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May 21, 03 "Mooses NCAA Hawaii Warriors Footy report" Myk Aussie

Hawai'i Warriors NCAA Football Report
By: Warrior-Moose Salzer

Former Univ. of Hawai'i Warrior SLB Chris Brown signed a one-yr. contract w/
the Baltimore Ravens (not Stallions, Myk) earlier this month. He along current Norfolk Nighthawk FB/LB Chris Morant will report to a mini-camp June 8th, 2003. 

The Warrior's Brown played for Aina in the Feb., 1st Hula Bowl squad - a game Myk & I attended on Maui & won defensive player of the game honors. Brown is 6'1" & 253 lbs. Morant is 6'1" & 236 lbs." Moose

May 7, 03 "Mooses NCAA Footy report" Myk Aussie

NCAA Football News
By: Rich Salzer

One of the most prestigious Univ. football programs continues to dig out from under the fallout of their choices indiscretions of last week, mainly the Univ. of Alabama Crimson tide. They have narrowed their choices of coaches down to longtime NFL offensive coordinator Sylvester Croom & Miami Dolphin QB coach Mike Shula, a former Alabama left-handed QB from the 1980's.

Either one of these men would be an excellent choice. Croom also played for the Crimson Tide varsity football team. Other candidates previously mentioned were: Eight-yr. Jacksonville Jaguar coach Tom Coughlin, current Alabama defensive coordinator, Joe Kines & Texas A&M defensive coordinator, Carl Torbush.

University of Hawai'i RB Fiaseu still part of team
By: Randy Myamoto & Moose Salzer

Univ. of Hawai'i Warrior RB Pesefea Fiaseu, who did not play enough last season to letter for the Warriors, is still an important member of the team, according to Warrior coach June Jones. As reported on KUMU 2 /AM 1500 Sun night by's Randy Myamoto. Total-CFL/'s Moose Salzer, an ex-Warrior from the 1980's became surprised when he didn't see Fiaseu's name on the Warrior's roster & noticed his biography missing from the returning players list.

The 248-lb. Fiaseu, who rushed for 35 yds. & caught 2 passes for the Warriors in '02 & started 1 game, moved up from fourth to second string @ FB for the Warriors in their one back 'run-&-shoot' offence, after injuries took Mike Bass & John West out of the lineup w/ 5 games left in the season. The Warriors other backs included special teamers Jonathan Kauka, who lost out on his bid to red-shirt after suffering a season ending knee injury in game two, Chad Kapanui, who can also play QB/DB & KR, Michael Brewster. Seniors Thero Mitchell, the best blocker & pass catcher on the '02 Warriors & Josh Galeai have graduated.

Two yrs. ago Kiki Misipeka didn't letter as a red-shirt junior & left before his senior season & played arenafootball2 in the spring for the San Diego Riptide who are an opponent of the Hawai'i Islanders, who play @ Neil Blaisdell Centre in downtown Honolulu. The Warriors returning RBs so far are: Bass, West, Brewster, Kapanui (who may move full time to DB or QB) & Fiaseu." Moose

May 5, 2003 "Yeh. Yeh, Yeh Aussie Punter Mat McBriar now with me Denver Bronco's!" Myk Aussie

"Myk Aussie Mat McBriar signed a 3-year deal with the Denver Broncos. He was a priority free agent and received offers from several teams. I met you briefly at the Hula Bowl with Mat. I represent Mat with regards to his NFL contract negotiations.

Regards, Bruce Cunningham, Denver

"Bruce I am so happy you got Mat signed with me Bronco's. I'm sure Jason Elam & the other great guys at the Broncos will look after Mat in Denver & in the awesome NFL! Mates you can check my interview with Mat the former Melbourne boy who has been punting with the Uni of Hawaii at the recent Hula Bowl Click here

Good luck at me Bronco's Mat. Mat comes from Melbourne & played Aussie Rules before joining the Uni of Hawaii. Mat I am 99.9% sure is the 1st Aussie ever to be "drafted" no "not drafted" a "priority free agent" in the NFL! I believe I have that correct as Darren Bennett came to San Diego via NFL Europe." Myk Aussie

April 30, 2003 "Mooses NFL "Pro Uni Hawaii" Draft footy report! Jeff former "Mr CFL Media Man" Dominic's NFL Draft Report! Unfortunately Star Aussie Punter Mat McBriar did not get drafted. Will we now see the Uni of Hawaii & Aussie punter in the CFL ? Hope so!" Myk Aussie

NCAA-NFL Football Draft Report By: Rich 'Moose' Salzer

Team-by-Team selections, highlighting top player picked:

Note: my grades I gave were for the total draft picks of each team based on what they need , not on the player I profiled.**

Arizona - Bryant Johnson, wr, Penn. St., overall draft rating: C+

Baltimore - Kyle Boller, qb, California, B-

Buffalo - Lauvale Sape, dt, Utah (Myk & I met him @ the airport about to fly home from after the Pro Bowl. We saw him play in Hula Bowl.),  A-

Carolina - Jordan Gross, ot, Utah, (A teammate of Buffalo's Lauvale Sape), C+

Chicago - Rex Grossman, qb, Florida, B+

Cincinnati - Carson Palmer, qb, Southern Cal. (the Heisman trophy winner), B+

Cleveland - Jeff Faine, c, Notre Dame, A-

Dallas - Terrence Newman, cb, Kansas St. (picked by Moose on his All-American team for 2002-03), A

Denver - George Foster, ot, Georgia (no pun intended; name by st.!), B

Detroit - David (Circus) Kircus, wr, Grand Valley St. (Div. III), (See Football
Fan Frenzy 3 video for more about him - he put on quite a show @ Hula
Bowl - two TDs in the 1st half for the offensive player of the game.)

Green Bay - Nick Barnett, lb, Oregon St., A-

Houston - Dave Ragone, qb, Louisville, (Broke all of Jay Gruden's career marks for
the Cardinals & Coach Howard Schnellenberger even though his arm is a ?) B+

Indanapolis - Dallas Clark, te, Iowa (w/ a name like that he should have went to the
Cowboys!), C+

Jacksonville - Vince Manuwai, og, Hawai'i Warriors, A-

Kansas City - Larry Johnson, rb, Penn St., C

Miami - Eddie Moore, lb, Tenn., B

Minnesota - Kevin Williams, dt, Oklahoma St., B+

New England - Kliff Kingsbury, qb, Texas Tech, (Another good draft for the Pats, Myk & I saw this kid too @ the Hula Bowel. He qb'd Aina team in 1st half),B+

New Orlean - Jonathan Sullivan, dt, Georgia, D+

N.Y. Giants - William Joseph, dt, Miami, B-

N.Y. Jets - Brooks Bollinger, qb, Wisconsin, B--

Oakland - Nnamidi Asomugha, db, California  D

Philadelphia - Jerome McDougle, de, Miami, A-

Pittsburgh - Troy Polamalu, s, Southern Cal., A-

Saint Louis - Pisa Tinoisamoa, lb, Hawai'i Warriors, A-

San Diego - Sammy Davis, db, Tezas A & M (w/ a name like that, I wonder if he can
sing?), D+

San Francisco - Ken Dorsey, qb, Miami (a bargain @ the price w/ a 38-2 mark in college!) B+

Seattle - Wayne Hunter, ot, Hawai'i Warriors, A-

Tampa Bay - Chris Simms, qb, Texas (son of ex-Giant great Phil, who Myk & I met @ the Super Bowl Press Conference fro S.B. MVPs), C+

Washington - Gibran Hamden, qb, Indiana, D-

**Notes - It amazes me that moreUniv. of Hawai'i Warriors were not drafted : P, Mat McBriar, C, Lui Fuata, WR, Justin Colbert, LB, Chris Brown, LB, Matt Wright, DE La'anui, Correa, OB, Shawn Withy-Allen, RBs, Thero Mitchell & Josh Galeai.

Mat not being drafted may have something to do w/ an unfavorable review I read about him in the Pro Football weekly Draft paper back that comes out every spring that erroneously called him inconsistent! (Thanks a joke!) Note: my grades I gave were for the total draft picks of each team based on what they need , not on the player I profiled." Moose

"Me mate former CFL media champ Jeff Dominic has supplied MYKwebWORLD with a great NFL Draft report!" Myk Aussie 

"Myk Aussie & Mates. So much for only going seven rounds deep! All the above players will be in either NFL, CFL camps this spring/summer (CFL camp opens in May, the NFL in July) or playing indoors come next spring. 

Bengals - Of course I am a fan but to be honest the Bengals have the best draft going in the entire NFL after the first three rounds. Palmer of course was a no brainer when you get right down to it.  He wanted to come to Cinci.  Enough said. Steinbach, the guard from Iowa, is probably the best offensive lineman at his position in the draft.  He is a former tight end who is 6-6, 297 and runs a 4.8 forty (not bad for a white guy).  He is the  who showed he could play left tackle at the senior bowl.  He can even be moved to centre.  I thought he would be drafted between picks 18-25.  To get him at the top of round 2 was awesome value. 

Then in the third round we got Kelley Washington, the WR from Tennessee.  Had he not had to have neck surgery after a concussion this year he would have been a lock for the top ten (likely a top 5 - he is that awesome of an athlete).  He runs a 4.5 at 6-2, 225 with a 38 inch vertical.  Carl Pickens was a Tennessee guy we got in round 2.  Now we have a better prospect in round 3.  I love the pick.  We have good depth there so that he can learn the offence and not be thrown in right away but don't be surprised to see him play a lot sooner than later.  

With Dillon in a single back set with Chad Johnson and Kelley Washington out wide with Peter Warrick in the slot and last year's rookie starting tight end Matt Schobel lined up we are going to be good if not great on offence.  Kitna knows the offence and was very good last year.  Now we have a young left tackle (Levi Jones, last year's first rounder) a very good right tackle in Willie Anderson (out first rounder from 1996) and Steibach with our solid other guards and centre.  Palmer can practice with these guys and learn the offence and then light it up next year or the one after that. The way this draft is going I bet the Bengals take Rien Long, a DT from Washington State, with the first pick in Round 4.  He is a pash rushing tackle with great speed (he is almost 6-5 and 286 lbs. with a 4.9 forty).  He is coming out as a junior.  

He had both knee and shoulder injuries (I believe surgery on both, definitely the reason he has slipped).  However, he still has a first round grade and he has the ability to play end (due to his height and speed).  He would be a very good left end I think coming right at the QBs face and getting his long arms and good vertical in the air to bat down passes.  

Buffalo McGahee to Buffalo was a big surprise because they have Henry and he is young.  Also the Bills have had a really active off-season, greatly improving their D. Taylor, the WR from Florida, would have been good with Moulds and Josh Reed (the lost Pierless Price in free-agency to the Falcons).  I think they have a chance to win it all this year with the right breaks.  McGahee could be awesome and this pick could end up being a huge steal.  Time will tell.

Personally I love the fact that a team gambled on him simply because you would not cut a player like him if he had hurt himself after one year with you so why not take him when he hurt himself at an even younger age when he can heel better.  

What the hell was
Houston doing taking a QB in round 3 when Fargas and other rated backs (Chris Brown and Onterrio Smith) on the board.  Another mistake, similar to not taking Portis in round 2 last year. Fargas went to Oakland and can learn under Garner. Simms went to Tampa Bay.  That was a very good pick (last of the third round).  Gruden can coach him. Baltimore I have to admit had a great first round. Most thought they would take Boller at 10.  Suggs fell to them there and they also got Boller at 19.  I like what Dallas has done.  The best athlete and corner in Newman, the second best centre in Al Johnson and the highest rated tight end (not the first one selected though) in Witten. 

The same goes for
Detroit.  Rogers is great.  Boss Bailey is a steal.  Him on turf will be fun to watch (he is 6-2, 230 and runs a sub 4.4 forty) and Cory Redding was the USA High School Defensive Player of the Year when he went to Texas.  He is a good third round pick who should help right away.  He might not play every down.  He also has good PR value because of his past.  Sells tickets and creates enthusiasm. Indy did well overall.  They added the best pass catching tight end in the draft (Dallas Clark).  Now they might be the quads instead of the triplets. Minnesota in all of their weirdness improved their D but not their secondary.  New England drafted well.  Their third pick, the WR Bethel Johnson, can fly.  They drafted Deion Branch late last year and he did well. 

did a lot of reaching going for athletes that have upsides but are not finished projects.  It will be interesting to see how Teyo Johnson fits in.  I love the fact that he can learn the receiver position from Rice and Brown.  Check out Johnson's size (almost 6-7, 248 lbs with a 4.65 forty).  No one is quite sure how to use him.  I bet Gannon figures out a way, especially on fade and corner routes in the red zone. 

Look for
Seattle this year.  Their offence was really clicking in the second half with Matt Hasselback.  Now with two highly rated DBs (a corner and safety) and a tackle look for them to be that much better.  They need to get off to a good start this year. Tennessee got Woolfolk, Calico (the WR I mentioned late in my last e-mail) and Brown the RB from Colorado as depth for George.  A good job. Washington and Spurrier in particular have to be happy that with only three picks in the entire draft Taylor, the WR from Florida (see Spurrier) fell to them.  They also got a bull-dozing guard from Texas (Dockery is 6-6, 347). 

By the way, we had a huge blizzard in Calgary today. I was in shorts the other day.  We got about 8 inches I say." Jeff Dominic

"Thanks Jeff for the great report. Your not only a great CFL man but a great NFL man as well" Myk Aussie

Mar 25, 2003 "Mooses NCAA footy report" Myk Aussie

NCAA Footy Column, March, 26th, '03
By: Moose Salzer

Univ. of Hawai'i footy news: six hot prospects from the U. of Hawai'i Warriors program are going into the NFL draft: OLm Wayne Hunter, Lui Fuata, Vince Manuwai Myk & my mate P, Mat McBriar, "...McBriar has the strongest leg of any punter to come out of U S college in the last five yrs...Shows  outstanding hang time...shows above-average hands & curacy...

McBriar, who grew up in Melbourne, playing Aussie Rules Footy, did NOT rank in the top 20 punter ONLY because Hawai'i only punted 48 last season (McBriar 44 of those punts)...He would have ranked 2nd in the U S w/ his 46.2 career avg..." That was the report from the '03 Sporting News Pro Football Scouting
report...They (S.N.) claim he will be the top punter drafted this spring & will go 'before the sixth round'...I believe he'll go to either Rose's Kansas City or Mike Vick's Hotlanta, who have retiring former Montreal P/H,
Chris Mohr...

Former Falcon Dan Straszinski just signed w/ the Jets...last season he played P/H for Rose's Chiefs..Other hawai'i players projected to go high in the NFL college player draft include: CA. raised S Troy Polamalu,
OLB Pisa Tinoisamoa (hawai'ian for 'tiny samoan', which he ain't!) & LB Chris Brown, who was defencive MVP @ the Hula Bowl in Maui in Feb...Vince would do well on the Chargers, maybe Lui Fuata too, because they have Big Island OG, Toni Fonoti, of Nebraska U., who started last season for San Diego as a rook...Darren Bennett thought Toni played well...

Three other players who will not be drafted but could make an impact in a few yrs. have also graduated from U.H. & could be real good prospects are: P/K/H Greg Kliedon, Mat's mate, OB/H/ST Shawn Withy-Allen &
FB, Josh Galeai & RB, Thero Mitchell...Kleidon suffered a hernia water-skiing a couple of yrs. ago & lost out to McBriar @ P & Justin Ayat @ K...Greg, a Norwegian by birth could be a good candidate for NFL E this or
next yr...He will be going to teach part-time this spring in Europe...Withy-Allen, who played @ least one play in 13 games @ QB, splitting 6 games w/ Tim Chang also played ST/KR & reserve RB for the Warriors last season...He has been a holder for two season before that...Withy-Allen is from Kalaheo H.S. on Oahu & is 6'5" & 230 lbs...I thought he was the 2nd best running-QB in the NCAAs last season, only to
talented lefty from Iowa, Brad Banks, who Myk & I saw play in the Hula Bowl in Feb...Withy-Allen passed for 57.%, 770 yds., 7 TDs w/ only 2 ints. & rushed for 221 yds. w/ 6.0 avg. in 30% of the time @ QB last season...

Chang, Jason Whieldon, who threw 3 TDs as #3 QB, (was ahead of Shawn for 3 games @
QB while Withy played ST/KR/RB in 1st 3 games...) & Chad Kapanui also played the pivot the other 70% of the time last yr. @ U.H...Galeai played reserve OB behind Mitchell but he & soph RB, Pesefia Fiaseu started spliting the RB w/ Mitchell late in the yr...Galeai is 236 lbs. & is an excellent blocker/short-yardage back near goalline for TDs & 1st downs...Mitchell started most of the last two seasons @ RB for Hawai'i but gave up considerable time to Mike Bass (small, quick & injury-prone) & John West, who really is just a kick-returner despite an 81 yd. TD v. Ricky Ray (CFL/Ar.FL-er)'s Fresno State...Mitchell is an excellent strong 213 lb
blocker/pass catcher who also averaged 5.5 yds. per carry...Withy-Allen had a 42 yd. run v. Texas El-Paso in which he broke 7 tackles down the sideline...He had 4 TDs on the ground in the 7 games he ran the ball...If he had been a starter @ either QB or RB all season he would have 1500 yds. of offence based on a starter's projection...All 5 of these players would make great CFL-ers, too, even though they would have to play under the "Import" label...These players show how deep June Jones teams have been @ Hawai'i the
last four seasons...All 5 of these guys were recruited by Jones & were in his 50-pt-per-game offense these last 4 seasons...Their sometime lack of playing-time as clear-cut starters (all except Mitchell) should be attributed to a deep talented program that has averaged 8 wins per season over the last four yrs...Jones record is now 32-19...In 1998 Hawai'i went 0-12 & was ranked dead (hold that thought...) last in every major statistical category...

The former NFL/CFL QB & NFL coach Jones has turned Hawai'i into the #25 ranked program in the nation...The New England Patriots, 1 season removed from Super Bowl Champs, have re-signed Honolulu's LB Maugaula Tuitele, who played in the NFL E season, 1 yr. ago spring, w/ the Rhein Fire...Bye for now & GO WARRIOR
NATION! " Moose

Mar 6, 2003 "MYKwebTV is now up! Myk, Moose & Mat at the NCAA Hula Bowl, Maui 2003."
Myk interviews NCAA Hawaii Warrior Star Punter Mat McBriar. Mat is from Melbourne, Australia. Click here " Moose


"Myk with his new Aussie Mate star NCAA punter Mat McBriar" Moose

Feb 3, 2003 "Myk, Moose & Mat in Maui for the NCAA All Star Hula Bowl"

"Mat McBriar the star Aussie & Hawaiian Warrior punter boots the footy a mile! Moose "Mr Nth American Football" Mat's punt must have been a record ? With the aid of the breeze I reckon Mat booted it the whole length of the field. 70 yards was the record I bet he beat that! What a great day it was in Maui for the NCAA all star game." Myk Aussie

Hula Bowl 2003 Maui, Hawai'i By: Rich Salzer

"Myk you are correct. I was a massive punt by your new Aussie mate! The Aina(South) squad lead by three University of Hawai'i players came back to beat the Kai(North) squad 27-24, in the final NCAA Bowl game of the season before an announced crowd of 16,000 @ Maui Stadium, Sat. Feb 1st, 2003. The Kai team also had three Univ. of Hawai'i players on the field tonight, too. Kai LB Chris Brown won the game's MVP. The Hula Bowl is the NCAA college senior all-star game & features the best available seniors players in the U S. This season 7 Japanese all-stars from Japan played on the two squads as well.

Below is a list of Univ. of Hawai'i players that were on the two teams: Chris Brown  LB, Sean Butts, DB, Mat McBriar, P, La'anui Correa, DE, for the Kai squad & Justin Colbert, WR, & INJ. C Lui Fuata for Aina.

In the first quarter Kai scored two TDs by offencive MVP David (Circus) Kircus, who made two great TD catches from both QB David Kingsbury & WR Carl Morris. Aina's S Sean Butts played an good game for Kai in 1st half. The pre game & half time shows were outstanding with fine local talented singers & hula dancers of all ages. The third quarter was a defensive struggle as Kai managed a FG, the only points of the period. Chris Brown, Sean Butts & their defensive mates continued their fine play. But Aina gained confidence when they held the explosive Kai offence to only three points. 

In the fourth quarter it was all Aina as the South squad scored the final 24 points. Mat McBriar only had one punt in the game but it went for at least 65 yards. The Hula Bowl record for longest punt was 70 yards in 1972 by Chester Marcol, formerly a Packer(NFL) kicker. Aina used three successful onside kicks to gain control of the ballgame with 5:32 left. With 56 seconds left, Minnesota K Dan Nystrom kicked the game winning points. An oddity was two cornerbacks sat down for Kai & 2 WRs replaced them without Coach Mack Brown's permission & were burned for long gains on the final drive. One player who made a spetacular catch & almost introduced himself to Myk & I on the sidelines was San Diego State star Kassim Osgood. Myk & I met Mike McCaskey, Managing general partner of the Chicago Bears on the media elevator & told him about Osgood. He also conferred to us that former CFL QB Henry Burris is going to the NFL E this spring.

Myk & I met with Mat McBriar & Greg Kliedon the Hawai'i kickers after the game. Greg did a great job filming the interview of Myk & Mat. I joked w/ Myk that we both just shook hands w/ a future millionaire! Also I gave Greg a tip on contacting Nick Polk w/ NFL E about a try out. He is a talented kid who played junior college & then went to UH, got hurt then sat behind McBriar & Justin Ayat as a senior. He will be teaching in Europe this summer anyway, so NFL E would be a good fit. I also told him about the scouting report I sent to the Ottawa Renegades about his friend Shawn Withy-Allen one of the U H QBs. Myk & I thank the NCAA for the fine hospitality there in Maui @ the game, the chance to film the Heisman trophy & get media credentials." Moose Salzer

Coming to "Myk's Mates Club" Myk, Moose & Mat at the Hula Bowl. Amazing sideline MYKwebTV. 

Pro Football Weekly: NCAA and Pro Football Video Picks with amazing coverage from Myk Aussie The Pro Football Comedy Media Guy.

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