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Mon, Sept 29 '03 "NCAA report!" Moose Salzer

Last night at 6:15 p.m. Honolulu Time, Rich Salzer joined Randy Myamoto, Scott Ka'alele and Mike Sullivan on Honolulu's exciting new show Sports Rap on KUMU 2 / A.M. 1500. Myk joined the show live from Canada after Moose. The main topics of discussion tonight were: The University of Hawai'i's win over the Rice Owls, new star RB West Kili'ikipi, a true freshman, Scores from the NFL and players in the Canadian Football League that attended the University of Hawai'i and played for the Warriors. Myk gave a good overview of former Warrior Mat McBriar. 

Mike discussed the Canadian women soccer match in the U.S. v. Argentina. With the hurricane messes getting cleaned up in Virginia, Rich should be back on the show as a regular call in guest Fridays and / or Sundays. Also, MYKwebTV will be one of the sponsors of "The Best Damned Sports Talk Radio Show in Honolulu, Period." Moose

Mon, Sept 15 03 "NCAA report!" Moose Salzer

Message to Maurice Clarett: Either stay in school or go to Montreal (CFL) now.
And don't listen to that mumbling idiot Brown. He never threw a block or caught
a pass in his life! Some 'advisor"! Forget about going to court v. the NFL - look
what that did for the USFL (never mind - that was before your time, kid! Have
to ask Sean Landeta or Doug Flutie about those guys!). You won't change the
underclass rule. You have to be at least 21 to play in the NFL. 

Look at Cookie Gilchrist (another guy you have to run to the history books for. He left for the CFL right out of High School in Penn. in the 50's, played 8 seasons in the CFL then finished with 6 more in the American Football League in the 1960's. If
you want to play for 90,000 duckets and hook up with the Alouettes of the
CFL, it's a good league to start your Pro career in. They look like they might
repeat in the Grey Cup this yr., then you can jump on their bandwagon & get
a Pro Championship ring before you are 19. (I still think they might NOT repeat)
Don't try to take the NFL to court, kid. They are part of Big Brother & are in-

As for my beloved Hawai'i Warriors, it's getting apparent that Timmy
Chang is overrated. He doesn't have Shawn Withy-Allen (another local Hawai'i
kid) or Nick Rolovich to hold his hand and v. the better teams (U.S.C, Alabama,
et, al) he can't get the Warriors over the top. What is June Jones going to do
- Split his job with another QB all four yrs. This just shows he shouldn't have
been out there the 1st two!! If Jones is smart he'll start Opie Whieldon next
week & if they win, give him another start the week after & bring Timmy in
off the bench. Tim is a poor runner his confidence is shot right now. His rec.
is only 14-13 on his career. I know he has a gun of an arm but he's injury-
prone & won't bulk up! Withy-Allen played only holder his first couple of yrs.
but stayed in the weight room & bulked up 25 lbs. in his last two yrs. He was
230 near the end of last season & was as indestructible as the terminator! Tim
haas got to play 6 complete games & WILL himself to stay out there no matter
what. Jones has got to stop babying this kid. Otherwise he'll be a wash-out at
the next level! 

Another guy I've started to get a vibe on is this kid West Kili'ipiki! A 266-lb'r @ a true freshman at RB. 100 yds of offense in the 1st two games. I mean, I love Pesefea Fiaseu, but I'm off his bandwagon now and on West's!!!! The reason for all the melancholy soul searching sounding type of writing is, as some of you know Hawai'i not only didn't win v. U.S.C they got clobbered by 30 points, 62-32. Only West Kili'ipiki's 8 carries for 57 yds. showed me anything. Opie has thrown 5 TDs in tow games & Chad Kapanui, Mike Rhode (who's lost 21 lbs.) & Se'e Poumele have shown some potential in limited minutes as back-up QBs,

It's up to Tim Chang. This team will spend all yr. trying to knock the stink off of
'em after the humiliating loss in California this weekend! Can't wait to hear from
my mates on the Rock. I know my Sports crazy friends back in Hawai'i are going
to be going right off on the radio this week and some will be after Timmy's head.
It happened last year when Withy-Allen won two games off the bench. Jones
alternated them the next five of six weeks and it took a lot ao pressure of Tim.
Tim, I wish you the best of luck, but Hawai'i has dug themselves a heck of a hole
to start the '03 season. And hey, June - you also need Kila Kamawiwao'ole in the
lineup, too. And bench those froshman lineman. They couldn't guard their homes!" Moose

Fri, Sept 12 03 "
Hawai'i Radio Update!" Rich Salzer

Randy Myamoto is off the next two weekends as he is on the road w/ the Univ. of Hawai'i Warriors in California (U/H v. UCLA) & in Nevada (for U/H v. UNLV). Super Bowl Wayne  is recovering from a successful Angiopasty for a blocked heart artery. He will be back on the air around World Series.

On Randy's Sportrap show, The Hawai'ian Islanders broadcast team is filling including former
Super Bowl times reporter, big Scott Ka'alele, the bronzed Warrior. Good Luck Wayne with a
speedy recovery as Myk & I love talking to you & the Island audience! Aloha & Mahalo, Ran "da" man!" Moose

Mon, Aug 18 03 "Mooses NCAA Univ. of Hawai'i report!" Myk Aussie

The University of Hawai'i Seniors:

1) Houston Ala - Place he's most like to see after graduation is Canada. He sounds like a future CFL'r to me!

2) Keani Alapa - His favorite NFL players are Bronco Ashley Lelie, N.Y. Jet Vinnie Manuwai & Seattle's Wayne Hunter.

3) Jeremiah Cockheran - The most valuable lesson he has learned @ U / Hawai'i is not to question Coach June Jones!

4) Dave Gilmore - Favorite Pro player is Jerry Rice (good choice, Dave!) And his hidden talent is Photography.

5) Clif Herbert - The place he's most like to visit after graduation is Tahiti. Another good choice, I'd like to go there myself.

6) Kevin Jackson - Favorite W.A.C. City is Honolulu. Kevin, that's mine, too. His favorite Pro player is the late, great, Walt Payton, (the greatest running back in NFL History, right Scott?!) People don't know: He can speak Japanese!

7) Shayne Kajioka - People don't know he's an English major.

8) Chad Kalilimoku - The place he'd like to visit after graduation is Canada also, like his buddy Houston Ala. Another future CFL'r, Myk!

9) Travis LaBoy - If I weren't playing Football I'd: Be SURFING! Good man,

10)Michael Myashiro - His favorite Pro Player is also the late, great, Walt Payton. What a class bunch these kanakas, eh, Myk & Scottie!

11)Hyrum Peters - Favorite NFL players are the Bucs Warren Sapp & John Lynch. Go Bucc-Nation!

12)Lance Samuseva - The place he'd most like to visit after graduation is: Tahiti, like me & Herbert.

13)Ike Sopoaga - Real 1st name is Isaac; nickname is also Ice) Person he most admires is Coach June Jones. What he learned most @ Univ. of Hawai'i is the meaning of the word, Ohana.

14)John West - Person he most admires is God! (Praise the lord!) Most valuable lesson he's learned from playing varsity-Ball w/ the Warriors is: Always give 100%, 100% of the time.

15)Jason Wheildon - Pro player most admires is G.B. QB Brett Favre. Way to go Jason.

16)Gary Wright - Person he most admires is Jesus Christ. Most valuable lesson learned as a Warrior is: Never give up.

Other Warriors bios

Timmy Chang - Named C. David Baker prep player of the year by the Dick Butkus Football Network. For those not in the know, David Baker, the current Commissioner of the Ar.FL was once the best High School player in the U.S.A.

Chris Cole - Born 1985 in New Zealand.

Quinton Ah You - Son of CFL Hall of Famer, Junior Ah You, known in the CFL, 1972-82 as "Hawai'ian Punch". Moose

Sat, Aug 16 03
"There are many ex- Univ. of Hawai'i players in the Canadian Football League & one in the Canadian Football Hall of Fame & Museum." Moose

1) Junior Ah You, 11-yr. Starting DE for the Montreal Alouettes. 14-yr. Pro Football career. In Canadian Football Hall of Fame & Museum, 58 Jackson Street, West, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Nicknamed 'Hawaiian Punch'. 1st Hawaiian born player in the CFL Hall of Fame.

2) Dylan Ching, San Diego St. graduate. Went to Iolani High School. In his sixth yr. w/ the Saskatchewan Roughriders Pro team in CFL.

3) Joe Paopao, born in Honolulu. Grew up in Oceanside, Ca. QB. Started his Pro playing career w/ British Columbia Lions in 1979. Completed 18 consecutive passes in game as a rookie. This still stands as a CFL record. Currently Head Pro Coach of Ottawa Renegades of CFL. Played 12-yrs. as CFL Pro QB.

4) Kani Kauahi, Ast.H. Coach, Ottawa Renegades. Former Canadian Football League player. He & wife Hana born & raised in Honolulu. Hana works in front office of Renegades.

5) Adma Rita, G.M. Toronto Argonauts of CFL. Former Coach. 1st Hawaiian born Coach to win Grey Cup Pro Canadian Football League Championship, w/ Toronto in 1991. Coached three other CFL teams. 20-yrs in CFL.

6) Daryl Edralin, Defencive Coordinator, Hamilton Tiger-cats of CFL. Born in Honolulu. Played football in CFL.

7) June Jones, Head Football Coach, Univ. of Hawai'i. Former Univ. of Hawai'i QB. Player-Coach with the Toronto Argonauts of CFL.

8) Dwight Carter, former Univ. of Hawai'i football player w/ the Saskatchewan Roughriders as DB.

9) Justin Colbert, former Univ. of Hawai'i football player w/ the Saskatchewan Roughriders as WR/SB." Moose

Mon, Aug 8, 03 "NCAA Preseason top 20 Football picks!" Hawai'i Moose 

1)  Oklahoma 2)  Maryland 3)  Auburn 4)  Hawai'i 5) Virginia 6)  Virginia Tech.
7)  Texas 8)  Ohio St. 9)  Nebraska 10) Miami

11) Kansas St. 12) Georgia 13) Pittsburgh 14) North Carolina St. 15) Florida
16) Wisconsin 17) Boise St. 18) Notre Dame 19) Oklahoma St. {tie}:
20) Colorado St. / L.S.U.

Recent NCAA notes: The Univ. of Hawai'i Warriors, my alma mater, will be on Nat. T.V. twice this NCAA season, Sept. 19th v. U.N.L.V. & again on Dec. 6th v. Boise St. I hope to be back in Oahu in Dec. for that game, unfortunately not sooner. Both games are on ESPN/ESPN 2...I sometimes feel I have Espn, myself!" Moose

July 8, 03 "2003 NCAA Footbal Preview By: Hawai'i Moose Salzer

Hawai'i Warriors, Western Athletic Conference Coach: June Jones, III, Record: 32 Ws, 19 Ls, formerly coach of San Diego Chargers & Atlanta Falcons of NFL, 5th season w/ Warriors.

QBs: Tim Chang, Jason Wheildon, Mike Rhode, Chad Kapanui, Kainoa Akina, Jack
Rolovich Ryan Stickler & Se'e Poumele...Notes...2002...Chang suffered yet another
broken finger on the passing (right) hand early in the yr., then a sprained left knee &
threw another 22 int(s)...He is Hawai'i's all time leader in every QBing catagory as well as fumbles & interceptions...He tries too hard...Jones talks about him winning the Heisman in '04 but that has put alot of pressure on him...At times he played awful rough last yr. (two four pick games) but did managed to start all 14 games...

Three times he only played a half but thank goodness these guys had Sr. Shawn
Withy-Allen...Chang totaled 4,474 yds., 25 TDs & completed 55.5% of his throws...Twice he was benched early in the yr., & Withy-Allen (6'5", 229 lbs.) came off the bench v. Texas El-Paso & SMU to lead victories...Withy-Allen passed for 777 yds. on 57%+, 7 TDs & only 4 fumbles & 3 int(s)...He also had 261 yds & 4 TDs on the ground...Between Chang &Withy-Allen, two home-grown QBs, they went 2-9 on 2-pt. converts...#3 Jason Wheildon was alternating w/ Withy-Allen the 1st two games (WIthy also played some @ RB/KR early on) & ended the season @ 9 of 21 for 88 yds, 3 TDs & 2 int(s) & moves up to #2 by default...Kapanui, another home-grown Warrior was 1 of 3 for 70 yds. on a fake punt...He has since moved to DB...Akina, who started 7 games @ E. Michigan, is a Hawai'ian from Arizona & sat out last season after transferring & will be #3...Rhode, a soph will be #4...Poumele is being
moved to RB/KR but will play goal line like Withy-Allen & Kapanui before him...

Where is Nick Rolovich when you need him...Oh, that's right - he's w/ the NFL's Broncos but his redshirt frosh bro, Jack is on board!

RBs: Key losses: Sr.s Thero Mitchell (450 yds. off., 11 TDs) & Josh Galeai,
like Withy-Allen a sr. late-bloomer (100 yds, 2 TDs) didn't get much work in the run & shoot offense as Withy-Allen lead the team w/ a 5.+ avg. per carry after he settled in @ QB (he was the team's 2nd most potent off. weapon last yr. after WR Justin Colbert, his favorite target)...Youngster John West who started only 5 games rushed for 400 yds. & avg'd 5 yds a carry, himself...Injury-prone Mike Bass, son of the Washington CB of the '70's & Mike Brewster are small & stricktly KRs...Only
Poumele & junior Pesafea Fiaseu (248 lbs., who had one start) are serious
options now w/ Kapanui, a terrific athlete, moved into Cal Lee's 2ndary...

WRs/SBs...W/ no true TEs on the roster, Jones used Kapanui & occationally
Withy-Allen & DL Albert Ma'afala (newphew of Steeler FB, Christian Fuamatu-Ma'afala) there on gadget plays & short yardage...Since Justin Colbert & his back-up Omar Bennett have graduated, the starters this yr. are: Brit Komine, another favorite target of Withy's & Wheildon's, Jeremiah Cockhern, Virginia-born & raised Hawai'ian Nate Ilaoa (Nth Stafford H.S.) & KR-PR Chad Owens. Backups include four guys who because Hawai'i blows out most of their opponants have gotten considerable time the last few yrs...Son of former Houston Oiler of the
'80's, Mike Akiu, Kanale George, Sr. Clif Herbert & Wheildon, a versatile 'lil 5'11, 187 lb. rascle may get a serious look here, or @ safety, if the bigger Kainoa Akina can handle being the #2 QB...Definitely the teams deepest position.

OLm:...Losses include three starters in NFL camps now: Wayne Hunter, Lui
Fuata & the best lineman last yr., Vinnie Manuwai...Starters will come from Lui Fuga, Uriah Moenoa, Shayne Kojioka, Chad Kahale, under-sized Derek Fa'avi, who had to play C vs. both Alabama & Tulane, Brandon Eaton, Phil Kauffman & Dane Uperesa...Deep subs will be: frosh Herc Satele, Xavier Ho'olulu &
Ryan Santos, who's just too slow-footed...Could be trouble here, coach!

DLm: Easily the 2nd deepest position on the team...Starters are Travis LaBoy, easily the best athlete here & best pass-rusher, Ike Sapoaga, Lance Samuseva & Houston Ala...the last three I mentioned are strong as bulls!..Subs will be Abu Ma'afala, another outstanding athlete, Kevin Jackson, who has come in on 3rd & 4th downs the last two seasons & in probably the team's 2nd best pass-rusher but who may move to outside LB'r, Garrett Dearing & frosh Quinton Ah You, who's father is the only Hawai'i born player in the Canadian Football Hall of Fame & Museum in Hamilton, Ontario.

LBs: Even w/ the graduating of three stallions: Pisa Tinoisamoa (now w/ St.
Louis Rams), Chris Brown (Baltimore Ravens) & Matt Wright (CFL), the team still has three players that played significant minutes last season: Chad Kalilmoku, Kila Kamakawiwo'ole & Keani Alapa, three names to torture the haole announcers @ ESPN...Also factoring in the mix, as mentioned before are: Jackson, Kapanui, frosh
Watson Ho'ohuli, Pat L. Harley, Ikaika Curnan & Kilinahe Noa, who's brother
has been in the NFL as an Olm the last three seasons...A very strong group that will perplex the mainlanders w/ their names!

DBs: Only lost two part time starters...Starting unit is Lenny Peters, Hyrum
Peters, Kelvin Millhouse & Abe Elimimian...Reserves are: Gary Wright, Matt Manuma, Kajoika's best friend, Timo Paepule, Kenny Patton & Brown Fa'avae...Lamar Broadway should be a good special teams gunner, a la Jon Kauka the last three seasons.

Special Teams: Major loss in graduated P Mat McBriar (Broncos)...K Justin
Ayat, bro of Pro QB Brian (CFL, Ar.FL) is a three yr. starter who should make it to the NFL someday...Kamakawiwo'ole will be a great one on STs, too. Tanuavasa Moe, the long-snapper is the best in the WAC - perfect on all his snaps last season...He may eventually get a LB spot, too...Kapanui is the Mosi Tatupu team MVP, who as a former great H.S QB, sometime throws, runs or catches on fake punts & FGs...He may make it in the NFL, like Tatupu did one day as well...The fourth best unit for the

Outlook: I know, I know - I said 13-0 last yr. & the Warriors 'only' went
10-4...But that was still the best record they'd ever had! Even w/ 4 guys getting time @ QB (Chang needs to get tough & bulk up like Withy-Allen did!), but if the Warriors stay healthy, the 'O' line improves just one notch & the new P, Jr. Co. guy Tim Wright averages anything near McBriar's 43 yds. per kick, the Warriors
should do something that hasn't happended since Jones got here - a WAC Championship...The 'D' line should be the best since Jones became coach as well. Only a coaching shuffle since 'D' Coordinator Kevin Lempa left, if it unsettles things can undo what should be the best unit in the WAC...Prediction: 12-1...Bowl game win!" Moose

June 22, 03 "Donte Green the Toledo Ohio NCAA player is a star in game 2 of the Crazy CFL! One of his massive runs today was the best I have ever seen in the CFL! For my Total-CFLwebTV 1 on 1 interview with Donte the star kick & punt returner Click here!" Myk Aussie

June 21st, 03 "NCAA Update!
Sanity & Mascot gone @ 'Ole Miss" By: Rich Salzer

The Univ. of Hawai'i has signed Coach June Jones to a five-yr., $4,000,000
contract. Jones record in four seasons w/ U/H is 32 Ws - 19 Ls w/ two Bowl appearances, 1 w - 1 L. Jones previously was the Warriors QBs coach in 1983 & played QB there in 1973 as a college freshman, before transferring home to play for Portland State (Ore.) Great News & go Warriors!' Moose

Sanity & Mascot gone @ 'Ole Miss'

Political Stupidity reared it's ugly head yesterday in Mississippi as the Univ. of 'Ole Miss killed it's beloved "Colonel Reb" mascot. It was caricature of the Southern Land Gentry, complete w/ flowing white hair, beard & gray coat, hat & cane. The feeble excuse was that 'Ole Miss wants "a more feared mascot". Huh? Then give the 'ole Col. a cannon! O r @ least a sword.

The real reason was the slow left-leaning creep of the "political-stupidity/multiculturism" hypocrisy that has been destroying Western Civilization since the media starting using the oxymoronic orwellian newspeak (see Orwell's 1984, Appedix A "Newspeak" for the definitive definition!) that the controlled press has been using since about 1990, which meaning has never been explained to anyone.

I call it a cultural illness & I refuse to use it. I am planning on calling 'Ole Miss & asking for any pictures, etc. they have on the Col., anything they can before they are thrown down the '1984'-style memory hole. I hope I never live to see the day when my beloved Univ. of Hawai'i discards Vili, the Warrior as being too stereotypical! Long live Vili the Warrior & Col. Reb! sell" Moose

Pro Football Weekly: NCAA and Pro Football Video Picks with amazing coverage from Myk Aussie The Pro Football Comedy Media Guy.

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