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May 28, 2003 "Special Pro Bowl 2002 MYKwebTV coming later this week! Moose opens 1st ever cinema showing of Football Fan Frenzy & FFF2!" Myk Aussie

Moose you are a champ opening up the 1st ever cinema showing me NFL, CFL & Aussie Footy movies "Football Fan Frenzy" & "FFF 2". Moose & Rick have regular showing of me movies down there in Marcus Crandell's old territory, Virgin Beach. Thanks guys that's unreal. click her for details on me movies Click here

There are many great future & former NFLers up here in Canada. So if you are footy starved down in the US join us on the 1st ever Total-CFLwebTV now available for select viewing, email me.

 For the Biggest & Best
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May 26, 2003 "Gabriel Morency is back from MADness suspension! Jeff Rutledge injured!" Myk Aussie

As the beautiful Melissa Stark leaves ABC Mondee Night Footy I'll bring to you later this week a new edit of Pro Bowl 2002 featuring Melissa. 

NFL lovers make sure to check out later this week for the 1st ever release of Total-CFLwebTV. Many NFLers come play in the CFL during, before & after their NFL careers.
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Gabriel Morency The Team 990 Montreal & Inet sports radio is back on air right now after what was believed to be a 2 weeks MADness Suspension! 6-9pm EST

Gabriel admits he was in a Anger Management class ! I reckon that's so funny.

Unreal lots of great NFL talk on Gabriel's show in amongst the other sports.

The NFL Injury Update By: Rich Salzer

Folks, Jeff Rutledge, 47, a former Washington, N.Y. Giants & LOS ANGELES
Rams Super Bowl QB was severely injured in a car accident on Route 47 in Tennessee Friday night. Prayers & Best Wishes to this fine former 14-yr NFL veteran QB/H. 

Rutledge still holds two NFL records (unofficially). Rutledge is the only QB to play in three Super Bowl w/ 3 different teams; the '79 RAMS, the '86 Giants & the 1990's Champ , Washington. Rutledge was a reserve who won 2 out of 3 Super Bowls (the Rams couldn't beat Pittsburgh, losing  by 12 pts). 

Rutledge had a 99.6% accuracy ratio on his kick placement holds in his 14-yr. career between these Pro teams. He only missed on one hold in his entire career & is regarded as the best Holder in Pro Football History. Get well soon Jeff. I still remember when Jeff  came off the Washington bench in 1990, down 35-7 w/ 12 minutes gone in the 3rd quarter to lead Washington to the biggest (@ that time) comeback victory in NFL history, 41-38 in O.T. Wow, can you say best backup QB in NFL history? Well, I think so!" Moose

May 14, 2003 "The beautiful Melissa Stark leaves ABC! Business In Calgary Magazine article! Gabriel Morency suspended! Mooses Bronco's & NFL off season reports!" Myk Aussie

The beautiful Melissa Stark from ABC's magnificent Monday night footy is leaving to have a baby! I have been lucky enough to have had great chats with Melissa at the 2002 & 2003 Pro Bowl's & also at the airport in San Fran on the way to Pro Bowl 2003. Good luck to Melissa & her husband. I sent a few pics to the Business In Calgary people & they rightly so used a rippa of a pic of Melissa & Rich Gannon at Pro Bowl 2002. 

Me the Football Guy in Business In Calgary Magazine! This is the best article that has ever been written about my success in the NFL, CFL & AFL! Michael O'Toole the Englishman is a brilliant writer. 

I even laughed many a time reading this 3 page article that goes to 31,000 businesses in Alberta. Thank you Michael.
Click here

Gabriel Morency The Team in Montreal suspended for 2 weeks! The Raider Nation, The Teamsters, Madness Association, Expo Nation etc etc are going wild out there in Montreal as the star of SportsRage Gabriel Morency gets a 2 week management suspension. 

Wow ! Can't wait till Gab' is back as I have enjoyed immensely being part of his SportsRage as we talk lots of NFL. The ratings are out soon & I know Gab was really looking forward to that because popular opinion has it that his show is kicking butt on Montreal & Inet radio. Wonder if I'm on this Fridee night with the temporary host.

Bronco's Off season News By: Rich 'Bronco' Salzer

I knew that instant title would get Myk's attention! Actually the article is
totally about the Broncos, who I do like very much. They have the greatest QB ever in Big John Elway & now TWO ex-Univ. of Hawai'i kickers! That's right, in addition to the very fine Jason Elam, still the best @ his position, they now have added me & Myk's mate, Mat McBriar of the Univ. of Hawai'i Warriors (see Football Fan Frenzy II for more).

But did you know that Jason was also the punter @ U / H for three seasons in addition to being the Warriors kicker? That's true, Jason had the highest career Univ. of Hawai'i punting average NOT Mat, if you can believe that. I just looked it up. I can't wait for the season since Mat will actually be punting v. the legendary Darren Bennett another of me & Myk's mates." Moose

NFL Offseason Update By: Rich Salzer

I agree with Myk all the best Melissa Stark. We loved you on ABC's Monday Night Football! How about some intelligent team in the NFL or CFL pick up WR Oronde Gadsden who has been a starter for the Dolphins for 5 yrs. The former Arena league star has among the best hands in the league!! Speaking of ex-Dolphins -Congratulations also to Mike Shula, brother of ex-Bengal coach Dave & son of legendary Dolphin coach Don, who is the new coach of the Alabama Crimson Tide!Even though Alabama upset my Hawai'i Warriors last season, 21-16 & even though ambulance-chaser Jesse Jackson is ........

New Dolphin QB Brian Griese will not have Mike as QB coach now @ Miami, the
team his dad, ABC college footy analyst Bob took to three straight Super Bowl in the Larry Csonka-DonShula-Jim Kiick era. Enter Offensive Coordinator Norv Turner, former Washington coach who will also handle the QB coaching duties.

On to the Broncos who Myk & I both like lots. With the addition of Mat McBriar @ punter the Broncos now have four ex-Warriors on the roster w/ K Jason Elam, WR Ashley Lelie & NFL E QB Nick Rolovich, keep an eye on this lot. I am predicting they trade Jarious Jackson to either Kansas City or San Diego, both of whom need a third QB desperately! With Rolo's Rhein Fire tearing up NFL E & the unretirement of 17-yr. vet Steve Beuerlein there simply is no room for Jarious, who also did well in

With all the major media jumping on the Vikings about their draft-day folies
there is a low rumble of owner B. 'Red' McCombs (who just threw away $100mil on above-average QB Daunte Culpepper)
Moose I disagree. I like Duante alot! Myk
moving the team to L.A. unless the cities) of St. Paul builds him a state of the art stadium like Seattle has. Let me tell you; Myk & I did the Vikings/Seahawks game last Sept. 29th & that place is awesome! But, Earth to Red; there's nothing wrong w/ the MetroDome which is only 13 YEARS OLD!!!

Red, in case you've been hybernating the last 9 yrs., L.A. already has the
Clippers, Lakers, WNBA's Sparks, Arena football's Avengers who darn sure might win Arena Bowl XVII next month, the Kings & the Dodgers. Two yrs ago they won the X-FL Championship (the so-called $22,220 game {per man}). They are not as keen as they should be on the NFL & evicted both the (St. Louis) Rams, who they had since 1950 & the (Oakland) Raiders who they had since 1983! The last team that moved from the Minneapolis to L.A. was 1960's accursed Lakers (& I hate them!). 

Now that I've got that off my chest (owners - can't live w/ 'em, can't pay the players w/out 'em!), speaking of owners, wonder how headstrong types like Coach Parcells & 'Coach' Jones will work together @ Dallas? How about the strange case of Tom Benson(boogie) & the 'aints?? He says he's satisfied w QB Aaron (Late-season meltdown) Brooks but sends a high draft pick to Red's Minnesota for local QB Todd Bouman, who played @ Barceloans right before Jarious Jackson?! Is that trust or what. 

Benson's Arena league team is due to start, maybe in '04 & Benson named his 26-yr-old daughter Lisa General Manager! Unless she's football's version of Manon Rheaume (who's bro Pascal played great in Ottawa for Jersey last night!) why should she be general manager of a Pro Football team??!! Hhhmmmmm...Sounds like nepotism to me. More next month" Moose

May 4, 2003 "Yeh. Yeh, Yeh Aussie Punter Mat McBriar now with me Denver Bronco's!" Myk Aussie

"Myk Aussie Mat McBriar signed a 3-year deal with the Denver Broncos. He was a priority free agent and received offers from several teams. I met you briefly at the Hula Bowl with Mat. I represent Mat with regards to his NFL contract negotiations.

Regards, Bruce Cunningham, Denver

"Bruce I am so happy you got Mat signed with me Bronco's. I'm sure Jason Elam & the other great guys at the Broncos will look after Mat in Denver & in the awesome NFL! Mates you can check my interview with Mat the former Melbourne boy who has been punting with the Uni of Hawaii at the recent Hula Bowl Click here

Good luck at me Bronco's Mat. Mat I am 99.9% sure is the 1st Aussie ever to be drafted in the NFL!" Myk Aussie

May 1, 2003 "Mooses NFL Draft report is up on NCAA Footy webWORLD! Click here  

Just heard that Barrett Robbins may be welcome back at The Raiders if he continues his "Treatment"! Now that is interesting! Barrett the "No Show for the most important day of his life, Super Bowl XXXVII" spent 30 days in a treatment facility for a mental disorder and alcohol abuse it was reported on March 5, 2003. 

You can check out me asking the #1 Raiders NFL Pro Bowl cheerleader if she was the reason Barrett went missing on
"Myk's Mates Club MYKwebTV' Click here" Myk Aussie

April 21, 2003 "Part 4 of Myk, Moose cheerleaders & star players at NFL Pro Bowl 2003 on this weeks Myk's Mates Club MYKwebTV! 

5 min - Pt 4. " Myk at The NFL Pro Bowl 2003" Myk 1 on 1 interviewing the #1 cheerleader Cwoa's Dolphins Hillary, Bengals Seazun, Raiders Lupita, Jaguars Samantha with ESPN's Scotty, Saints Michael Lewis, Cheerleader team photo, MVP Ricky Williams, Villi the Warrior, Myk & Mooses post game report. High Speed, & modem, It's the new Multi byte rate MYKwebTV. Invest In Inet MYKwebTV! Myk's Mates Club Click here" Myk Aussie

April 5, 2003 Good luck to Emmitt Smith at the Arizona Cardinals this season!
During Super Bowl week I had the pleasure of being involved in the Cadillac Super Bowl MVP Press Conference in which Emmitt Smith spoke. It seemed clear then that Emmitt would not be a Cowboy anymore. Other MVP's that I met included Larry Czonka, Phil Simms & again I met with the star of 2002 MYKwebTV from Pro Bowl Tom Brady. What a great day it was hanging out with Moose & the Super Bowl MVP's. Good luck to legend Emmitt Smith & the Arizona Cardinals in 2003. Phoenix is one of my favorite US cities. For more on this story & NFL news join me in Myk's Mates Club Click here

New NFL MYKwebTV! 5 mins Pt 2 of 4 "Me & Moose on the sidelines at NFL Pro Bowl 2003 Myk's Mates Club Click here It's awesome!" Myk Aussie

Mar 27, 2003 New NFL MYKwebTV! 5
mins "Me & Moose on the sidelines at NFL Pro Bowl 2003. Tom Brady takes a massive pay cut to make room for more players in the salary cap ! It was again great this year with the NFL players & interviewing the #1 NFL Pro Bowl cheerleaders ! Amazing MYKwebTV this week at "Myk's Mates Club MYKwebTV" Click here

MVP of Super Bowl XXXVI Tom Brady has taken a pay cut from $3 million to $450,000, wow !. That is amazing. It's great to see someone playing for the love of the game that I know Tom does. I was lucky enough to interview Tom 2 days after his Super Bowl MVP award & great win at last years Pro Bowl in Hawaii. At this years Super Bowl I again met up with Tom the young star QB from the New England Patriots." Myk Aussie

Mar 17, 2003 New NFL MYKwebTV! 4 mins "Myk 1 on 1 with NFL Star Punter Darren Bennett from Australia! Myk was real happy to again meet up with Darren the 2 time NFL Pro Bowl Punter. Darren has played his whole NFL career with the San Diego Chargers after being a star forward for the Melbourne Demons in the awesome AFL, Australian Football League. Myk & Darren talk NFL, NFL Juniors & US Aussie rules footy in this great 1 on 1 interview Click here

"Moose I definitely have my fav NFL players from the past 10 years! Who are some of your all time fav NFL players ? " Myk Aussie

"Here you go Myk Aussie. The Best NFL players I've ever seen"  Rich 'Moose' Salzer

QB- John Elway, K-  Mike Vanderjagt, FB- Larry Csonka, RB- Walter Payton, WRs-Art Monk
Steve Largent, Jerry Rice, TE- John Mackey, Mike Ditka, OLs-Art Shell, Jim Langer, Larry Little, Bob Kuechenberg, Anthony Munoz, H-  Jeff Rutledge

DLs-Reggie White, Karl Mecklenberg, Joe Greene, Manny Fernandez, Warren Sapp
LBs-Sam Mills, Harry Carlson, Dick Butkus, DBs-Johnny Robinson, Jason Sehorn, Ronnie Lott
Donnie Shell, Darryl Green, P-  Darren Bennett, KR- Mel Gray, ST- Steve Tasker
Coach; Don Shula

"Wow Moose has picked my mate Darren Bennett as the best Punter ever. Moose he may well be now but I tell you what I bet Darren keeps playing for many years to come. He told me a few more years in the recent interview you & I did with Darren but I think he will go longer than a few years. Darren truly loves living in San Diego & playing NFL footy. Jerry Rice, John Elway, Warren Sapp & Mike Vanderjaat are the above players I have seen since I have seen covering the NFL. I'm sure you will get some arguments re John Elway but I'm a Bronco so not complaining at all with your QB choice. I know one think I vote Elway as the "Toughest QB" ever!" Myk

Mar 1, 2003 New NFL MYKwebTV!  2 mins "Myk & Mates at The NFL Pro Bowl 2003 MYKwebTV! MikeGaz your the 1st in the World to get the 20 min "Myk's Mates Club MYKwebTV" of this amazing day at NFL Pro Bowl 2002.  Click here

Feb 20, 2003,"Myk this is Mike from the Gaz Station from Gabriel Morenzi's radio show. I just wanted to tell u that you are the man with the master plan and if u need a new employee give me a shout. Anyway Myk I hope u call more often Gabriells SportsRage radio show so we can keep getting entertained. OK bro I'm out this moa fua p.s. I hope u will answer this email." Mike At The Gaz Station, 

Mike At The Gazstation
Raiders #1 ESTern CDN Fan

Mike thanks for the email. It is alot of fun for me as well on Gabriel's show. Tell everyone you can about my site that helps me. I was on Gabriels show Thursdee night talking cricket & footy.

So I'm at the Raiders media day at the stadium in San Diego. It was unreal. The Raiders had their team photo & then they all came over to the other side of the ground. he top 8 or so Raiders players sat up in boves with Mic's & all us media guys got to film them & interview them for 45 minutes. I spend about 25 minutes of that listening to Bill Romanowski, 10 minute with John Parrella & then alternating between Jerry Rice, Rick Gannon & Troy Brown.

The other players were walking around in amongst approx 1,000 media all available for interviews.

At the end of Romo's interview I had a quick chat to him. I said "So Bill you remember me ?" "Yeh I remember you from the Bronco's locker room awhile back" "Yeh that's me Bill. I've been following you lots this year, good luck Sundee"

Unreal. John Parrella was real good as well.

I interviewed the Raider #1 cheerleader Lupita on the sidelines. I asked her if she was the reason Barrett Robbins didn't play. Was it you that lead him astray I said. She looked at me real strange for a few seconds then realized I was having fun with her.

There's a couple of Raider stories for you. 

Myk Aussie

Pro Football Weekly: NFL and Pro Football Video Picks with amazing coverage from Myk Aussie -The Pro Football Comedy Media Guy

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