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Indianapolis Colts –7 on

Well I lost money on the Colts in week 1 against the Texans, but I’m confident the Colts, lead by legend quarterback Peyton Manning will defeat the Jacksonville Jaguars by more than a touchdown. News just in from Friday night, is the Colts have some injury worries on their offense but I'm still confident in this bet.

My #1 team is the Denver Broncos, watching the Colts offence last week against the Broncos was frustrating, but brilliant play by Peyton and his mates. I believe Peyton will end up being the greatest quarterback in NFL history.

Tues Sept 14. Houston Texans defeat Indianapolis Colts 34-24!

Early last week I thought the Texans were a chance to win this game but later in the week I thought no way will the Colts loose, they hardly ever do. The Texans lead the Colts all day, Arian Foster for the Texans ran for a team-record 231 yards and scored 3 TD's. Colts star quarterback Peyton Manning had yet another great game throwing for 433 yards and 3 touchdowns. Last week many NFL experts were predicting this could be the year the Texans make the playoffs. A great win.

Sat Sept 11, 10. "Colts are 1 of my 3 NFL bets and report as part of a new gig I have this 2010 NFL season for a sports betting site!

1) Colts vs Texans in Houston. Colts favored by –2 on

I have liked the Colts ever since arriving in Canada in 1998, Peyton’s 1st year. My initial feeling is that he is still wild after losing last year’s Super Bowl. And although this will be a close game, I think Payton will be able to lead his troops to a victory by a field goal or just a bit more.

It’s not to say I don’t have love for the Texans, because I had an amazing time there all week for Super Bowl XXXVIII in 2004, but the –2 on was the deciding factor. $5 on Colts at –2 on

For MYKwebTV from the Super Bowl in Houston Click here" Myk Aussie

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INDIANAPOLIS COLTS 2007 NFL Playoff scenario direct from NFL Media.
Indianapolis clinches AFC South Division: 1) IND win OR 2) JAC loss OR 3) IND tie + JAC tie Indianapolis clinches a first-round bye: 1) IND win + PIT loss or tie

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10 mins Super Bowl XLI MYKwebTV Pt 1  - "I didn't make it to Miami but I still had a great day here in Calgary at two great Sports Bars. Featuring a interview with Sully "Peyton Manning" who I rate as the #1 Colts fan in Canada.
8 mins
Feb 19, 07 8 mins "Super Bowl XLI MYKwebTV Pt 2  - "Featuring interviews with Cwoc Colts Jen, Razor Ramon the former WWF star, Packers Edwin a CDN Calgary Kangaroo's Aussie Rules Footy player and a very funny man. A very happy Sully after the Colts win. Click here

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Tues, Feb 6 "Congratulations to the Colts on winning Super Bowl XLI! Colts defeat Bears 29 to 17 to win Super Bowl XLI! My Super Bowl XLI MYKwebTV show coming later this week! Moose's Super Bowl report! Massive amounts of NFL Super Bowl MYKwebTV! Bill Romanowski's book! Bill Romo's new awesome Pure Romo Nutrition is unreal!" Myk

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Sat, Aug 12 06 "Moose's extensive Colts 06 NFL preview! Lots of NFL MYKwebTV! Former Calgary Dinos star Dan Federkeil played on the Offensive Line against the Rams!" Myk

Good luck to
Dan Federkeil from here in Calgary as he tries to make the Colts team. The Colts have moved Dan from the Defensive line where he played last year to the Offensive Line. What a Huge step up from playing CIS in CDN to the NFL practice game. Listening to SportsTalk radio here in Calgary apparently Dan did very well when he came on in the 4th quarter against the Rams. It will still be a longshot that he will make the team in 06 but hopefully the Colts keep him on the roster in 06. Another CDN in the NFL is always a good thing!" Myk

From Moose "Indianapolis Colts, 60th season [4 AAFC, 56 NFL]. started as Miami Seahawks in AAFC in 1946. Second Colts team came into NFL in 1953. 2005 Record: 14- 3-0. Lost to Pittsburgh in AFC Divisional Champ game. Team won one of two Super Bowls as Baltimore Colts, 16-13 over Dallas in Jan. 1971. Coach: Tony Dungy. QBs: Peyton Manning, Jim Sorgi, Kurt Kittner, Preston Parsons. Other Key Players / Coaches: K Adam Vinatieri, RB Dominc Rhodes (Ray's son), WR Marvin Harrison, the Pro Bowl magnet, TE Dallas Clark, Offencive Coordinator Tom Moore, Brandon Stokely, a Super Bowl hero with Baltimore R's five yrs., ago. Offencive Breakdown: It's all on Peyton Manning's shoulders like the dandruff foundation now! No more excuses.

With RB Edgerrin James having flown the to Arizona and that other team that hasn't won any Super Bowls, only young RBs Rhodes, Maurice Carthon's son and perennial backup James Mungro are left. It shouldn't matter, because the Colts are going to throw 3 of 4 or 5 times anyway. By necessity! Marvin Harrison is still the best in the League, e and Clark is a first rate TE. The others, Stokley and the very good, big mobile Offencive Line (Ryan Diem, Makoa Frietas, who's dad Rockne, from Oah'u in HI, who played for the Lions yeras ago, Tarik Glenn along with Centre Jeff Saturday and Matt Ulrich) are the best in the Division. Depth is not what it was two years ago, but the Colts still should be enough to handle 'Any given sunday'.

On the Defencive side of the ball, the Colts lost more free agents than on Offence! The Line is now made up of: Raheem Brock, Vince Burns, Dwight (Pass Rush E) Freeney and Rob Mathis. No real depth has been solidified here but the Colts did draft well this past spring. The LBing corps consists of: Gary Brackett, Keith O'Neil, Rob Morris if he comes back from injuries and Gil Gardner. It's above average and not too deep. The secondary is the best unit team with ex-Wiinipeg headhunter (CFL) Nick Harper, who is the best special teams 'gunner' in the League. Joining him as starting DBs are: Chris Laskowski, Bob Sanders the best coverage amsn at his position in the League and Gerome Sapp, one of Warren's two NFL brothers. Depth is no problem here with: Eric Hill, who could take Laskowski's spot if he is moved to backup LB, Von Hutchins and Matt Giordano.

Replacing the most accurate K in Pro Football history (all three Leagues (!), Mik Vanderjagt, who has played in the Ar.FL, CFL & NFL), because they got Vinitieri from New England. His leg strength isn't what it used to be - the Pats were giving up too much field position on KOs, but here in Indy, Hunter Smith can H, KO and P. Prediction: The Colts will lost both games to the upstart Jax Jags and the Jaguars will win their third Division, and first AFC South title. It won't matter if Peyton falls apart again in the playoffs so let's get off his back for once, fans. Colts are the way down in about two years." Moose

"If you would like to add your comments about how you think the Colts will go in 06 or comment on Moose's preview above please email me and I will add your report.

You can hear Moose weekly on Gabriel Morency's SportsRage Montreal Team 990 AM sports radio and on the Internet talking NFL Footy many Friday nights around 1am Eastern US and CDN time. I'm on late around 1.30-2am EST Friday or Monday nights as well talking sports in a comedy/crazy style. I think Gabriel Morency is the best sports radio guy in the World. To me he's like the Howard Stern of sports. I'm very confident you will like his show. To listen
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Thurs, Aug 11th 05 "Moose's NFL Indianapolis Colts 05 preview!" Myk 

From Moose "Indianapolis Colts, 59th year (55 years NFL, 4 AAFC). Coach: Tony Dungy. QBs: Peyton Manning, Cory Sauter, JimSorgi, Other Key players: RB Edgerrin James, K/P Mike Vanderjagt, H/P/K Hunter Smith, WR Brandon Stokely, WR Reggie Ware, WR Marvin Harrison, TE Dallas (Opps!) Clark, DE Dwight Freeney, DB Nick Harper (CFL-Winnipeg). Outlook: For the third time in four years the Colts locked horns with a better team in the AFC playoffs and lost; the New England Patriots, who could very well be on the way back to their fifth Super Bowl in nine years! It’s not the Colts, or more particularly, Manning’s fault he’s not as good as Tom Brady. Neither are 30 other starting NFL QBs!! But Clark

in particular had a dismal playoff, catching 5 balls and dropping 6! The Colts showed guts and confidence in him by letting vet Marcus Pollard got to Detroit as a free agent in the offseason. This team is Loaded at all 22 , whopps, make that 24 (K/P, too) positions. There are at least eight Pro Bowl players and Manning had a career year last year by breaking Dan Marino and Doug Flutie’s career alltime Pro mark with 48 TDs in an outdoor Pro Footy season. He won’t do that again but 40 would be nice. This team will win the win the AFC South, which is a dumb Division for a team based in

Indianapolis to be in. Prediction: 11-5-0, but another playoff lose to New England.” Moose 

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Thurs, Nov 11 04 "Texans vs Colts week 10!" Myk Aussie


From NFL Media

MATCHUP BETWEEN 2 former No. 1 overall draft selections – Houston QB DAVID CARR (2002) & Indianapolis QB PEYTON MANNING (1998). Offenses stand No. 1 (Indy, 38) & No. 2 (Hou., 35) in completing most 20+ yard pass plays in NFL……TEXANS: Club has won 4 of past 6 & are 2-0 in division……In 2 divisional games, QB Carr has completed 42 of 60 (70.0 pct.) for 442 yards & 2 TDs vs. 1 INT for 95.4 passer rating……Last week at Den., RB DOMANICK DAVIS registered 6th multi-rush TD game in past 16 games played. Davis (5) ties for 5th-most rush TDs in AFC……WR ANDRE JOHNSON (693) stands 2nd in AFC receiving yards. Johnson had at least 4 catches in each of 2 career games vs. Colts as rookie. Johnson has 111 receptions in 1st 24 games (4.6/game). Since 2002, WR COREY BRADFORD has 12 TDs w/ avg. length of TD play reaching 43.6 yards. WR JABAR GAFFNEY has 85+ yards & 5+ catches in past 3 games…… G CHESTER PITTS has played in all 2,356 offensive plays in Texans history……Club tied for NFL lead w/ 11 INTs, led by rookie CB DUNTA ROBINSON (No. 10) with 3……

COLTS: Club has never lost to Texans (4-0) & is 11-4 (.733) all-time vs. AFC South……Head coach TONY DUNGY is NFL-best 39-0 (1.000) when team has 14+ lead. QB Manning has 9 TDs vs. 1 INT in past 2 & has reached 26th TD of season in fewest games (8) in NFL history. Last week, Manning & WR MARVIN HARRSION (666) surpassed Buffalo’s JIM KELLY & ANDRE REED (663) for most completions between teammates in league annals……RB EDGERRIN JAMES (36) stands tied for 5th among active NFL RBs in 100s. In past 2 vs. Hou., James has 2 100s (275 yards). WR Harrison reached 800th career reception last week in 131st game for fewest games played in history to reach mark. Former record was 154 games (JERRY RICE)……Club rec. yard leader REGGIE WAYNE (603) & BRANDON STOKLEY (533) are both are on pace for 1st 1,000-yd seasons of careers. TE MARCUS POLLARD (33) is Manning’s 2nd-leading career TD receiver & caught 2 last weke vs. Minn. (Harrison 75) ……DE DWIGHT FREENEY posted 7th career multi-sack game last week in 39th career game.

It is so cool to be the only Aussie that has regularly reported on the NFL for the past 5 years. Yep that's me, I have had NFL media passes at Super Bowl's, Pro Bowl's and other NFL games. Thus I am allowed into the NFL Media section and allowed to post their great reports on here. Much more coming over the coming weeks." Myk Aussie

Mon, Jan 19 04' "The New England Patriots defeat the Colts" Myk 

The Patriots defeated the Colts 24-14 on a snowy cold day in New England while the Panthers upset the favored Eagles 14-3 in Philadelphia.

The New England defense lead by Ty Law & Rodney Harrison were unbelievable as they the front line pressured and then they picked off MVP Peyton Manning four times. Super Bowl XXXVI MVP Tom Brady led the New England offense with great poise while running back Antowain Smith ran for over 100 yards. The Patriots are back to the Super Bowl after winning in 2002.

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Read below for Moose's Colts preview. Email me for your thoughts on the Colts season Lots coming in Sept 04 to Colts webWORLD." Myk 

Thurs Dec 11, 03 "Colts Kicker Mike Vanderjagt named one of the AFC Player of Week 14!" Myk Aussie

For all the news on AFC Players of the week headed by Billy Clinton Portis check out my Bronco's webWORLD.  Click here " Myk Aussie

Dec 8, 03' "Mooses HARDBall at times NFL report & all the results! A great NFL report from Neil!" Myk Aussie

For me & Mooses's NFL reports & all the results Click here " Myk Aussie

Fri, Aug 29 I like it when I get emails like this! "Myk Aussie, I read your mate Mooses review of the Colts and thought it thoroughly sucked." Brian from Fort Wayne

"This offense will hands down be the best in the NFL and their up and coming defense will help make them serious Super Bowl contenders. I think Manning will have his best year, especially since he won't have to look over his shoulder since Kubiac got CUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I always expect big things from the Colts and usually get disappointed but think this year they will make a strong showing. Sure I'd like to see Peyton throw less interceptions and step up in the big games(i.e. playoffs) but he's got a lot of years ahead and he will continue to improve. John Elway didn't win a super bowl until the very end of his career and Dan Marino never won one. The Colts will definitely have to fight to make the playoffs, but there's no way they'll finish below .500. P.S. I really like Mike Vanderjagt and hope he doesn"t get cut. " Brian from Fort Wayne

"Wow! Thanks Wayne. I'm actually with you I do like the Colts & Peyton Manning as per my comments below at the end of Mooses report. I look forward to more Colts emails from you during this upcoming 2003 NFL season. I have met some Colts Pro Bowl cheerleaders as well. Yeh!" Myk Aussie

Mon , Aug 11, 03 "Mooses Indianapolis Colts preview" Myk Aussie

Indianapolis Colts started 1946 as Miami Seahawks in AAFC; absorbed into
NFL as Baltimore Colts from A.A.F.C. in 1950; franchise died as Dallas Texans 9 games into '52 season; restarted as New Baltimore Colts in '53; franchise moved to Indianapolis in spring of '84.

'02 record: 10-6-0...Coach: Tony Dungy
QBs: Peyton Manning, Jim Kubiak, Broack Huard...Well, it finally
happened...One of Mannings brave teammates said to the World's press what I've known all along; Manning doesn't show up in big games & that Dungy doesn't have a strong enough personality to go all the way. It's as simple as that!. Hope is on the way as the Colts signed the best QB from the Arena Football League (by " this much) in former Navy vet, Jim Kubiak. It should take him about one yr. to replace Manning, who's dad Archie had a blistering 28-73-1 mark as an (alleged) NFL QB...Manning's brother Eli is also coming out of the college draft in '04 ('Oh lucky us'...). @ RB Edgerrin James name is still hard to spell but if his blocking & pass receiving pick up he should be the 3rd best back in the NFL.

It won't help that much as all the AFC South teams will be better this yr., except of course Houston. The def. line is the real best unit here. As for the bright side, should one show up this year, WR Marvin Harrison has caught more passes in four Pro Bowl Yrs. in the NFL than anyone else in NFL history. The Colts lost FB Jim Finn via free agency & will need to replace him, but reserve RB James Mungro played exceptionally well last yr. 

Ex-Raven Super Bowl XXXV hero Brandon Stokley also has been signed to help
Manning cut down on the Ints. he throws (can you say the Khari Jones of the
NFL?). LBs Dave Thornton, Rob Morris & Rook Keyon Whiteside are good coverage types but need to tackle better (does anyone remember the 41-0 shellacking these guys took in the playoffs from Herm Edwards N.Y. Jets?). Kicker Mike Vanderjagt, a former CFL & Ar.FL great is the best in the game @ his position & no Peyton, he's
not "liquored up". 

The secondary will be much improved this season as that is Dungy's specialty: Jason Doering (Chris' bro.), Rich Coady, JR. (son of the ex-Bear & Oiler), Walt Harris, himself an ex-Bear & Cory Bird (no relation) are good coverage types, too. Not enough depth & too many INT(s) will do the Colts in. Until Kubiak takes Manning's job...Prediction: 6-10-0...3rd place in AFC (geographically incorrect) South." Moose

"Moose I actually like Peyton Manning. I was lucky enough to be at the 1st ever Pro Bowl that Peyton was at. Go Colts!' Myk Aussie

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