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"Hi Guys and Cool Women  welcome to me NFL Footy webWORLD. This will be one of the biggest and best areas of MYKwebWORLD with vast amounts of "Myk's Mates Club MYKwebTV" Myk Aussie 

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Washington Redskins defeated Philadelphia Eagles 17 - 12. I took the Eagles at -5.5 on

Redskins defeating the Eagles in Philly was a huge win especially with Donovan McNabb the now Redskins quarterback returning to Philly wher ehe was there quarterback for 1 seasons.

Eagles loosing their quarterback Michael Vick early in the game with a rib injury was disastorous. I am a huge Vick fan (on the field) and he was the main reason I was very confident they were going to win.
" Myk Aussie

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Redskins Sean Taylor was tragically shot in Miami.
Lots has been said and written over the past weeks about Sean tragically and apparently for no reason getting shot dead in his Miami home in late November.

From the Sports report I wrote in
March about the Pro Bowl and Sean's hit.
"Congratulations to Indianapolis Colts on winning the NFL Super Bowl. They have been a very good team now for many years and a worthy winner. The NFL Pro Bowl a week later was, Wow! Over the past years many media have bagged the Pro Bowl saying it was a bit of a joke with many players not committed on the day and I have to somewhat agree with that. However the hit by Redskins Sean Taylor on the Bills punter Brian Moorman was as good a hit as I
ve ever seen.
For the hit on Youtube Click here

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Fri, July 29 06 "Moose's extensive Redskins 06 preview! Lots of NFL MYKwebTV!" Myk

Wow! The Redskins could be better this year as they have gained two very good Wide Receivers in Super Bowl Steeler Antwann Randall El "McPherson" while Santana Moss returns.

From Moose "Washington, NFC East. Team started in 1932 as Boston Indians. 2005 Record: 11-7-0, lost to Seattle in Divisional semi-finals, after upsetting Tampa Bay and Jonny Gruden in first round playoff. Has 3-2 mark in 5 Super Bowls, but two were following strike shortened years. Coach: Joe Gibbs. QBs: Mark Brunell (L), Jason Campbell, Todd Collins.

Newcomers to watch: S Adam Archuleta, DE Andre Carter San Francisco, WR Brandon Lloyd San Francisco, TE Christian Fauria (Hawai'i) New England, LB Rock McIntosh 2nd pick from U. Miami, FL., WR/KR/RB/QB Antwann Randall El Pittsburgh, CB Kenny Wright Jacksonville.

Outlook: Gibbs absolutely did his best Coaching job ever in the NFL, last year, in his second stint with Washington by taking a bunch of Nobody's to Tampa and pulling a big upset in the first round of the Playoffs. In the off-season, the 'Skins got rid of two headaches named LB Lavar Arrington (suckered the fools with the New York Giants into taking him for big bucks) and then unloaded talented but spoiled Pat Ramsey, QB, on the New Jersey Giants stadium's other tenants, the Jets. This cleared money needed to address positions that the 'Skins need to bulk up if they want to keep pace with the Cowboys and Eagles in their Division.

Before last year you could have called this the NFC Least, but now it could be the strongest Division in the Conference! Brunell is expected to start for two more years, then give way to Collins, a first round pick back in '97 with AFC's Buffalo, or last years second pick, Campbell formerly of Auburn. It'll be interesting in camp for sure. Brunell has new weapons to throw to in TE Fauria, the best they've  had at position in a while and Randall El, a versatile type from the Champ Steelers. He reminds us of Brian Mitchell, who could play all those positions years ago, who spent his whole career in the NFC East (Washington/N.Y. G-Men/Philadelphia) and finished as the NFL's all-time leader in Total yardage (fourth all-time in Pro Football history behind Pinball Clemons and Gizmo Williams of the CFL and the Ar.FL's Barry Wagner, who was just released by San Jose).

Santana Moss returned after riding a shuttle to and from the aforementioned Jets and had a career year at WR. If there are enough balls to go around with Randall El, this will be the best WR combo in the NFC East. The additions of Archuleta, McIntosh and Carter should strengthen the Defence and help out, especially Joe Salve'a, DLm, at rush end. With the retirement of Tom Tupa, the punting could get worse, but he was injured all year in '05 anyway. Predicted Finish: Third NFC East but still could make playoffs with a 9-7-0 or 10-6-0 mark, if Dallas or Philly falters, both of which could happen.
" Moose

"If you would like to add your comments about how you think the Redskins will go in 06 or comment on Moose's preview above please email me and I will add your report.

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Thurs, Aug 18th 05 "Scott's fantastic NFL Washington Redskins 05 preview! Mooses preview as well" Myk Aussie

Washington Redskins 2005 Preview By: Scott Baxter

Home Stadium - [formerly known as Jack Kent Cooke Stadium], Landover, MD. 
NFL Titles - 5 - 3 Super Bowl wins in five appearances, two-Strike Shortened Year Super Bowl wins,  2 more NFL Championships: 1937, 1942.

2004 record: 6-10 2004 season: In his second stint as head coach of the Washington Redskins, Joe Gibbs was supposed to restore the success the Skins achieved during the 80s and very early 90s. However, his famed offense never showed up as they ranked next to last in almost every offensive category in the NFL (only the woeful Bears were worse). The surprising part was that the Skins defense ranked 3rd overall in the NFL, helped by the addition of defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, and Pro-Bowl linebacker Marcus Washington and FA signees Shawn Springs and Cornelius Griffin. However, the defense was wasted on a horrible, horrible offense that scored 20 or more points only three times in 2004 (30 points once) and scored only 24 touchdowns, which was next to last in the NFL behind the Chicago Bears.

Biggest Gains: Casey Rabach - C (FA-Ravens), Santana Moss - WR (trade-Jets), David Patten (FA-Patriots), Tony Dixon - S (FA-Cowboys), Carlos Rodgers - DB (draft), Jason Campbell - QB (draft)

Biggest Losses: Fred Smoot - DB (FA-Vikings), Antonio Pierce - MLB (FA-Giants), Lavernaues Coles - WR (trade-Jets), Rod Gardner - WR (trade-Panthers)

Positions: Quarterback: Patrick Ramsey (starter), Mark Brunell, Jason Campbell Verdict: Biggest weakness (among other weaknesses) on the Skins. The Skins will employ a shotgun formation, something never used by Joe Gibbs in the past. 

Patrick Ramsey - Been hit on more times than a hot chick in a singles bar, holds the ball too long, questionable touch and his psyche is questionable due to the many benchings and trade rumors about him. However, he has the best arm on the team, and could be serviceable as a starter.

Mark Brunell - No arm at all. As the joke goes, he can throw it 30 yards on one bounce. Last year, he completed under 50% of his passes, and had a woeful 5 yard average per attempt, easily the worst in the NFL. Doesn't have the mobility anymore like he had in his earlier days with Jacksonville. Is an OK backup due to his starting experience, but with his contract signed last year (7 years $43 mil., and trading a 3rd round pick for him), he was a colossal failure as a starter.

Jason Campbell - In a surprising move by the Skins, and a sign that the organization has a extreme lack of trust in Ramsey, they traded 3 picks including a 2006 1st round pick in order to move up in this years' draft to get Jason Campbell from Auburn University. Supposedly, Campbell has poise in the pocket from early reports, but I don't understand this move at all because Gibbs will only be coaching the next couple of years. To me, it was a wasted pick.

Running Backs: Clinton Portis - Rushed for 1315 yards, but he only averaged 3.8 yards a carry and scored 6 TDs. Clearly, his type of rushing style did not fit with the slow developing counter-trap offense. He was either feast or famine in terms of rushing. He would either rush for 150 yards or more, or rush for 50 or less yards, nothing in between, plus he fumbled 5 times, a career high (before this season he carried over 200 times w/out a fumble) Look for another 350 carry season like last year, when he led the NFL in rushing attempts. Ladell Betts is a decent backup. Good speed, decent size (5'11", 220lbs.), and above average hands out of the backfield.

Wide Receivers/Tight Ends: Santana Moss, David Patten, and Taylor Jacobs (bust), Kevin (1 yard short) Dyson, or Darneiran McCants

Skins traded receiver Laveranues Coles (90 catches) and Rod Gardner, the top two receivers last year. Coles was shipped to the NY Jets for speedy Santana Moss, and Gardner was recently traded to the Panthers for a low round pick (a move that the Skins will come to regret in my opinion). The offense is looking for more speed out of the WR position, and Moss and FA signee David Patten (ex-Arena baller from the Patriots) provide that. However, they are about 5'7" each, and the Skins only have one receiver over 6'1" (and that is woefully inconsistent McCants). Another questionable move by the organization by going small for speed.  

However, '04 rookie Chris Cooley (a surprisingly wise move up to the 3rd round) was impressive as an H-back/TE for the Skins. He caught 31 passes and a team leading 6 receiving TDs. Cooley, out of Utah, was defintely a favorite red zone target throughout the year. Look for those numbers to improve to about 50 catches and 6-8 TDs this year. TEs Robert Royal and Brian Kozlowski are primarily blocking tight ends.

Offensive line - committed the most false starts in the NFL in 2004.

Right tackle: Jon Jansen - suffered Achilles tendon injury on the first play in the '04 preseason. BIG, BIG loss. The right tackle position was an eyesore, and the best one was Ray Brown, who is 43 years old. Jansen, when healthy, is a Pro-Bowl caliber tackle, and their best lineman.

Guard: Derrick Dockery and Randy Thomas - Thomas signed a big FA deal from the Jets 2 years ago when the Skins signed every Jet except Joe Namath, Mark Gastineau, and Freeman McNeil. Thomas has been OK at best. Dockery, a 2nd year man from Texas, could be very good. Has a mean streak and is 6'6", 340lbs.

Center: Casey Rabach - Rabach was signed from the Ravens after the '04 season. He was the best center available in FA class, and is (and shockingly) the Skins biggest FA signing. An improvement over Cory Raymer (but then Corey Feldman could have been an improvement as well.)

Left tackle: Chris Samuels - Restructured his deal with the Skins so he wouldn't be a salary cap casualty. Never has become the dominant offensive lineman he was projected to be when drafted by the Skins. More of a pass protector than a run blocker, he has never really recovered since his ankle injury in a 2002 preseason game.  

Special teams: Ok, but went through about 2 or 3 kickers when John Hall went down with an injury. Swedish Import Kicker Ola Kimrin [formery Frankfurt & Cologne, NFLE ]was only reliable within 30 yards, and former 49er Jeff Chandler was reliable from inside 40 yards. Hall provides better kickoffs and is better at longer field goals. Tom Tupa was one of the best punters in the NFL (tied for the lead in the NFC in average), and was second in the NFL in total punts with 103 (behind the Bears punter Brad Maynard). However, that was a testament of how pathetic the Skins offense was in 2004. On returns, look for Moss to do some of the punt return work, and Betts to handle kickoffs. Chad Morton was a disappointment as a returner after signing a restricted FA deal from the Jets in 2003.

Defense: The strength of the Skins last year. 3rd in the NFL in total defense and 2nd against the run with average talent on the defensive line. Amazing, since Lavar Arrington was injured for most of last year. However, they only recovered 8 fumbles (tied for lowest in NFL) and only had 26 takeaways. That is 22nd in the NFL; too low for a top-3 defense.

D-Line - Did great against the run, but put little pressure on the qb in 2004. Look for the same again in 2005. Phillip Daniels is the best defensive end, but only had 3 sacks in '04 and was injured half the time. Joe Salave'a, Va. Beach native Brandon Noble did yeoman work against the run, and Cornelius Griffin had an awesome all-around year in 1st year with the Skins as a defensive tackle (70 tackles and 6 sacks). Another stellar season for Griffin will get him in the Pro-Bowl in 2005.

Linebacker - A reason why the defense did well in 2004. However, Antonio Pierce will be sorely missed after he signed with the Giants in the offseason. He provided 160 tackles, and was a coach on the field. Lemar Marshall, who filled in well for Lavar Arrington, will now play the middle. A questionable move since he only weighs 227 lbs. Arrington will provide highlight reel plays and hits because he is extremely talented and fast, but is over-aggressive, and lack of discipline gets out of position a lot of times. Marcus Washington was stellar FA signing for the Skins, providing 102 tackles, 5 sacks and just being around every play. Chris Clemons was a pleasant surprise as a third down rusher/hybrid edge LB by providing 6 sacks. Marshall's play in the middle will be a big key of how this defense will do in 2005. He must provide at or near the level of play that Pierce provided in the middle in 2004.

Secondary - Shawn Springs had a career year in 2004 with six sacks and five interceptions. Made everybody forget the loss of Champ Bailey. Gregg Williams used Springs a lot of times in corner blitzes because of his strength and size. Sean Taylor, when not in legal trouble, can provide a game changer as a safety. However, his immature act in the offseason has worn thin at times with Gibbs (Taylor did not return phone calls from Gibbs in the offseason), but his immense talent overrides his transgressions. 1st round draft pick Carlos Rodgers (a solid pick by the way) must perform well to offset the loss of Fred Smoot, who left for the Vikings in the offseason. Rodgers has been hampered with a bad foot, so veteran Walt (15 yard cushion) Harris will back up on the other corner slot. Harris will also be the nickel/dime DB. The great Darrell Green is with the Skins, but unfortunately he is the DBs coach. Matt Bowen and Tony Dixon are average safeties. Bowen provides big hits, but is not a great tackler, and Dixon can provide an extra blitzer for Williams' schemes.     

2005 outlook - The Skins HAVE to do well. If they have a way below .500 record this season, it will make the Campbell decision look even worse. Look for the Skins to use their defense as its backbone again and the offense to be run-oriented with some bombs thrown in to speedy receivers Moss and Patten. The Skins MUST score a lot more than 24 touchdowns in order to be considered a wild card contender. Another factor is the discipline and perception. The Skins were one of the most penalized teams in the NFL (most of them caused by the offensive line). Also Gibbs had trouble getting plays in time causing needless timeouts (cost them in the 1st Cowboys game). Some people feel that the game has passed Gibbs by with his play calling and the blocking schemes, and the fact he has had trouble adjusting to today's salary cap and expanding offenses. The first year will be considered an adjustment year. This year, he has no excuses.  

The first six games, the Skins have 3 winable games at home (Chicago, Seattle, San Fran), and 3 tough road games (Dallas -haven't won in Dallas since '95, when Heath Shuler was the starter, Denver and KC) with a bye week in between the first 6 games. The Skins could have a decent start if they can win one of those road games and a road game later at the Giants. Their schedule is not the hardest in the NFL.

However, this is a Dan Snyder owned team, which means undermining, chaos, favortism, and mediocrity. I just do not feel the positive buzz like the beginning of last year. The offense has not improved that much, and no matter what the defense does, the Skins are no more than a .500 at best due to their stagnant offense and their shaky play at quarterback. For the Skins to be successful, Patrick Ramsey must pull a Drew Brees-like season in order to keep his job and stay in the organization.

The thing against the Skins is that they play in a division that one of the teams, Dallas has beaten them every time except once since 1998, and the other, the Eagles, the Skins have not beaten them since 2001, and haven't won at home against the Eagles since 1999. Plus, they have been .500 against the Giants since 1998 That is 4-5 losses guaranteed since 1998! So, as long as they continue to flounder in their own division, they will have no margin for error against the other teams. Personally, that trade for Campbell was horrible.

Prediction: 7-9 , no playoffs for the Skins due to their continued lack of success in their own division." Scott

"Thanks Scott a amazing Redskins in depth 05 preview!" Myk

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Thurs, Aug 11th 05 "Moose's NFL Washington Redskins 05 preview!" Myk Aussie

From Moose "Washington NFL Preview, 2005 3-2 in Five Super Bowls. [Originally the Boston Indians, 1932] Coach: Joe Gibbs. QBs: Pat Ramsey, Jason  Campbell, Mark Brunell. Other Key players: Clint Portis, RB, WR

Santana Moss, Centre Casey Rabach, OT Jon Janssen, S Matt Bowen, DT Brandon Noble, LBs LaVar Arrington & Marcus Washington, P/H/QB Tom Tupa. Noble and Janssen are welcome back sights after

Spending most of last season on Injured reserve. Both Lines, Offencive & Defencive had severe depth problems. More on the Offence later. Noble is from Virginia Beach, VA like Carolina Panthers Coach John

Fox. Speaking of Carolina, the Panthers just sent a draft pick to Washington for WR Rod Gardner. It’s lucky the R’s got Moss (no, Myk,Not Randy, Gibbs has enough problems) from the Jets. The biggest problem remains primary owner “Coach” Dan [Fantasy football] Snyder, who now wants to buy an Ar.FL team, so he can try to louse up that League as well. Snyder has the money but keeps interfering

w/ every Coach he hires. He thinks he knows more than them, even Gibbs, already in the Hall-of- Fame, barely. Gibbs is starting to get serious health problems and the question is why did he get back into the game, ego? The draft for Washington was absolutely the worst in the NFC this past spring, maybe in the League. But let’s report on something positive here; the Special Teams. Or as former Special Teams Coach Marv Levy used to call, “the kicking teams.” Tupa for one is headed to the Hall of Fame himself in a few years. He currently plays P/H but has played QB/RB/OE too during his 17 year NFL career. K John Hall rewarded Gibbs confidence after Gibbs bounced Swedish import Ola Kimrin early in the season. the coverage was about the middle of the pack for the NFC but returning, once a Gibbs and Washington hallmark, was a bit subpar. 

On Defence, Noble, will star up front. The LBing is good also and the secondary above average, too. The draft picks should help, but not enough this year. And…well, I can only stall so often…now to the Offence. A Coach once was asked about ‘offencive execution’, and said, “That’s a good idea.” That would be too simple a solution, but perhaps Gibbs should replace one of the old fogies on his average staff and replace them with Dr. Jack Kervorkian! Oopps, I mean Coach Dr. Kervorkian. TE/H-B Chris Cooley was very good as a rookie but now Gibbs is thinking of replacing him in the starting lineup with former Washington / Winnipeg’r Mike Sellers, 34, a mistake. Sellers was still a good FB, though inconsistent in Lake City a couple of yrs., ago. 

Clint Portis was everything Washington hoped he’d be carrying the ball last season after coming in a trade from Denver for Champ Bailey, who was pretty good for Denver, but not as good as John Lynch, the ex-Bucc. Since Gibbs wasted a draft pick on Jason Campbell when he already has a perfectly good QB in Pat Ramsey, who had trouble also in former Coach “Ballgame” Steve Spurrier’s ‘Bandit-Skin’ Offence a couple years back, he better be ready to go, since all ex-Jacksonville Jag Mark Brunell has left above the waist are memories! Brunell threw 7 TDs in 10 games (Hawai’i’s Timmy Chang throws that many in two games!), and had 6 INTs before being relegated to the bench. If Ramsey doesn’t make good this time (Gibbs stupidly released the QB that many think was POTENTIALLY the best on the team, Tim Hasselbeck, in May), or it could  be curtains for he and Gibbs. Sorry Scott Baxter, Washington is headed nowhere this season, but third place in the NFC East. Thank
. God that the Giants are in their Division! Predicted finish: 5-11-0.” Moose

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It is so cool to be the only Aussie that has regularly reported on the NFL for the past 5 years. Yep that's me, I have had NFL media passes at Super Bowl's, Pro Bowl's and other NFL games. Thus I am allowed into the NFL Media section and allowed to post their great reports on here. Much more coming over the coming weeks." Myk Aussie

Thanks Scott for a great report. Redskins fans you gotta check out Myk & Moose at NFL ProBowl 2003 with Tina Redskins cheerleader. Tina was voted #1 on as the hottest cheerleader. I agree Tina was definitely in the top cheerleaders in 2003. Click here " Myk Aussie

I look forward to you joining me in Mates Club for hours of Sports, Comedy, Babe TV Click here" Myk

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