Sports, Comedy with many Cwoc, Cwoa and Aussie Bird Babes. The link is on the Mates Club Massive Menu or here Click here

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Unfortunately to date I have not been able to secure companies to advertise in my MYKwebTV shows. A top lady at Telus in Vancouver agreed to over an arranged business lunch and then she changed her mind. Unbelievable! Example July 2005. On etc Ford, GMH advertise at the start of the NFL interview of Randy Moss arriving at the Oakland Raiders. It is happening now and I know why. Advertising on an Internet TV show the viewer is forced to watch the commercial as there is no remote control. TV advertisers know that the remote control is killing them.  
Due to "not currently” being able to secure companies to advertise in MYKwebTV commercials is the reason for many of the General Viewing MYKwebTV shows now only being on Mates Club as it does cost money to produce and stream the TV shows. Please let me know if you or someone that you know has a product or service that you or they would like to advertise on MYKwebTV to my mainly USA, CDN and Australian viewers.   
Although you are already in Mates Club here is the Joining page if you are interested in what I am achieving
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What have I been doing lately in the Media?

Mates I did some very enjoyable work a few months ago at the Women's CIS Volleyball Nationals with a Canadian based Production company called Signature Entertainment. A excellent DVD has been produced where I am hosting the show that involves beautiful Cwoc's from the University of Calgary Dino's Women's Volleyball team. I will tell you more soon on what the aim of this is and other exciting Sports based TV shows that Signature entertainment have in the works that I will be a part of. Here is a recent article from the Calgary Herald in regards to this recent event.
Click here

Media In Canada article on MYKwebWORLD!
This was a good article written about MYKwebWORLD last week. It goes to approximately 4,500 emails of Media people, advertisers etc. I received a great email back as a result of this article so I'm confident to say I will have more advertisers on MYKwebWORLD and also MYKwebTV as a result.
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If you like my TV shows and columns and feel like investing to have your picture on a MYKwebWORLD and or Mates Club page please let me know. This also helps in MYKwebWORLD becoming profitable. Some options on here, the new Mates Club offers/e-Store
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Advertise on 06 Stampede Cup and US Nationals 06 MYKwebTV!


From my Aug 29 Aussie Rules Footy webWORLD section on General Viewing MYKwebWORLD. The Stampede Cup 06 team photo. It was another great day of Aussie Rules Footy in Western Canada.

I have been promoting this great sport even more in 05 and 06 than in the past. Please contact me if you have any interest in advertising on my 06 Aussie Footy MYKwebTV shows and the consequent DVD. Advertising on a MYKwebTV show is better than TV advertising as the viewer has to watch your commercial. There is no remote control!!!!! call me on 1 403 870-5578 or for attractive MYKwebTV/TV advertising details and initial interest in investing in a 06 Stampede Cup DVD & 06 US Nationals DVD. This advertising starts at $300US and I can provide you with a report as to the number of viewers. I have Massive amounts of USA and CDN Aussie Rules Footy TV. You can watch the many Aussie Footy TV shows on the new Mates Club Menu.
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I can easily get more copies made up!  A 3 pack CDN, US Aussie Rules Footy 05 DVD set is now available! Includes 05 US Nationals, 05 BC Footy Cup from Vancouver, 05 NWPAFL Grand Final, 05 BC footy Best and Fairest Trophy Night and FREE the movie Football Fan Frenzy. These were given out to the BC footy coaches Stew Grills and Chris Freeman and 2 Best 1st year CDN Aussie Rules Footy Players at the BC Footy Trophy night. Opinion has it this 3 Pack DVD set is very good and well worth the investment. Moose has watched "Football Fan Frenzy" 20 times he tells. Testimonial "Myk Aussie your movie Football Fan Frenzy is as good as you told me it was! Very, very funny, you are a clown. Anyway what are you? Comedian, media guy, movie maker, you do it all. It was a pleasure meeting you!" Michael Landsberg, TSN Toronto. I await Cwoa Sue from Milwaukee, her comments as I recently sent her the movie. Plus if you like what we do at MYKwebTV it helps me recover some filming and production costs. Click here

Do you want to help in writing Sports, Comedy style Columns? I have several great very knowledgeable sports people currently helping me with the many Sports, Comedy style columns. Please let me know if you would like to have “YourSportsSpace” column on MYKwebWORLD.

An example Moose's USA, Friends of the CFL webWORLD. Moose Salzer a significant investor in MYKwebWORLD writes many of the Sports sections. Moose also promotes MYKwebTV on his weekly guest spot on Gabriel Morency's SportsRage, The Team 990 Montreal and Internet Sports radio and on his Sports reports email.

Coming Soon to Mates Club – The Massive CFL Mates Club TV!
Mates Club CFL Grey Cup 05 TV is done. As I said above 90% of my NFL TV shows are Comedy based, well I would say 99% of my CFL TV shows are Comedy based! I have got amazing footage from the 6 CFL Grey Cup weeks that I have attended along with other CFL games. The Nov 05 CFL Grey Cup in Vancouver TV show with the real Cwoc Pamela Anderson is one of the most popular shows ever. I’m confident you will enjoy it if you haven’t seen it yet. Finally meeting the real Pamela was a highlight especially seeing she laughed at my comedy. It is currently on the "CFL Grey Cup 05 Mates Club TV" link on the Mates Club Massive Menu or
Click here

Also coming soon to Mates Club will be a more Sports sections including AFL, Australian Rules Footy which is currently also Massive on General Viewing with lots of CDN and USA Aussie Footy TV Click here.

Also a regular new Mates Club Menu “link”. Seeing I have deleted the META NAME="keywords" from each Mates Club page Google and other search engines don't pick up on these pages thus I will keep changing the Menu link every month or so instead of having a password system. Hopefully you can email me back if you want to stay in Mates Club and receive this new link to Mates Club to add to your favorites and also tell me what you think of Mates Club?

Please email me or call me if you have any questions at all.

Myk Aussie 
Ph: 0 11 1403 870-5578


Disclaimer: This link from the email is being sent to my existing Mates Club members, business partners and potential business partners. Mates Club Guys should be about 14, Cool Women must be 16. Please email me back at if you wish to be removed from receiving this occasional email.

"If you are here somehow Free I hope you decide to join us regularly in Mates Club Click here" Myk Aussie


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