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Pro Bowl cheerleaders

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Mon Oct 18, 10. "Rams defeat Chargers! Rams are off to a excellent start to the season! Recently on a Friday night I was talking NFL on Sports Rage with Gabriel Morency, Listen and watch now! My NFL week 2 bets! The Eagles won but let me down in week 2 betting! Listen now. I got on The Jim Rome radio show Wed July 7 which has approx 4 million listeners and talked sports! Talking sports and often NFL on 5AA South Australian radio many weeks with Jeff Burzacott. Listen Live on the web!" Myk Aussie

Pro Bowl cheerleaders

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Rams defeat Chargers 20-17!
I need to now give the Rams more credit as I put 12 points on the Chargers on Sunday thus loosing valuable points in Nasty Nates excellent picking contest. A great win by the Rams." Myk Aussie

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Tues, Aug 14 07 "NFL Preseason Report from Saint Louis! Who do the fans like more, Jamie Martin or Marc Bulger? A comparison!" Moose Salzer

Jamie Martin's career stats: Weber St U., 6'2", 205 lbs, 15th NFL Pro Season
2006  New Orlean      24  -   16  -  66.7%  -   208  -  1 - 1
2005  Saint Louis    287  - 192  -  66.9     - 2297  - 14 - 9
2004  Saint Louis      30   -  16  -   53.3    -  188  -   0  - 0
2003  N.Y. Jets          0   -    0  -       0     -      0  -   0 - 0
2002  Saint Louis   195  -  124  -   63.6    - 1216 -   7 - 10
2001  Saint Louis       3   -     3  -  100.0   -     22 -   0 - 0
2000  Jacksonville    33  -   22  -    66.7   -    307 -  2  - 1
1999  Cleveland         0  -     0  -        0   -        0 -  0  - 0
1998  Jacksonville    45  -   27 -     60.0  -     355 -  2 -  0
1997  Saint Louis     34  -   23 -     67.6  -     241 -  3 -  2
1996  Washington     0  -    0 -          0  -         0 -  0 -  0
Amsterdam-AAA 116-  1 -     66.7  -    1063 -  9 -  5
1995  Saint Louis        0 -    0 -          0  -         0  - 0 -  0
1994  Saint Louis        0 -    0 -          0  -         0  - 0 -  0
1993  Saint Louis        0 -    0 -          0  -         0  - 0 -  0
Totals - 7 Teams      767 -  494 -   64.4%     5897  38   28

Marc Bulger's career Stats: West Virginia U. 6'3", 210 lbs, 7th NFL Pro Season
2006  Saint Louis    588 -  370 -   62.9% -  4301 -  24 -  8
2005  Saint Louis    177 -  124 -   70.1    -  1277 -   5  -  7
2004  Saint Louis    485 -  321 -   66.2    -  3964 -  21 - 14
2003  Saint Louis    532 -  336 -   63.2    -  3845 -  22 - 22
2002  Saint Louis    214 -  138 -   64.5    -  1826 -  14 -  6
2001  Saint Louis        0 -     0 -       0    -        0 -   0  -  0
Totals - 7 years    1,996 - 1,289 -  64.6% - 15,213 - 86 - 57

**Interesting notes - Bulger (3), Martin (2) were both backups to Kurt Warner when he lead the team to the Super Bowl in the narrow loss, 17-14 to Tom Brady, the best on the planet now, and New England. Martin, though he has bounced around has spent four different stints with the Rams. Upon having a career year in '05, he signed for two years with the New Orlean Saints where he is backup to Drew Brees. Brees, Phil Rivers and Doug Flutie ironically enough were all together for two years with the San Diego Chargers. I would take Martin over Bulger even though Bulger is improved and is no longer a turnover machine. I saw six Martin, 11 Warner and three Bulger jerseys in the crowd." Moose Salzer 

Tues, Aug 21 06 "Moose's Rams 06 preview! Lots of NFL MYKwebTV!" Myk

From Moose "Saint Louis Rams, 61st year (4 AAFC, 57 NFL) 2005 Record: 6-10-0 Coach: Scott Lineham, first Head Coaching job. QBs: Marc Bulger, Gus Frerotte (overweight at 233 lbs!) and Ryan Fitzpatrick, just acquired Dave Ragone (L) from Houston in trade. Other Key players: RBs Marshall Faulk out for the year with knee surgery (Yikes!), Steve Jackson, now with his weight under control, WRs: Isaac Bruce, Tory Holt, Shaun McDonald and Dane Looker (NFLE). Offencive Line: Andy McCollum (Ar.FL), Orlando Pace, Blaine Saipaia (HI), Alex Barron, Todd Steussie and Adam Timmerman.

Outlook: Hard to figure. Yea, it's a plus to have Martz and his goofy ways gone. Linehan has been a good Offencive Coordinator with Minnesota under Mike Tice and Miami. But they lost their best QB in Jamie Martin (287-192-2297-14TDs to N.O.) and are left with injury prone Bulger (177-127-1277-5-7) and Fitzpatrick (135-76-777-4-8) + Frerotte, who is looking to challenge the F/A journeyman record of most NFL teams with such immortal QBs as Bob Gagliano, Babe Laufenberg, Blair Kiel and Jeff Blake. It doesn't compute unless one steps forward. The RB corps took a big hit when Faulk went down for the season (career?) and leaves only Jackson and FB Madisoncoeck.

The Defence will be better with tough guy ex-Saints Coach Jim Haslett in charge now but the Special Teams needs a Mike Westhoff type in charge. Outlook: The Rams are headed for third in the NFC West, 6-10-0” Moose 

"If you would like to add your comments about how you think the Rams will go in 06 or comment on Moose's preview above please email me and I will add your report.

You can hear Moose weekly on Gabriel Morency's SportsRage Montreal Team 990 AM sports radio and on the Internet talking NFL Footy many Friday nights around 1am Eastern US and CDN time. I'm on late around 1.30-2am EST Friday or Monday nights as well talking sports in a comedy/crazy style. I think Gabriel Morency is the best sports radio guy in the World. To me he's like the Howard Stern of sports. I'm very confident you will like his show. To listen
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Wed, May 17 06 "Moose's excellent detailed Doug Flutie Retirement Tribute and his Top 13 QBs in Pro Football History!" Myk Aussie

For a excellent very detailed report from Moose on Doug Flutie's great career check out "USA, Friends Of The CFL"
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Tues Aug 16, 05 "Moose's Saint Louis Rams NFL 05 preview!" Myk

From Moose "Saint Louis Rams, 60th year (56 NFL, 4 AAFC). Super Bowl record: 1-2. Coach(?): Mike Martz. QBs: Marc Bulger, Jamie Martin (for the 4th time!), Jeff Smoker and practice squad qb, Ryan Dinwiddie, who's stock rose when he outgunned Timmy Chang in the Hula Bowl. Other Key Players: RBs: Steve Jackson, Marshall Faulk, FB Joey Goodspeed (who doesn't have much speed, actually, just size), LB-S Pisa Tinoisamoa [which means 'tiny-samoan' in hawai'ian, which he ain't], WRs: Isaac Bruce (cousin of CFL star, Arland Bruce, III), Tory Holt, who was sensational in the NFL QB competition two weekends ago on T.V. (but not MYKwebTV). Get ready for the wildest rollercoaster ride in the NFL! OLm/nut Kyle Turley,  was released this past spring but that doesn't mean these guys will be even more sane this time around. Martz is nutty enough for this team. See if you can figure this out dear reader; the Rams beat a very good Seattle team THREE times last year including in the playoffs, before being sent home with a good 'ole fashioned butt-kicking by overrated Atlanta, with it's great RB for a QB, Mike (Lefty) Vick.

The Rams, who came in the NFL as an amalgamation of the old Cleveland Rams merged with the old Los Angeles Dons in 1950, after the collapse of the old AAFC, finished 8-8-0. They looked like World beaters one week and the worst Pro team on planet earth the next. The Coach is caustic, rude and calls plays sometimes that make you wonder where his mind is! He wants to make a two-time NFL MVP, Marshall Faulk a back to some big guy named Steve (Fumbles) Jackson, a second year RB this season. He wants to move ex-Univ. of Hawai'i star and lifelong LB Tinoisamoa, a Safety this year - at 245lbs.! He ran Kurt Warner, the legend out of town  and replaced him with a QB, Bulger, who will throw 4 TDs in the fourth quarter of a Pro Bowl game then throw 5 INTs v. N.O.! Bulger, unlike Warner, is a poor playoff QB.  

Maybe that's why 35-year-old Martin, who's been with the Rams (three times in Saint Louis and once back in L.A.!) FOUR TIMES, is back. Martz team plays more like Los Angeles – the Extreme of the XFL! But at least they won that's League's Championship! Martz became a H.Coach too early. He belongs in the XFL. Or the Arena Football League, where his style of play calling would fit. I predict the RAMS WILL finally bottom out this year  - Martz is already trying to RE-assemble some of his more stable Super Bowl players (remember, Warner QB'd this team and Dick Vermeil coached it) - Former Amsterdam Admiral / Rams OLm, Tom Nutten, born and raised in Quebec, Canada is back after returning from the Cologne Centurians, NFL E, where he was TE Coach. Looks like Centurian Werner Hippler (Lions), will have to play TE next year AND Coach it. Nutten signed a one year contract to play OL one more time. But don't expect, even with a decent Defence, fine Special Teams and great pass-catching corps, these guys will even come close. Martz may think so, but I'm not buying it. Predicted finish: 8-8-0, third, NFC West behind Kurt Warner (I love it!), the Cardinals and the Seahawks.” Moose

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Thurs, Nov 11 04 "Seahawks vs Rams week 10!" Myk Aussie


From NFL Media

SEATTLE SEAHAWKS (5-3) at ST. LOUIS RAMS (4-4): By the end of the day, the teams could be tied in the NFC West, or the ’Hawks could have a two-game lead. And as Rams head coach MIKE MARTZ says, the best way to get into the playoffs is to win your division.

This one will definitely bring back memories of a month ago. There Seattle was, midway through the fourth period, cruising with a 27-10 lead before quarterback MARC BULGER and the Rams turned the game into the season’s largest comeback victory with a 17-point surge and a 33-27 overtime win.

The Seahawks lost their next two before head coach MIKE HOLMGREN scaled down the offense a bit, resulting in two victories. "It’s a simplified offense," says running back SHAUN ALEXANDER, coming off a 160-yard, two-TD rushing game in Week 9. "But we have enough talent to really make things simple and still make great plays."

Matchup to watch: Bulger against the Seahawks’ defensive backfield, the key cogs in a ball-hawking defense that tops the league in interceptions with 12.

It is so cool to be the only Aussie that has regularly reported on the NFL for the past 5 years. Yep that's me, I have had NFL media passes at Super Bowl's, Pro Bowl's and other NFL games. Thus I am allowed into the NFL Media section and allowed to post their great reports on here. Much more coming over the coming weeks." Myk Aussie


August 28, 04 "Moose's Saint Louis Rams NFL 04 Preview! Oh no Moose is into Bulger. I think he is a very good Quarter back." Myk Aussie

"Saint Louis Rams, NFC West, Coach (for now) Mike Martz. Team'salltime record: 420 wins, 391 losses, 20 ties. Super Bowl record: One win, two losses. QBs: Marc Bulger, Chris Chandler, Scott Covington. I have a Conspiracy Theory to confess. No, not that one from my other e-Newsletter, but that Sean Landeta, the only other ex-USFL guy left in Pro 'ball will leave when Flutie decided he's had enough. 

Actually he's had a pretty good year
last season so why not let the Lambs, er, ah Rams talk you into playing for another eon or so. You can start collecting an NFL pension at 52, which is right around the corner for Flutes and Landeta. The big mystery was why Georgia brought Martz back, since he won't play his best QB. Sorry, Marc. This despite the four TD deal in the first Pro Bowl ('04) I've missed in person since Flutie was still in the CFL, I'm not impressed with you as a starting QB. Warner was way better! Martz likes Mr. Interception, Bulger. Figure that one out? 

Well, at least Jamie Martin isn't
here for the third time! Losing Lovie (Lovell) Smith to Chicago could be huge if the Rams don't start out of the blocks quickly. Landeta's leg may fall off by late October and the Rams may end up regretting not having signed Mat McBrair or at least Darren Bennett, who's with the Vikings. I don't find anything particularly exciting about the team (RE: above scenario) except Marshall Faulk's heart and drive, especially since pass rush great Wistrom has flown the coup to Seahawk-town. That should be enough for an 8-7-1 year and a quick bus ride to Palooka-ville for (formerly) excellent QB Coach Martz, who's stealing money masquerading as a 'H. Coach.' Predicted finish: third NFC West and out of the playoffs {Remember they have the Cardinals in the same division, mercifully enough!}. Predicted finish: 5-10-1." Moose

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