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Pro Football Weekly: NFL and Pro Football Video Picks with amazing coverage from Myk Aussie The Pro Football Comedy Media Guy.

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Updated several times a week below ! "Hi Guys & Cool Women  welcome to me NFL Footy webWORLD. This will be one of the biggest & best areas of MYKwebWORLD with vast amounts of "Myk's Mates Club MYKwebTV" Myk Aussie 

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"Cwoa Tina #1 NFL Pro Bowl 2003 cheerleader!" 

Thanks Tina for the fantastic autographed photo. It was great to meet you and you are definitely a star on NFL Pro Bowl MYKwebTV. Click here " Myk Aussie

Wed, Mar 24' " Darren Bennett a Viking! They are saying Darren Bennett is the Best NFL Punter!"

Champ San Diego punter from Australia Darren Bennett signs with the Minnesota Vikings.

Check this out! Mar 24 Super Bowl XXXVIII MYKwebTV Pt 9
3 mins - "Darren is now a Viking. 1 on 1 with NFL Aussie Star Darren Bennett. I ran into Darren outside Paris Hilton's new place at the recent Super Bowl. This is my 3rd interview with Darren in 3 years.
Light Sp, Hi Sp Click here

For AFL Aussie Footy webWORLD & a report on Darren Bennett Click here " Myk Aussie

Mon, Mar 22 04 "BIG BIG BIG NFL News! Yeh, Everyone can now watch! NFL Super Bowl MYKwebTV now powered by Clipstream amazing technology.  Especially for Modem  users & people without Billy's Media Player." Myk

BIB BIG BIG News as Warren Sapp signs with The BIG BIG BAD Raider Nation. 

I have personally been lucky enough to met & interview the BIB BIG BIG Champ NFL & Pro Bowl footy player 5 times. Pro Bowl 00, 02, 03 Super Bowl 37 & very recently back stage at the Jimmy Kimmel Live on ABC! Warren was co-host the week I was there. He looked at me Pro Bowl 00 pin on me Aussie Hat & said "Yeh I remember you!. Pro Bowl every year hey!". 

Warren is one of the best & definitely one of the biggest fella's in the NFL. He's so good the Defensive man even gets to play & score some touch down's occasionally. The BIG fella is real smart as well, he got all scared of Steve Croc Hunter's BIG BIG Python Snake on Jimmy's ABC Late night great show. Can't blame him on that. 

Warren he's a Raider that's OK. I like the Raiders! But you know I'm a Bronco & so to all you Raider's don't get to smarty as the 2nd Biggest NFL News of the weekend his other Super Bowl 37 Champ mate John Lynch is a Bronco Yeh Yeh Yeh BIG day for the Bronco's & the Raider Nation. Or maybe John is a better pick up than Warren ? 

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Sat, Mar 13 04' "Moose's as always HARDBall NFL report!" Myk Aussie

Mooses' Pro Football Update:

Just thinking ahead but I can't help but think Jerry Jones, primary owner of the Dallas Cowboys, Mat McBriar's employee and Dallas Desperados of the
Ar.FL may have something up his sleeve with the recent "buying a pig in the poke" acquisition of former NCAA QB and Yanks baseball prospect Drew Henson. After all, if Jones (and for matter Bill Parcells )were so satisfied with
Quincy Carter (and backup Chad Hutchinson, a former baseball prospect himself), why did he make the trade sight unseen and why are the Cowboys so primed on Hutch making it in the 'AAA's in Europe, which Jones isn't too fond of.

Think about it. Jones is on record as saying he's not into NFL Europe and buys an Arena team. His Arena QB Kubiak is out for the year (& maybe the career) with a neck injury. Carter was very shaky despite a quiet vote of confidence from Coach Parcells. But if Hutch makes it big in the triple A's in Euro than Jones and Parcells would be covered. And if Henson doesn't make it in the outdoor game, there's always the Desperados if Kubiak can't make it back. Like I always said about Jones, Crazy like a fox." Moose

Thurs, Mar 11 04' "Moose's as always HARDBall NFL report!" Myk Aussie

NFL Update:

Scott Baxter's Washington still is loading up on NFL has beens in the free agency period. P/H/QB Tom Tupa, a 15-yr NFL vet signed a two year (or is that a a two one years deal?) yesterday as the 'Skins jettisoned Bryan (Phantom of the Opera) Barker, who finished last
in the NFC in net yardage in '03. Well, at least Tupa can say he's thrown 24 more TDs than any other NFL punter! The Ravens have recupped K Matt Stover, the last expansion Raven from '96 when the dirty rats pushed my beloved Stallions all the way to Montreal.

In other League News, one of me and Myk's favorite guys, #2 NFL man, behind Paul Tagliabue, John Beake has stepped down, moving Doug Quinn up. John was over NFL International and was personally responsible for the American Bowl in VAN back in '98. John also was over NFL ('AAA') Europe and now leaves that plum in Nick Polk's lap. Happy retirement, John! Bald Garcia (formerly Red) leaves Frisco to sign a four year deal with Butch Davis and the Brownies. Bye, bye Tim Couch. Hello clipboard, Barcelona Kelly Holcomb. 

Congrats, I guess, Red, er, ah Bald. Duce Staley has swung the balance of NFL power in the Keystone state in favor of slumping Bill Cowar(d)'s Steelers! The Eagles
will have to use RB by committee next year - BIGTIME!" Moose

Sat, Mar 6 04' "Bronco's star Ed McCaffrey retires! Mooses NFL update! Moose rips into Peyton who I like again!" Myk

Ed was a star for me Bronco's for many years. Check out a interview I did with Ed on MYKwebTV Click here

Moose's NFL Update;

The Colts just threw $98/mil. down a rathole on QB Peyton Manning, who is 2-4 in the playoffs - but there's a catch. None of the money is guaranteed! Manning and Coach Dungy need to start producing soon. Especially with a solid RB like Edgerren James and quality wr
like Marv Harrison on board. They cut their ties with a quality DE, Chad Bradzke and two other players to ante up the money to 'the-big-game-loser' {Vanderjagt's word, not mine,Myk}. Let's see how Manning does without as good a defence next year getting him the
ball in Primo field position. 

Myk's Denver mate Romo got caked by the Raders but I hear he's on Saskatchewan's nego-list. Let's us Rider fans keep our fingers crossed and Ts dotted. Big Ed McCaffrey has retired with 675 catches for 7,555 yards and 101 TDs. Big Ed was on four Super Bowl winners; '91 Jersey Giants, '95 48ers (I demoted 'em a number for releasing Red Garcia) and the '98 & '99 Broncos. A great career for the 6'5.5", 222 lb WR. Best of luck in the next phase of your life, Ed." Moose

Fri, Mar 5 04' "Oh no NFLer Bill Romanowski in some Steroid trouble as well" Myk Aussie

Oh no Bill Romanowski is in the same Steroid trouble as some MLB Baseballers led by Barry Bonds. 

George'y Bush's US Govt are even getting involved as they advise all major sports in the US that the Govt is holding an official type inquiry obviously to clean up Steroid use in US sports "apparently" led by the MLBer Baseballers.

Lots of you guys know I have interviewed Bib Bill several times. For Bill Romo on MYKwebTV Click here

Mates hope you can listen tonight as I'll be talking about Bill Bill the very likeable fella off field on Gabriel Morency's "SportsRage" The World Champs Inet & Montreal Radio, Fri 10.45am Pacific CDN/US time, Sat 5.45pm EST Aussie time. Click here " Myk Aussie

Thurs, Mar 4 04' "Mooses NFL report!" Myk Aussie

NFL Update: Offseason -

I think the Bungles are going back to their old (& stupid) ways by naming Carson Palmer the starter. I know they paid him big bucks to carry the clipboard last year but he isn't ready yet, Besides Kitna, for now is a better QB. And what about Shane Matthews? I believe all three will be on the roster opening day but the NFL should let players earn their way into the lineup. Kinda the same
as the Doug Flutie should be starting over Brew Drees in San Diego deal. Flutie's better, therefore he should start. Period.

With all the wheeling and dealing Capt'n Gibbs (formerly Mr. NASCAR) is doing he's setting himself up for disaster if they don't get out of the blocks in a hurry in the still-geographically incorrect-NFC (L)East. I'll give Gibbsie an E+ for effort but I still think 8-8 will be the final outcome. Since Gibbs left the NFL the league
has gone through Plan 'B', another kind of free agency I can't remember (quick, help me out Scott!) and the Salary C(r)ap. Gibbs better slow down 'cause they
ain't gonna win the Super Bowl this year anyway. Only Portis and that fine 'O' Line can save this thing from getting ugly quick (If Gibbs is serious about bruned
out Brunnell over young stud Pat Ramsey). Just my Opinion and I know, they're like earlobes, almost everybody has got at least one! More next week" Moose 

Wed, Mar 3 04' "Pre view this weeks Super Bowl MYKwebTV shows! Star Pro Bowl 02,03 QB Jeff Garcia leaves the San Fran 49ers!" Myk Aussie

Jeff Garcia the former Calgary Stampeder QB & until today the current star San Fran 49er QB who is making millions decided today not to take a pay cut. After his recent "Drink Over The Limit Driving" charges & subsequent troubles in San Fran he has decided to leave! One of the very best NFL QB's over the past 3-4 years is now up for grabs. Jeff Garcia is a big part of MYKwebWORLD. Make sure to check out NFL Pro Bowl MYKwebTV for great footage of Jeff in Hawaii.

Mar 3 Extra Special , 04 NFL Patriots MYKwebTV    5 mins - "I'm at Patriots Super Bowl Media Day" Myk

This week's Myk's Mates Club shows Include
Mar 2, 04
NFL Global Jnr's MYKwebTV
5 mins - Pt 1 of 3. "Me & Morency at the NFL Global Junior Championships from Super Bowl 38 week in Houston! This 3 part series will feature many great NFL & CFL people including players, cheerleaders, fans, officials & VP's.
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Mar 2, 04 Cwoa NFL Super Bowl 38 MYKwebTV
5 mins - "Myk Aussie 1 on 1 with Actress Aime the Houston #1 Cwoa. Aime tells a great Aussie joke/story. Morency & Starr you guys never saw this Hot Hot Cwoa! Wow!" Myk

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From Feb 22, 04 Now on Myk's Mates Club MYKwebTV Super Bowl XXXVIII MYKwebTV
3 mins - "1 on 1 with NFL & CFL legend Warren Moon for Fox Sports Houston & MYKwebTV/Total-CFLwebTV. From Super Bowl XXXVIII media day, Jan 04" Myk Light Sp, Hi Sp Now on Myk's Mates Club MYKwebTV. Invest now & receive a Free New Years present Click here " Myk

Pro Football Weekly: NFL and Pro Football Video Picks with amazing coverage from Myk Aussie -The Pro Football Comedy Media Guy

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