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Tues, Sept 20th 05 "Moose's NCAA scores and report!" Myk Aussie

NCAA Update: Hawai'i gets well deserved rest - when will they ACTUALLY play a game TO WIN? By: Rich Salzer

Week Three Scores:
USC (Che.....Moose I can't write that" Myk) 70, Arkansas 17
Florida 16, Tennessee 7
Purdue 31, Arizona 24
Oregon 37, Fresno State 34
Arizona State 52, Northwestern 14
Florida State 28, Boston College 17
Youngstown State 42, Liberty 0
South Carolina State 27, Bethune-Cookman 24
Florida A & M 33, Howard 20
Wisconsin 14, North Carolina 5

Notes: Was on with Gabriel Morency again last week, doing my weekly NCAA (mostly) gig with Gabe and Jimmy Spencer. I speak better French than Specner, according to Morency. Jimmy says he lived too long in Nuevo York. Georgia Tech QB Reggie Hall is possibly out this week with Viral Meningitis v. Tech. Tech is getting all the breaks early this year with Marcus (Felon) Vick @ QB, but wait until they play a real team like the University of Virginia. Tech by six over GA. Tech if Hall is out. By three and a half if he plays, but I will be rooting for Orlando Predators QB, Joe Hamilton's team. Hawai'i had a bye this past weekend and need it to shore up there bad, so far, 0-2 team. I mean, I realize they were beaten by better teams in USC, the dirtiest team in the NCAA's, and Michigan had a score to settle with U / H after waltzing into Aloha Stadium and getting beat, 38-35 to the Warriors last year. But a combined 115 points against in two games. 

Hey, Jerry Glanville - stop leaving tickets
for Steve McGarrett, Don Ho and Elvis in the Will Call and do something! How about starting Elimimian?! And that's not the worst of it - Jeff Rheinbold's Special Teams is reanked dead last in the country, a disgrace. Hey Jeff - did the World Bowl ring from Amsterdam in the spring go to your head?! At least Nate Ilaoa, our Virginia kanaka did well v. Mich. St: 9 carries for 76 yards. And he started! More next week but be sure to listen for my pithy analysis on Sportsrage, AM 990, The Team with Gabriel Morency this Tuesday in the a.m. As McGarrett used to say, "Be there, Aloha!" Moose

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Wed, Sept 7th 05 "Moose's NCAA week 1 report" Myk

From Moose "I was wrong picking NC State over Virginia Tech, but I really don’t like Marcus (Felon) Vick and would loved to have seen him and overrated Tech go down in flames. I’ve always like NC State, even though they, as well as Tech snubbed me back in 1980! How about that Offence of the Univ. of Maine Black Bears?! Lead by Offencive Coordinator Mike Buck (ex-XFL QB – two weeks, Las Vegasand NFL – San Antonio Saints, Miami Dullfins and Arizona Cardinals) and former Norfolk Nighthawk QB Mickey Fein (pronounce it Fine). Buck Coached the Nighthawks for seven games to close the 2001 season (7-5-0 record) and the Af2 Pensacola Barracudas (8-8-0) in ’02, before the team went under. Two great guys doing great things.

Ty Willingham (former Notre Dame and Minnesota RB’s Coach) started out with a thud in Washington (the curse of Ryan Leaf?), losing the season opener, 20-17. Not a bad game though. Now onto that disaster @ Aloha Stadium, USC 63-17 over the Hawai’i Warriors. I really like Coach June Jones but he really watered the lineup down, maybe on purpose? Why didn’t Nate Ilaoa, Cameron Hollingsworth, Kainoa Akina or Mike Rhode play? Why did former starter

Abe Elimimian only get special teams duty? Some of the new guys like Grice-Mullen, Washington, Colt Brennan (who the hell is he?!) really looked bad. Granted, there is no more Timmy Chang, Nick Rolovich or Shawn Withy-Allen @ pivot but at least Tyler Graunke, who started the spring training at number four, played real well in spots. 7 for 43 rushing, he looks to be the best runner for the team since Withy-Allen played QB (2001-02) @ U.H. The Coaching left something to be desired too. New ‘Special’ teams Coach Jeff Rheinbold was a miserable failure at Winnipeg as H.Coach in ’96-’97. His Ast.? Joe Paopao – yikes!! Winnipeg won all of 6 games then in those two seasons. Considering the CFL plays an 18 games schedule, that would make his record, 6-30-0. I need go no further. Jones did chew him out a bit when he forgot to send in one of his blockers on the punt Unit. “Pay attention”, Jones mouthed at either the M.I.A. player or Rheinbold.

Game Balls for excellent play:

1) Southern Cal QB Matt (lefty) Leinart, (2) SB-RB Reggie Bush, USC, (3) Lennie Peters, Safety, Hawai’i, (4) other Hawai’i safety, Lono Manners, (5) Dave (Farmer Dave) Farmer, FB-RB.

USC is a dirty team, though a very good one and they really tried to rub it in on the Warriors, throwing deep in the second half. Throwing at all is cheap when you are up big. Also; what’s with number #8 getting flagged for giving Warrior Nation the finger? How about number #86, the TE throwing the ball at Lennie Peters head? Remember Pete Carroll, payback are a … (fill in the blank with appropriate expletive!) [Jason Rivers, WR is out with a broken ankle – moped accident, Kenny Patton who had a spectacular INT. v. Leinart, is still recovering from arthroscopic knee surgery, two weeks ago and Sam Satele still isn’t even 75%. Derrick Fa’avi fills in (Phil who?)

The Rest of the Hawai’I Warriors Kane Football Schedule [tv games in brackets]:

9/10  @ Michigan State [ESPN U] 9/24  @ Idaho 10/1  Boise St. 10/8  @ Louisiana Tech (Karl Malone, Terry Bradshaw and Matt Dunigan’s school) 10/15 New Mexico St 10/22 @ San Jose St. 10/29 Fresno St [ABC] 11/5   @ Nevada 11/12  Utah St. 11/25  Wisconsin [ESPN 2] 12/3    San Diego St. 12/24 Sheraton Hawai’I Bowl (Hawai’I must win 7 or 8 games to qualify. I still think they will…) 

Other Players to watch for in the Western Athletic Conference this year: Fresno St. DE, Garrett McIntyre, Boise St., QB Jared Zabransky, who was horrible in the season opener; Nevada WR, Nichiren Flowers (how do pronouce that?), Utah St., WR, Kevin Robinson, who will be in the NFL next year(!) Boise St., Olm, Daryl Collige (North Pole, AK, if you can believe that [don’t laugh – he’s a relative of Mark Slereth, Mr. 29 operations and a future Hall-ofFame Olm – Washington and Denver Super Bowl teams and now an announcer of ESPN. Oh, Paul Pinegar (pronounced ‘Pin-A-gur’), S.D. St." Moose

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Sun, Sept 4th 05 "Moose's NCAA Preview Week One and rule Changes for 2005 Season" Myk

Moose was on SportsRage this past week talking NCAA footy with Gabriel Morency. Link is above to SportsRage the greatest sports radio show in the world." Myk 

"NCAA Kickoff in Hawai’i this weekend, Sat., Sept., 3rd. Two-time Defending Champ U.S.C. Trojans v. the Hawai’i Warriors.

Several Years ago, Hawai’i Athletic Director Herman Frazier asked for a tougher schedule, following Hawai’i’s breakthrough year of 2002. I covered two games for MYKwebTV that year; Oct. 12th v. Nevada & Oct. 19th v. Tulsa. The two-QB system of Timmy Chang/Shawn Withy- Allen went nuts over a seven game stretch and won six out of seven games to close the season (the only loss coming to vastly underrated J.P. Losman lead Tulane squad, by a TD and convert in the (then) Conagra Hawai’i Bowl (I went to in the first time in ’99 when it was the Aloha Bowl). Times have changed; Withy-Allen still toils away in Af2 & Chang has been released by three NFL teams this preseason (most recently Detroit, where the Super Bowl is next Feb. 5th. Frazier’s aim was to get Hawai’i  into contention for the Bowl Championship Series (or Scott’s favorite; BCS) .

Fast forward to ’05: Jones, on the eve of the start of the season has yet to name a starting QB, although from the reports in the Media, it could very well be a surprise choice; former fourth-stringer and ‘slash’, Tyler Graunke. Tyler who? Graunke, from what Kainoa Akina told me last year as we ate with Dan Morrison, Rich Miamo, Jr., Kenny Patton and Cameron Hollingsworth before the last home game in Hawai’ian Islander history (Af2), was that Graunke, like himself was from Arizona and could play three postions (actually Akina has only played 2; QB/RB). Jack Rolovich, brother of former Warrior QB, Nick is out and is a rSoph. Graunke’s elevation to first-string is a surprise, if it’s so, since he’s only rFr. So Hawai’i ask for a tougher schedule and it doesn’t get much tougher than USC.

At least Hawai’, who is 27-9 there under Jones (1999-present) has home field. They will need it! Reggie Bush, who was on ESPN last night wearing a Troy Polamalu jersey (and Pitts. Pirates hat!), is easily the best college RB in the country (sorry, Chance Kretschmer!) And also, leading the USC attack is lefty QB Matt Leinart. Yikes! The Bat signal in the sky bring – Jerry Glanville!?  

Yes, June Jones old mate from the Atlanta Falcons and Houston Oilers (now Tenn. Tits.) is the new Defencive Coordinator, with venerable ole’ George Lumpkin now Special Teams Coordinator. The change was needed by the Warriors who only ranked #112 in Defence last year among the 144 Div. I teams. The defence could be the best Hawai’i has had in some time. Not just because of Glanville either; Kila Kamakawiwo’ole, Dlm and Safety Lono Manners could have breakout years in ’05. So could Tony Akpan, LDE, a former basketball player, who has ballooned to 271 lbs. And stands 6’7”! Shades of a young Kelvin Kinney! Other QBs still in the mix is: hardluck Sr. Mike Rhode (5th season). Rhode came in in ’01 and has had to contend with Nick (& Jack) Rolovich/ Chang/ Withy-Allen / Jason (Opie) Wheildon

& last year four others who got at least some reps (departed ‘slash’ Chad  Kapanui / Brandon Sanders and Ryan Stick-man Stickler, both of whom transferred  back to mainland schools. Good luck to the Warriors but my pick is: USC be 8. I would love to be wrong.

New Rule Changes in the NCAA’s this Year:
B.I. 2-9-(2) = Changed for Clarity
B.I. 8-A-R  = Added play for Third Down Efficiency
B.I. 9          =  Clarified Time of Possession during the final minute of quarters when game clock shows tenths of seconds =  Revised for Clarity

[For more information check out the 2005 Football Stasticians Manuel. Copies from: Rich Salzer, 1212 Saddleback Lndg, Chesapeake, VA 23320, $5 / postpaid]

New Net Punting Rule = Add(s) 20 for Touchbacks – New Formula:
Old Formula:  (number of punts yards totaled X number of punts = total yardage)
New Formula: (number of punts yards totaled X number of punts [minus each twenty yards from touchbacks, subtracted from total)" Moose

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Thurs, Aug 11 05 "Moose's NCAA report! Timmy Chang! Moose's NCAA picks" Myk Aussie

"Moose do you think that Timmy Chang will stay in the NFL or go to the CFL, or Ar.FL?" Super Bowl Wayne, Honolulu, Oahu, Hawai'i

"Me & Mooses mate SuperBowl Wayne with Tom Arnold."Myk

Hi Wayne: Good question! I think he has a real good chance with the Cardinals. He's already got a good repore with Kurt Warner, one of the best ever in both Ar.FL and NFL. Kurt can sure tell him about Arenaball - he was MVP twice and ArenaBowl QB twice, before coming to NFL.

The Canadian Football League, which uses 4 WRs anyway, he could be a star if he got on the right team. Remember, it's 19 weeks, 18 games up Nth though! That's a lot more games than he's used to! Plus three downs, not four! Bigger, Wider field with only 20 second play clock, too! Better know that play book.

Let's wait and see how he does in Preseason - I'll got a tape ready and I can't wait to see the Cardinals. My feeling is that unless he bowls Denny Green & Co. over w/ Ariz. it's off to NFLE ('AAA's) next spring and a chance to win the NFL E Bowl ring. Hope helands with Cologne! Or defending Champ, Amsterdam. Mahalo for the e-mail and great question, Wayne.

My picks for Western Athletic Conference
1. Fresno St.
2. Boise St.
3. Hawai'i
4. New Mexico St.
5. Nevada
6. Louisiana Tech
7. San Jose St.
8. Utah St.
9. Idaho

All-WAC Team
WR: Nichiren Flowers, Nevada
WR: Rufus Skillern, San Jose State
TE:  Bryan Watje, San Jose State
OL: Daryn Colledge, Boise State
OL: Adam Kiefer, Nevada
OL: Kyle Young, Fresno State
OL: Ryan Wendell, Fresno State
OL: Sam Satele, Hawaii
QB: Jared Zabransky, Boise State
RB: Nate Illaoa, Hawai'i
RB: Lee Marks, Boise State

DL: Kila Kamakawiwo'ole, Hawai'i
DL: Alex Guerrero, Boise State
DL: J.J. Milan, Nevada
DL: Mel Purcell, III, Hawai'i
LB: Korey Hall, Boise State
LB: Jeremy Engstrom, Nevada
LB: Byron Santiago, Louisiana Tech
S:   Lennie Peters, Hawai'i
FS: Josh Powell, San Jose State
CB: Richard Marshall, Fresno State
CB: Gerald Alexander, Boise State
K/P: Kurt Milne, Hawai'i

Coach of the Year:
June Jones, Hawai'i

Offencive Player of the Year:
Jared Zabransky, Boise St.

Defencive Player of the Year:
Lennie Peters, Hawai'i
" Moose

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Sat June 25 05 "Moose's University of Hawai'i 2005 Kane Football Preview!" Myk

University of Hawai'i 2005 Kane Football Preview - Jerry (Elvis) Glanville on board!

By: Keali'i-Moose Salzer 2005 Warriors Football Schedule (no rainbows!)

9/3/05      USC
9/10/05    @ Michigan St. (the rematch)
9/17/05    Bye Week
9/24/05    @ Idaho
10/1/05    Boise St.
10/8/05    @ Louisana Tech [school of both Terry Bradshaw & Matt Dunigan!]
10/15/05  New Mexico St.
10/22/05  @ San Jose St.
10/29/05  Fresno St.
11/5/05    @ Nevada
11/12/05  Utah St.
11/19/05  Bye Week (Two? CFL-style, eh?)
11/25/05  Wisconsin
12/03/05  San Diego St.
12/24/05  Third Sheraton Hawai'i Bowl from Aloha Stadium

 Hawai'i Warriors Football Preview: Coaching Staff: June Jones, 7th season. 48 Ws / 30 Ls record: Ast Coaches: Darryl 'Mouse' Davis, Jerry Glanville, Cal Lee, Ron Lee, Wes Suan, George Lumpkin, Vance Singletary, Rich Miano, Keith Bonopha, Shawn Withy-Allen.

Depth Chart from Spring Training:

QB:  Mike Rhode / Kainoa Akina /  Jack Rolovich
OB:  Nate Ilaoa / Kala Latuselu / Bryan Maneafaiga
WR: Ross Dickerson / Landon Gouveia / Jason Ferguson
SB:  Ian Sample / Chad Mock / Desmond Thomas
SB:  Joey Hew Len / Dylan Linkner / Sahne Cazimero
WR: Marcus Weems / Pat Olchovy / Khevin Peoples
OL:  Herc Satele / Keoni Steinhoff / Keith Ah Soon
OL:  Brandon Eaton / Riley Martin / Mike Lafaele
OL:  Sam Satele / Derek Fa'avi / Rustin Saolele
OL:  Dane Uperesa / Larry Sauafea / Rustin Saolele
OL:  Tala Esera / Jeremy Inferrera / Keith Ah Soon

DL:   Mel Purell III / Abu Ma'afala / Daniel Tautofi
DL:   Kila Kamakawio'ole / Marques Kaonohi
DL:   Paul Harmon / KaHai LaCount / Daniel Tautofi
DL:   Tony Akpan / Ikaika Alama-Francis / Dave Farmer
LB:   Brad Kalilimoku / Tyrone Brown / Ryan Keomaka
LB:   Tanuvasa Moe / Ikaika Curnan / Ryan Keomaka
LB:   Timo Paepule / C.J. Allen-Jones / Omega Hogan
DB:   Kenny Patton / Lamar Broadway / Jason Ferguson
DB:   Lennie Peters / Tumarian Moreland / Omega Hogan
DB:   Lono Manners / Omega Hogan / Ray Bass
DB:   Cameron Hollingsworth / Lamar Broadway / Ray Bass
K/P:  Kurt Milne
KR:   Ray Bass / Pat Olchovy / Pat Mock 

2004 In Review: It was 5th yr rSr. QB Timmy Chang's last season and he went out in style. Despite the 112th ranked Defence in Div. 1, the Warriors turned it on in the last month-and-a-half of the season by winning their last four games, including their second straight Hawai'i Bowl for Coach June Jones, now third in alltime wins in Hawai'i Football' History. The biggest hole to fill is of course, QB. Two strong Sr.s who shared the second spot last year, QB-RB Kainoa Akina, a slash with great speed and decent athleticism and statue-like Mike Rhode, who has very good arm strength and is the biggest QB the Warriors have had since Withy-Allen graduated in '03. Expect QB by committee until young Rolovich is ready to go, probably by '06. He is the younger brother of record-setting Nick Rolovich, who like Withy-Allen, has been playing Arena Football the last couple seasons, after a cup of coffee with Myk's Denver Broncos. 

The Offencive Line quit on Jones (a couple players
anyway) and shoudl be better this time around. Three WRs have graduated and Virginia's Ilaoa, from Stafford Co., moves to RB. If Mike Bass clears another Sr. season their, they could make fans forget Wes Keli- 'ikipi and Mike Brewster, Thunder and Lightining, but I doubt it. Look for Kala Latuselu and Bryan Manafeaga to get plenty of carries, too. There is however no replacing Kelvin Millhouse (Hamilton, CFL) & Abe Elimimian (Dolphins, NFL) in the secondary, though. Or allworld Chad Ownes at WR/KR/PR. Kila Kamakawio'ole will star on the D-Line with Mel Percell.

The best LBs will be Tim Paepule and Tanu Moe. The Special teams could use more depth and maybe Jones will take the rShirt off some new Island talent recruits? I predict 9-4-0 and Another Aloha Bowl win! Three in a row. Good luck Warriors! E Mua! ["number one", in the WAC..." Moose

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Sat, April 30 05 "Hawai'i Semi-Pro Football Teams List, 2005!" Moose

  Almost ALL these players are from University of Hawai'i.

Hawai'ian Warriors, Waipahu, Oahu, Hawai'i
Hilo Storm, Hilo, Big Island, Hawai'i
Kaua'i Cowboys, Lihuei, Hawai'i
Kihei Heat, Kehei, Hawai'i
Kona Ikaika, Kaulua, Oahu, Hawai'i
Maui Stars, Maui, Hawai'i
Na Kani Koa, Pearl City, Oahu, Hawai'i [source: Hawai'i Football League]

Fri, Jan 14 05 "Moose's 59th Maui NCAA Hula Bowl Preview! NCAA Great Hula Bowl action on MYKwebTV!" Myk Aussie

"Myk and I thoroughly enjoyed the Feb. 1st, 2003 Hula Bowl on Maui (No Ka Oi!), the best. It was the first NCAA Bowl game for Myk Aussie and he got to meet Mat McBriar, now playing for the Dallas Cowboys. What a great kid! And he played at my Almer Mater, THE HAWAI'I University, too. In '03, the Hula Bowl was the Sat., the day before the NFL's Pro Bowl, which Myk and I also attended. That year the two squads were divided into 'Aina' and 'Kai' [that is to say, North and South]. This year there is East / West, with all the University of Hawai'i players on the West squad. In '03 there were 6 Univ. of Hawai'i players; this year only 4. But what a great four they are: QB Tim Chang, DLm Lui Fuga, OLm Uriah Moenoa and WR-KR-PR Chad Owens (aka 'Mighty Mouse'). Surprisingly, there are five University of Virginia Tech Hokies [QB Bryan Randall,

(My cousin) Vinnie Burns, P/KO, Jonathan Dunn, OLm, James Griffin, S, & Jim Davis, DE) on the East squad.

Here are the Lineups:

West - Offence:

QBs: Chang, Hawai'i, Sonny Cumbie, Texas Tech and Dustin Long, Sam Houston St.
RBs: Chris Bruhn, Wash. St., Dominique Dorsey, UNLV, Jon
Evans, Baylor, Derrick Wimbush, Fort Union St.
OEs: Owens, Hawai'i, Tony Curtis, Port. St., Alex Holmes,
USC, Earvin Johnson, UNLV.
OLm: Moenoa, Hawai'i, Cody Campbell, Texas Tech, Chris
Kemoeatu, Utah, Joe Vaughn, Kansas, Dan Lopez, Texas Tech

Defence: 4-3-4
DLm: Fuga, Hawai'i, Khari Long, Baylor, Dave McMillian, Kansas,
Chris Solamona, Oregon, Jimmy Vernon, Ariz. St., Sione Pohia, Utah, Greg Wilson, Rice.
LBs: Wendall Hunter, Cal-Berk., Jerry Matson, Ore., Martin Paterson III, TCU, Jon Pollard, Ore. St., Tyson Smith, Iowa St.,
DBs: Kevin Arbet [son of San Jose Arena League Champs, Coach,
Darren], USC, Thierrian Fontenot, Fres. St., Phil Geigger, Texas, Byron James, Texas A&M, Morgan Scalley, Utah.
Specialists: Owens, Hawai'i, Dave Raymer, Utah, Ellis Hobbs,
Iowa St., Wimbush.

East - Offence:

QBs: Jared Allen, Flor. Atl., Randall, VA Tech., Ryan Fitzpatrick, Harvard.
RBs: DeWhitt Betterson, Troy St., DeAndra' Cobb, Mich. St.,
Jabari Davis, Tenn., FB - Kyle Eckel, Navy.
OEs: Tony Jackson, TE, Iowa, Jamiaca Rector, N.W. Miss.,
Tony Brown, Tenn., John Welsh, Wisc., TE/DE-LB.
OLm: Jon Clinkscale, Wisc.-Mad., Rob Hunt, Jr., No. Da. St.,
Nick Kaczar, Toledo ("I was weighted there several times!"), Adam Kieft, Cent. Mich., Jason Resperts, Tenn., Griffin, VA Tech.

Defence: 3-4-4
DLm: Davis, VA Tech., Darrell Shropshire, So. Caro., Eric
Moore, Fla. St., Alfred Malone, Troy St., Jason Jefferson, John Goddard, Marshall, Brett Eddins, Auburn, Arrion Dixon, Arkansas
LBs: Chris Laskowski, Fla. Atl., John Pickens, Northwestern,
Matt Sinclair, Ill., Ron Stanley, Mich. St., Lionel Turner, LA Fay., Derek Ware, Penn. St., Zac Woodfin, Ala-Birm.
DBs: Cleandoris Brown, LA-Mon., Jerome Carter, Fla. St.,
Devonte Edwards, N.C. St., Justin Fraley, Minn., Chris Harris, LA-Mon., Lamont Reid, N.C. St., Scott Starks,  Wisc.-Mad.,
Specialists: Burns, VA Tech., Jamarcus Shepard, De Pauw,
Shelton, No. Ill.

Prediction: How does four Warriors and Co. for the West, with Home Field Advantage (sort of), Over Five Hokies & Co. from the East grap you. West by Three. And hopefully a healthy and good game in Maui (No Ka Oi) for all, sound? Mahalo and Aloha for the NCAA and to all the youngsters who strapped on the Football gear and went at it this year!" Moose

"Moose it was a great time reporting on  the Hula Bowl. What about Osgood now the Charger WR I nearly got cleaned up by the champ and nearly became a goose camera man. I often laugh when that happens but it nearly happened to me. Check out NCAA MYKwebTV for great Hula Bowl action  Click here " Myk Aussie

Pro Football Weekly: NCAA and Pro Football Video Picks with amazing coverage from Myk Aussie The Pro Football Comedy Media Guy.

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