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Me Mates at Total-CFL

Myk's Aussie Footy

must enable Java to see this video "NFL Pro Bowl Cwoa MYKwebTV! For full screen version
Click here" Myk

Me Cwoc mate Sexy Sexy Sonja at BodyRays.com
"Sexy Sexy Sonja Cwoc Click here " Myk

"Myk and Cwoc Pammy CFL TV Click here" Moose

"I'm in my Burnaby Eagles Aussie Rules Footy jersey on Halloween 05. I have lots of Comedy everywhere. For my funny MYKwebTV

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AFL, Australian Footy League related MYKwebTV ITip: If MYKwebTV doesn't work Click here

Play High Speed and modem. 3 mins Pt 1. AFL MYKwebTV. I'm in Melbourne for a meeting with Dr Ross Smith at the magnificent new AFL House. If above doesn't work, this version plays within the Media Player Screen in Full Screen Play High Speed and modem" Myk

Play High Speed and modem. 3 mins Pt 2.
AFL MYKwebTV. More from AFL House. I'm then in Lionland Melbourne. If above doesn't work, this version plays within the Media Player Screen in Full Screen Play High Speed and modem" Myk

Play Extra Hi Sp 8 min's. Oct 25 06. "I'm 1 on 1 with AFL Hawks Champ Robert "Dipper" DiPierdomenico. Dipper was a legend all weekend at the recent 06 US Natl's of Aussie Rules Footy in Las Vegas. Special comments from Aussie Rugby League Champ Tim Brasher who is now a Calgary Roo. Enjoy! If above doesn't work, this version plays within the Media Player Screen in Full and in Wide Screen. Play Extra HiSp" Myk

"More 06 US Natl's MYKwebTV! For the full 70 minutes of MYKwebTV from this great event Click here

Play High Speed and modem. 4 mins "I'm 1 on 1 with AFL and NFL Champ Darren Bennett. I'm at the Press conference asking Mike Riley the San Diego Chargers coach about Darren Bennett the former AFL Melbourne Demon forward and the NFL San Diego Charger. I'm then interviewing Darren in the change rooms after their Big win against the Seattle Seahawks. This was the 1st of several of my interviews with Daren Bennett. Note, picture quality is lost as this was one of my 1st ever MYKwebTV shows. If above doesn't work, this version plays within the Media Player Screen in Full Screen  Play High Speed and modem.

"Myk 1 on 1 with former AFL and NFL Star Darren Bennett MYKwebTV! From Super Bowl week, Jan 2003.  Click here" Moose

"SANFL MYKwebTV. Check it out Click here "Myk

From May 9, 2003 "Business In Calgary Magazine article."
Wow! This is the best article that has ever been written about my success in the NFL, CFL and AFL! Michael O'Toole the Englishman is a brilliant writer. I even laughed many a time reading this 3 page article that went to 31,000 businesses in Alberta Click here" Myk

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"Talking AFL at Super Bowl Media Day.  For full screen version and many Super Bowl XXVIII MYKwebTV shows
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"My main Aussie Footy Club in Australia
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