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Fri, Dec 31 04 "Happy New Year NCAA footy mates! The NCAA Hawaii Warriors win, Moose's report! Scott's NCAA Bowl previews below!" Myk Aussie

Final NCAA Wrap Up Report of '04. After stumbling to a 4-5-0 start, the University of Hawai'I Warriors rebounded to an 8-5-0 record, including their Sheraton Hawai'i Bowl win, 59-40 over the University of Alabama-Birmingham Blazers. Coach June Jones NCAA record now stands at: 48-35-0, in six seasons. Timmy Chang finished his five season stint at U.H. with 17,201 total yards (17,072 passing and another 138 rushing) marks that may never be broken!

Chang himself is a case in perseverance. He was trice benched by the Warriors, in '01 to Nick Rolovich (9 games also lost injured), 7 games splitting duty with Shawn Withy-Allen in '02 & the first and last two games of '03, in favor of Jason (Opie) Whieldon. Chang missed 21 quarters of playing time in his stay with Hawai'i over four seasons and still finished with enough attempts, completions, yards, TDs and INTs to be the NCAA's alltime leader in those categories! Pretty scary!

A lot of that has to do with Coach Jones four WR sets, in 11 man US football, other wise known as the 'Run 'n Shot' offence, so named by Jones and his mentor (and current Univ. of Hawai'i Ast. Coach) Darryl 'Mouse' Davis, a former 5'8" college QB himself. Davis, 72, plans on living in Hawai'i from now on and will be back on the staff next year with Coach Jones. Look for Hawai'i, even without Tim Chang at pivot, to rack up more points next year and with Ast. Coach Cal Lee not having to do double duty Coaching the now defunct Hawai'ian Islanders of Af2.

The returning players who will make up the bulk of the starters next season include: Offence: WR-Jason Rivers, SB-Nate Ilaoa, LT-Tala Esera, LG-Brandon Eaton, C-Sam Satele, RG-Herc Satele, RT-Dane Uperesa, SB-Kainoa Akina, WR-Ross Dickerson, QBs- Mike Rhode & Jack Rolovich. On Defence the Warriors return: LE-Tony Akpan, LT-Kila Kamawiwo'ole, RT-Abu Ma'afala, RE- Ilama-Francis, LB-T.J. Moe, LB-Watson Ho'ohuli, LB-Lennie Peters, LC-Lamar Broadway, SS-Landon Kafentzis, S-Ray Bass & RC-Kenny Patton. Moose

Thurs, Dec 30 04 "The NCAA Hawaii Warriors win! Scott's NCAA Bowl previews" Moose

"Hawai'i won, 59-40 over the University of Alabams-Birmingham Blazers friday afternoon, Hawai'i standard time.

Timmy Chang and 25 other Warrior seniors went out in style. Three: Chang, WR Chad Owens and OLm Uriah Moenoa, all 335 lbs. of him, will likely be in the NFL, while I expect Wes Keli'ikipi, Mike Brewster to go to the CFL and SBs Britt Komine and Gerald Welch to play Arenaball. Brewster may play Arena also. All these players graduated this month." Moose

Scott's NCAA Bowl report - "Congrats to Rich Salzer's school, Univ. of Hawai'i for winning over the UA-B Blazers. The won 59-40. Timmy Chang threw for over 450 yards in his final college game, and now has over 17,200+ yards passing in his career, a Nth.

American Univ. Football record.

Here are my BCS bowl predictions:

Fiesta Bowl - Tempe, AZ

Utah vs. Pittsburgh

Pick: Utah (deserved a better opponent, namely Cal, Texas, Louisville, Boise State, etc.) Utah is undefeated with Heisman candidate Alex Smith at quarterback. Pittsburgh is in the BCS by virtue of being the Big (L)east representative. QB Tyler Palko is a young, but good left quarterback for Pitt, who has been hot lately. Both coaches are leaving their respective teams. Urban Meyer (coach for Utah) is going to Florida, and Walt Harris (coach for Pitt) is leaving (pushed out) to go to Stanford. Utah is in because they finished in the top 6 in polls. They DESERVE to be there. However, they did not deserve this opponent. Pitt is only in because the Big Least had to send some team. Kinda like what the NFC is going through this year. Utah should have played Auburn in the Sugar Bowl, but got screwed by the committee (as well as Cal and Auburn) in the matchup. The BCS has screwed up again. College football needs a playoff.


Rose Bowl - Pasadena, CA

Michigan vs. Texas

Pick: Texas (in a low scoring affair)

I would love to pick Michigan, but they have a freshman qb and running back, plus they backed into the Big 10 title. Texas politicked their way into the Rose Bowl. Mack Brown knows how to talk, knows how to recruit, but doesn't know how to coach. Texas always comes up short in the big game. They have a great running back in Cedric Benson, a great linebacker in Derrick Johnson. They are one-dimensional offensively with running qb Vince Young. Michigan's defense is good and Braylon Edwards (WR) will be at worst a top 10 pick in the NFL draft, but they were in a rather weak Big 10.


Sugar Bowl - New Orleans, LA

Auburn vs. Virginia Tech

Pick: Virginia Tech (better than people think) Auburn finished 12-0, won the SEC; the result, shut out from the BCS title game. They could possibly win the AP writers title if they beat Tech by a wide margin and the Oklahoma/USC matchup plays close. But what is the psyche of Auburn after being the team left out of the title game? Tech has nothing to lose, and played tough against USC at Jack Kent Cooke Stadium early in the year. Auburn is lead by a much, much improved qb play from Jason Campbell. Cadillac Williams and Ronnie Brown spearhead a great running attack. Va. Tech is probably the hottest team in the country and display a ferocious defense that matches up well against Auburn. Tech also has great special teams, so a blocked punt could happen in this game. Bryan Randall, qb for Tech, improved steadily throughout the season, and eventually won ACC player of the year. Mike Imoh is their best running back, but has been hampered lately by a hamstring injury.


Orange Bowl - Miami, FL

USC vs. Oklahoma

Pick: Oklahoma (after flipping a coin)

This game features the three best offensive players in the country (in this order):

1. Adrian Peterson 2. Reggie Bush 3. Matt Leinhart [lefty QB]

This title game pits the last two Heisman winners in the same game, USC's Matt Leinhart (this year's winner) and Oklahoma's Jason White (last year's winner).

This will be a great game. Just enjoy. Happy New Year" Scott Baxter

Fri, Dec 17 "Upcoming NCAA Bowls report!" Moose

Champs Sports Bowl [don't you love these Corporate titles?!]
Georgia Tech (6-5-0) v. Southern Mississippi (6-5-0)

Brett Favre's school v. GA. Tech and mobile QB Reggie Hall, who could be a good CFL or Ar.FL'r in the very near future, if the NFL turns their Corporate noses up at him. His hands are banged up but Larry Csonka and Floyd Little's old school doesn't have much depth. Take GA. Tech and the points, if you have that bug.

Wednesday, Dec. 22nd, '04

GMAC Bowl Memphis (8-3-0) v. Bowling Green

The only way Bowling Green would beat this red-hot Elvis-ville team is if Howard Schnellenberger came to town and suspended 28 guys like he did three weeks ago at Florida-Atlantic, or if THIS GAME WERE BOWLING! Memphis by 14. 

Thursday, Dec. 23th, '04 Fort Worth Bowl

Cincinnati (6-5-0) v. Marshall (6-5-0)

Cincinnati could probably beat the Bengals, unless of course Jon Kitna were playing...They were blown out 70-7 two weeks ago but then, Hawai'i was beaten on ESPN twice by a combined 139-10 shalaking(s). The 'Blundering herd' had their worst season in a decade but still made the Bowl which proves the BSC isn't very good, at least according to my brains, Scott Baxter. Marshall could use Byron Leftwich right now. But the Jax'ville Jags need him more. Cincinnati by default in a turnover plagued affair, 14-12.

Thursday, Dec. 23rd, '04 Las Vegas Bowl

Wyoming (6-5-0) v. UCLA (6-5-0)

The NIFL Cavalry will have scouts at this one, no doubt. Jim Kiick's old school plays a little more 'D', so I will take them by 8. Besides, they don't start no Froshmen. "Froshmen, we don't need no stinkin' Froshmen!", a great man named Rich Salzer once said. Oh -who's he ?!

Friday, the Day before Milikelimaka Day, Sheraton Hawai'i Bowl (formerly the ALoha Bowl, back in my favorite place, Hawai'i)

THE Hawai'i WARRIORS (no Rainbows here. At least not for visiting) v. Alabama-Birmingham. Dragons indeed! Hawai'i by 20, in a laugher. Timmy Chang, Wes Kili'ikipi, Chad Owens, Pesefea Fiaseu, Jr., Chad Kahale, Lui Fuga, Lui Faga, Britt Komine, Gerald Welch, Phil Kauffman and Company go out with a win and Coach June Jones gets his 3rd Bowl win (in five tries) and his 48th win in fifth season at the Warriors helm. Chang should be 'chillin' by the fourth quarter and we start to see the parade of imitators that will try to replace him next year; My pick(s) - Mike Rhode and Kainoa Akina, unless he starts at RB, to alternate in a Withy-Allen / Chang capacity, like the last seven games of '02. But don't forget Jack Rolovich...

Monday, Dec. 27th, '04 MPC Computers Bowl Fresno St. (8-3-0) v. Virginia

I would love to say Virginia by a bunch, but Fresno St., which finally beat Hawai'i and Timmy Chang, has the best Give-away/take-away ratio in the NCAAs. Virginia in O.T., the only Bowl to go to O.T., this Holiday season.

Monday, Dec. 27th, '04 Motor City Bowl Toledo ('take my scale jokes, pls.' - R.A.S) [9-3-0] v. Connecticut (7-4-0) "Toledo, a great place, I got weighed there many times..." OK, OK. It's my first Christmas since Rodney Dangerfield died. That was my tribute. Connecticut by 1. And merry Christmas Shannon Cunningham, wherever you are, you Conn. babe...

Tuesday, Dec. 28th, '04 Independence Bowl Iowa St. (6-5-0) v. Miami (Ohio) 8-4-0 Miami of Larry Csonka-ville looks great on paper and has talent but I look for an upset here. A low scoring affair. Could be a brawler, too. But not a 'clear the stands' like Hawai'i v. Houston last Christmas day.

Iowa St. by 2. Tuesday, Dec. 28th, '04 Insight Bowl Oregon St. (6-5-0) v. Notre Dame (6-5-0) What?! Tyrone Willingham fired and N.D. makes the Bowl game? How will the players react?! A loss, that's how. The folkes in the Irish Athletic Dept. 'screwed the pooch' on this one. Oregon St. by 14.

Wednesday, Dec. 29th, '04 Houston Bowl U.T.E.P. (8-3-0) V. Colorado (7-5-0) Kordell Stewart, the 'slush' [formerly slash] that no Centre wants behind him's school v. Tim Hardaways ('UTEP twostep', indeed) Almer Mater. No more Rick (USFL) Neuheisel and scandals here. UTEP pivot named Jordan Palmer. Yep, his big brother was given the job over Jon Kitna with the Bengals this year. I think Jordan will be better in the Pros. I've been wrong once or twice over the years, I freely admit. UTEP by 6. Sorry Buffalos. Whopps, I mean 'sorry, Buffalos.'

Thursday, Dec. 30th, '04 Continental Tire Bowl Boston College (8-3-0) v. North Carolina (6-5-0) I'd really love to see N.C win this one but with Doug and Darren Flutie in attendence and with that solid lineup, B.C. (not the CFL Lions) should get a fine welcome to the A.C.C, where they will play next year. B.C by 11.

Saturday, Jan. 11th, '05 Outback Bowl {no rules, just right?] Wisconsin v. Georgia. A battle of two VERY GOOD teams. Wisconsin by 1.

Saturday, Feb. 22nd, '05 Hula Bowl in Maui Kai OVER Aina by 13." Moose

Wed, Dec 8 "NCAA report!" Moose

The University of Hawai'i beat Michigan St. Univ., 41-38 for their third victory in a row and fourth in the last six. With their 7-5-0 record (tied second in the Western Athletic Conference), the Warriors will face the Univ. of Alabama-Birmingham (8-4-0) on Dec. 24th, 2004 in the Sheraton Hawai'i Bowl. The Warriors are favored by 6 points. 

Coach June Jones listed his starting lineup for the Warriors at
his Press Conference Monday; On Offence:

K - Justin Ayat, Sr. KR - Jason Rivers, So. H - Kainoa Akina, rJr. QB - Tim Chang, rSr. FB - Wes Keli'ikipi III, Sr. RB - Michael Brewster, Sr. WR- Chad Owens, Sr. WR- Britt Komine, rSr. WR- Gerald Welch, Sr. OL - Uriah Moenoa, Sr. OL - Phil Kauffman, Sr. OL - Sam Satele, So. OL - Herc Satele, rFr. OL - Tala Esera, rSo.

On Defence:

DL - Kila Kamakawio'ole, rJr. DL - Lui Funga, rSr. DL - Matt (Rocky) Fanga, rJr. 
DL - Melilia (Mel) Purcell III, So. LB - Chad Kapanui, rSr. LB - Watson Ho'oluli, Jr.
LB - Ikaika Curnan, Sr.
CB - Kenny Patton rSo. S - Lenny Peters, Jr. 
FS - Landon Kafentzis, Jr.
CB - Lono Manners, Sr. P - Kurt Milne, Jr.

Moose Salzer's All-American NCAA 1st and 2nd teams, 2004 NCAA Season:

Offence: 1st Team:

QB - Matt Leinart (L), USC RB - Cedric Benson, Texas RB - J.J. Arrington, Calf.
TE - Heath Miller, VA.
WR- Chad Owens, Hawai'i WR- Brylon Edwards, Michigan
OL - Uriah Moenoa, Hawai'i
OL - Alex Baron, Fla. St. OL - Ben Wilkerson, LSU 
OL - Elton Brown, VA. OL - Sam Mayes, Okla. St. K - Mike Nugent, THE Ohio St.
KR - Jason Rivers, Hawai'i
H - Kainoa Akina, Hawai'i P - Brandon Fields, Mich. St.

2nd Team:

QB - Tim Chang, Hawai'i RB - Carnell Williams, Auburn WB - Reggie Bush, USC
OE - Taylor Stubblefield, Purdue
WR - Mark Clayton, Oklahoma 
WR - Aslan Davis, Tulsa OL - Rob Pettit, Pitt. OL - Marcus McNeil, Auburn
OL - Vince Carter, Okla.
OL - Jaml Brown, Okla. OL - Dave Baas, Michaigan
K - Tyler Jones, Boise St.
PR - Chad Owens, Hawai'i P - Kurt Milne, Hawai'i

NCAA Notes: Several Hawai'i and Virginia players chosen in my All- America choices this year, as usual, but then I see a lot of their games so I know good choices when I see them. Yea, they'll be disputes here and there. So be it. Things to consider when we see the University of Hawai'i in a few weeks, the day before Milikelikimaka Day in the (for the last 2 yrs.) Sheraton Hawai'i Bowl. I saw it '99 when it was still the Aloha Bowl. Hawai'i QB Timmy Chang has tied Nick Rolovich, current San Jose Sabercat pivot, for single season University of Hawai'i most TD passes w/ 34.

He could and should break that on Dec. 24th. Really, despite two blowout losses this season, an 8-5-0 mark would be very respectable! They should beat Alabama-Birmingham, who is it should be noted, a really good team. They won't win in Hawai'i though. I wasn't able to make the Hawai'i State High School Championships and I won't be able to make the Hawai'i Bowl or the Jan. 22nd Hula Bowl either; gotta save for the Jacksonville Super Bowl XXXIX and the Feb. 13th Pro Bowl, which will be either my sixth or seventh, I'll have to check. Much Aloha and Mahalo to Super Bowl Wayne Lavelle for talking to me the other night on 'The Ball', 790 AM Sports and Gabriel Morency, Sportsrage, AM 990, for the plugs and airtime. I am sure Myk and I will see both in Jackosnville and I will see Wayne back in Honolulu for the 26th NFL Hawai'i Pro Bowl. On both above mentioned shows, Gabriel and Wayne and I talked NCAA Footie. I really wanted to talk NFL Global Junior Footie, but we ran out of time. Pls. Mr. Morency, invite me back in a few weeks, near the Bowl time to talk about that and Preview upcoming the NFL Global Junior Football, which Myk and I liked so well in San Diego @ Terrell Davis

Mira Mesa High School in Jan. '03.

Other NCAA News: Hawai'i Sr. WR Chad Ownes is sixth in the nation with 114 points on 19 TDs (9th in the nation). QB Tim Chang is 20th in the NCAA's in passer rating with 327 completions of 556 attempts for 59% (Nick Rolovich still hold the alltime record with 64%), 3,853 yards for 34 TDs and only 15 INTs. Tim is the NCAA alltime leader in TDs, INTs, Yds, Atts., Comps. His single season best in yardage was 4,474 yds., in '02, pretty remarkable when you consider he split seven games with Shawn Withy-Allen that year and was benched in two games, just like last year's final two games (in favor of Jason 'Opie' Wheildon). In fact, he was redshirted after 3 games in '01 (lost his job that season to Senior Rolovich anyway) and has missed 5 starts in his career at U of H. I believe Timmy would have had 19,000 yds. passing in the NCAA's if he had played four full seasons. 

had nearly 5,000 yds., in '01, despite only playing in 9 games and only starting 8 of those. So in recapping, Timmy, despite having Shawn Withy-Allen, Nick Rolovich and Jared Flint (all of whom later played in one Pro League or another the last three seasons) around, he still played (and passed) enough to break the former NCAA record of 15,000+ career yards. No Ka Oi! Mahalo and Aloha to all 26 seniors on the Hawai'i Warriors for another overall great year - provided you win yourself's YOUR HAWAI'I Bowl and finish with an 8-5-0 mark. And guys, no brawls at the end, eh?" Moose

Wed, Dec 1 04 "NCAA Uni of Hawaii report!" Moose

NCAA Update: Timmy Chang has now thrown a career high 30 TDs in a season as the Univ. of Hawai'i never trailed v. highly ranked Northwestern, home of 'Hoax of the 20th Century' author Arthur Butz. Chad Ownes 81 yard punt return was highlighted on Sports Centre and as much as I really like Chris (Boomer) Berman, Chris there is no such thing as 'Rainbow Warriors'. As I've stated before, The Kane (Men's) teams at U of H are called Warriors, The Wahinies are called Rainbows. Why do these hoalies on the mainland have so much trouble with that. Same question June Jones is asking himself. Chris, you are forgiven though. 

Scores from Saturdays NCAA games:
Hawai'i 49, Northwestern 41
Louisville 70, Cincinnati 7 (Danny Barrett's school takes it on the chops!)
Tennessee 37, Kentucky 31
Syracuse 43, Boston College 17
Texas Tech 31, Oklahoma St. 15
Georgia 19, Georgia Tech 13
Maryland 13, Wake Forest 7" Moose

Thurs, Nov 25 04 "NCAA Uni of Hawaii report!" Moose

The University of Hawai'i clobbered the University of Idaho, 52-21 behind Timmy Chang's 6 TD passes. Chang had previously thrown 4 TDs in an NCAA game three times and 3 TDs six times since 2000. He threw his 6 TDs to three different receivers. Sophomore Jason Rivers caught 4 of the TDs, to give him 6 on the season, which is third on the team.

The lanky receiver, who has dropped 11 passes this year drew this cautious comment from ex-NFL/CFL QB and his Coach June Jones, "He has a chance to play at the next level - if he gets keeps control of the ball - and gets faster." No Ashley Lelie here, eh? New backup QB Jack Rolovich, younger brother of ex-Warrior and Ar.FL/NFL/NFL E QB Nick, is the fourth backup QB to play for the Warriors this season. Chad Kapanui (LB-DB-KR), Kainoa Akina (RB-QB), Brandon Satcher and Jeffrey Rhode all have taken snaps this year. Only Tyler Gaunke (RB-QB-DB) & Ryan Stickler haven't played yet. Chang is a fifth-year senior, playing his final innings. He will be in the NFL next year. The new offensive line played well too. It now consists of Kanoi LaCount, Tala Esera, Herc Satele, Daniel Inferrera and converted tackle, Sam Satele, an honorable mention All-WAC choice last year, who has moved to Centre. This Saturday in Honolulu, the Warriors play Northwestern University. Good luck, kanakas!" Moose

Wed, Nov 17 04 "NCAA Uni of Hawaii report!" Moose

University of Hawai'i Warriors Kane Football Team has three home games remaining and still has an outside chance at a Bowl game, even with it's subpar 4-5-0 mark. If they win out, with a 7-5 mark they could still play in the Hawai'i Bowl, the day before Milikelikimaka Day (Dec. 24th, 2004).

The Warriors finally dropped undersized Centre Derek Fa'avi and two seniors; former Saint Louis High School Crusader, Phil Kauffman and fellow senior Chad Kahale from the starting lineup on the much-beleagured Offencive Line. It's too bad for Kauffman and Kahale, who are good players but now with the recent demise of the Hawai'i Islanders of Arenafootball2, there is no place else, probably to play post graduation. Fa'avi had been over acheieving for years and really was playing out of position. The new starting Offencive Line-up is: LT-RT: Uriah Moenoa, who most expect to be the NFL or CFL next year, Tala Esera, Sam Satele, Brandon Eaton at centre, and newcomer Danny Inferrera, who's brother is a third-string WR for the Warriors.

Hawai'i Passing: 
T. Chang 420-244-58%-2,656-20TDs-9
K. Akina (RB-QB) 19- 7- 37%- 84- 0 -4
C. Kapanui(DB/QB)3 0 0% 0 0 0
B. Santcher 2 1 50% 23 0 0

Hawai'i Rushing:
M. Brewster 84 - 549 - 6.5 - 6 TDs
W. Keli'ikipi 38 - 200 - 5.3 3
K. Akina 12 - 102 - 8.5 1

Hawai'i Receiving:
C. Ownes 69 - 675 - 7 TDs
B. Komine 50 - 544 - 3
G. Welch 38 - 579 - 3
J. Rivers 27 - 281 2
S. Poumele 24 212 2
R. Dickerson 14 132 1" Moose

Sat, Nov 6, 04 "Super Bowl Wayne is back! NCAA footy Update!" 

Super Bowl Wayne is back together with Marti Sorenson. It is good to see Wayne back in good health and back on the Radio. I was on with him last Thursday night discussing the impact on Hawai'i Football that Timothy Robert Chang's all-time passing yardage and other records will have on the Hawai'ian people and the Warrior Football Program. Wayne covers all Hawai'i Sports and especially Football and Basketball (read: below!) Western Athletic Conference basketball season in the NCAAs is about to start this weekend and Hawai'i only has one returning starter. Hawai'i 1st joined the WAC in 1998. They were 11-7 in Conference last year and 21-12 overall. 

I predict the Warriors will have a 15-3 season in Conference and will finish the year around 20-13 or 19-14. Also: Classes at the University of Hawai'i @ Manoa were rescheduled because of a flood after heavy rainstorms knocked out electric power in many buildings on campus. Damage at the Hamilton Library was so extensive that it will remain closed until further notice, library officials have said. Costs are said to be in the millions of dollar$." Moose

Thurs, Nov 4, 04 "NCAA footy Update! All Hawai'i related University Football!" Moose

* In the 1993 Hula Bowl game, current NFL Seattle QB Trent Dilfer compiled 474 total yards v. Colorado, to rank fourth alltime in NCAA Bowl game history.

*Aloha Bowl Player Awardss by school and position:

1993 - Dave Barr, California, QB Jerrot Willard, California, LB Larry Blue, Iowa, DLm
1994 - Chad Davis, Wash. St., QB
Ron Childs, Wash. St., LB Adrian Robinson, Baylor, DB
1995 - Kyle Bryant, Texas A & M, K
Keith Mitchell, Texas A & M, LB Jarrett Irons, Michigan, LB
1996 - Sedric Shaw, Iowa, RB
James DeVries, Iowa, DLm Shane Dunn, Texas Tech, LB
1997 - Billy Dicken, Purdue, QB
Adrian Beasley, Purdue, S Kevin Williams, Oklahoma, DB-LB

* In 1945 there was a 'Poi' Bowl game played in Hawai'i between Navy (14) & Army-Air Force (0) Attendance 29,000 at the old 'Termite Palace'.

Hawai'i All Americans, 1st team alltime:

1941 - Nolle Smith, OB/DB 1968 - Tim Buchanan, LB Hawai'i Academic All-Americans:
1997 - Chris Shinnick, DB
2002 - Shawn Withy-Allen, QB/H-KR

Hawai'i Bowl game wins: 1989 - Aloha Bowl, Coach Bob Wagner 1992 - Holiday Bowl, Coach Bob Wagner 1999 - Aloha Bowl, Coach June Junes 2003 - Hawai'i Bowl, Coach June Jones, 3 O.T. Periods v. Univ. of Houston

** The Aloha Bowl, which plays at Aloha Stadium (capacity 50,000) is now called the Hawai'i Bowl since 2001**" Moose

Fri, Oct 29, 04 "NCAA footy Update! Timmy Chang, the Hawai'i QB will break the all-time NCAA passing yardage mark Friday night!" Moose

Records could fall in the Friday night matchup between Boise St., in Merrill Hoge's Idaho and the Hawai'i Warriors. As I was driving in Virginia Beach, VA my former home yesterday, I saw a car with a Hawai'i Warriors license plate frame. A-friggin'-mazing! I honked the horn and drove by him giving the Hawai'i shaka sign. He must have been here in the NAVY. Well, at least their are two of us 'kanakas' in town now. 

Timmy Chang, the Hawai'i QB will break the alltime NCAA passing yardage mark Friday night. Pretty amazing since he was benched in '01 after 3 games in favor of then senior Nick Rolo- vich and he split the QB job, alternating with my favorite QBing kanaka, Shawn Withy-Allen in '02. 

He also was benched the last two games of last season in favor of last year's senior holder/back-up QB Jason 'Opie' Weildon. Despite these cold streaks (usually three per year) Chang has 13 TDs and only 1 INT. so far in Hawai'i's surprisingly dull 3-3-0 season. Expect Tim to be a third round draft pick in the spring '05 NFL draft. I know Indy needs a back-up QB badly. Just as long as Peyton Manning's 'manning-isms' don't wear off on him (like never winning big games)." Moose

"Oh no, Moose ripping into Peyton Manning again! Peyton you Champ!" Myk Aussie

Wed Oct 27, 04 "NCAA footy Update" Moose

Hawai'i 41, New Mex. 23
Florida St. 36, Virginia 3
Notre Dame 27, Navy 9
Norfolk St. 58, Hampton 10
USC 45, Ariz. St. 7
Oklahoma 31, Kansas 21
Auburn 38, Arkansas 20
Iowa 33, Ohio St. 7
California 45, UCLA 28
Mich. St. 51, Minnesota 17
Bridge Water 63, Guiford 7
C. Carolina 21, VMI 14
N.C. St. 13, Maryland 3
Wisc. 20, Purdue 7
Florida 52, M. Tenn. 16
GA. Tech 24, Duke 7
Christopher Newport 48, Chowan 7

Notes - Hawai'i QB Timmy Chang, injured in last week's loss to Nevada, is back and needs 134 yards to be the NCAA's all-time passing yardage leader. Christopher Newport here in Virginia also is very active in the relatively new Constitution Party and their Div. III football team, three years old, is playing very well. To get in touch with Virginia's newest team, contact: or

Next week more on
Timmy Chang's record that could stand forever! To Rick Gosselin of the Dallas Morning News - grow up. The Arena Football League has it's own minor League - it's called Arena2. The Arena League is A PRO FOOTBALL League. But your College Football reports are good, I admit." Moose

Tues Oct 5, 04 "NCAA scores" Moose

NCAA Scores:
Hawai'i 44, Tulsa 16
Arizona St. 24, Oregon 10
TCU 21, Army 17
La. Tech 28, Fresno St. 21
Wisconsin 24, Illionois 7
Duke 28, The Citadel 10
Mississippi 40, Georgia 28
W.Ill. 49, Akron 20
N. Texas 30, Kansas 28
UCLA 33, UCU 10
San Jose St. 70, Rice 33
UNLV 48, Nevada 24

Hawai'i's Timmy Chang 602 yards from the alltime NCAA yardage mark of Utah's Ty Detmer. "Good luck, brudder. No Ka Oi! E Mua, Havai'i!" Moose

Tues Sept 14, 04 "Moose's Uni of Hawaii NCAA update!" Myk Aussie

NCAA Update By: Rich Salzer Starting Units at University of Hawai'i Warriors Kane Football Team: Offence X - C. Owens H - B. Komine LT- U. Moenoa LG- S. Satele C - B. Eaton RG- D. Fa'avi RT- T. Esera Y - G. Welch Z - S. Poumele QB- T. Chang FB - W. Keli'ikipi Defence LE - K. Kamakawiwo'ole LT - L. Fuga RT - R. Faga RE - M. Purcell LB - C. Kapanui MLB- I. Curnan LB - T. J. Moe CB - A. Elimimian S - L. Peters FS - C. Hollingsworth CB - K. Patton Specialists: KR/PRs: M. Brewster, M. Bass Ks - J. Ayat P - K. Milne Game One - 

The University of Hawai'i lost their season opener, in O.T. to the Howard Schnellenberger coached Florida Atlantic University. It was the F.A.'s third season of Varsity Football, the first in Div. I and their first trip to play the University of Hawai'i. Mike Brewster scored two TDs for the Warriors & Tim Chang, who the University is selling bobblehead dolls of in the Rainbow- Tique Store, threw two TDs also. The Final score was Florida Atlantic 35, Hawai'i 28 in overtime. 

The newest Ast. Coach is former San Diego Riptide Coach, Darrell 'Mouse' Davis. Davis, 72, also coached in the NFL E and the Arena League. His career Record is 31-30. His Riptide finished tied for second with fellow Hawai'i Ast. Cal Lee's Hawai'ian Islanders at 8-8-0 in the West Div. of the Af2 National Conference. Davis Coached Hawai'i Coach June Jones III at Portland State in '75-'76. He and Jones also Coached together with the Toronto Argonauts ('82), the Houston Gamblers ('84) & Denver Gold (USFL '85) and with the Detroit Lions and Atlanta Falcons in the NFL. 

It is not sure yet whether Davis will coach the Riptide again in the spring but Cal Lee will be back at the helm of the Af2 Islanders. He may lose a QB as I dropped off the highlight tape of Shawn Withy-Allen and Kekei Misipeka to Tony Playter and G.M. Roy Shivers of the Saskatchewan Rough- riders when I was in Regina this past week. Good luck to all the players above and to rest of the Warriors in '04! E Mua! [Number #1]." Moose

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