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Tues, Dec 11 07 "Buc's 2007 NFL Playoff scenario direct from NFL Media! New Sports jersey Frames. The 1st shipment ever to Nth America. Order now. Available now for Christmas! Massive amounts of NFL MYKwebTV!" Myk Aussie

TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS 2007 NFL Playoff scenario direct from NFL Media.
IF NEW ORLEANS LOSES TO ATLANTA Tampa Bay clinches NFC South Division.
Tampa Bay clinches NFC South Division:
 1) TB win OR 2) NO loss OR 3) TB tie + NO tie

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Tues, Aug 8 06 "Moose's extensive Buc's 06 preview! Lots of NFL MYKwebTV!" Myk

From Moose "Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 31st season. 1-0 in Super Bowl XXXVII in Jan. '03. 2005 Record: 11-6-0. Coach: Jon Gruden. QBs: Chris Simms (L), Bruce Gradowski (rookie), Tim Rattay, Luke McKown. Top Draft Picks: G Davin Joseph, T Jerry Trueblood, WR Maurice Stovall. Newcomers: OT Torrin Tucker Dallas, G Toni Fonoti (HI) Minnesota and Jamie Winborne LB Jax.

The Buccs lost a bunch of good players, but before we get to who, listen to this: The Buccs are the only one of 32 NFL teams this off-season that returns 21 of 22 starters. The big loss? Why QB Brian Griese and his 15-5 record with Tampa the last two seasons. Griese went to the Bears where he will finally give Coach Lovie Smith a real QB to go with a good Defence. The bad news, or good depending on how he develops is that Chris Simms, who had that incredibly bad meltdown at home v. Washington in the first round of the playoffs, is now officially the starter. QB Coach Jay Gruden, who's Orlando Predators just lost ArenaBowl XX, will try to make Simms, son of ex-New York Giant great Phil a REAL starting Pro QB. Good luck to both.

Behind the pivots will be the best pass catching back in the NFC and a very good runner too, in Carnell WIlliams. Behind him is a bunch of question marks: FB Mike Alstott who's lost a step, Mike (Jailbird) Pittman and 5 nobodies. At TE Anthony Becht from the Jets a year ago took a very long time to grasp the Gruden Brothers Offence. He's backed up by ancient Dave Moore who once started at FB for these guys and can still block. Call him the Buccs Don Warren. At WR the Buccs are well stocked with Mike Clayton, Paris Warren, Chas Gessner and Joey Gallaway. The big, slow Offencive Line is average: Toni Fonoti, who bombed at San Diego and Minnesota, John Wade, Kenyatta Walker, Jeb Terry and Scott Jackson. The rest are filler. The Defencive Line still has Simeon Rice and Anthony McFarland, who's never become the second coming of Warren Sapp. The Es, Greg Spiers and Ellis Wymms are playing on barrowed time. It's time for Monte Kiffin to get new blood here. The LBs are lead by ex-Winnipeg Bomber Shelton Quarles and Pro Bowl and Super Bowl hero, Derrick Brooks. Youngsters Barrett Ruud, who's dad played for the Bills in the 70's, Jamie Winborne and Wesly Mallard (quack!) are almost ready to go.

In the secondary, Will Allen, Ronde Barber (N.Y.'s Tiki's brother), Torrie Cox, and another ex-Blue Bomber Juran Bolden are joined by rooks Dwight Elick and James Patrick. The Special Teams hasn't been the same since P/H/QB3 Thomas Tupa flew the coop to Washington two years ago. Josh Bidwell is a solid Punter but not a very good athlete (Tupa threw 12 career TDs!) and K  Matt Bryant is average. Coverage is solid but returns were down last year. Prediction: The Buccaneers are fast fading from competition in the NFC South. With stronger teams in New Orlean, Carolina and Atlanta, it'll be a miracle if they finish .500 and out of the cellar. I still dont' believe in little Simms, the lefty QB. Sorry, Phil. Last in the NFC South, 7-9-0 record. The Grudens will stay." Moose

"If you would like to add your comments about how you think the Bucs will go in 06 or comment on Moose's preview above please email me and I will add your report.

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Tues Aug 16, 05 "Moose's Tampa Bay Buccaneers 05 preview!" Myk

Moose and I were lucky enough to be at Super Bowl 37 for the whole week in San Diego, the year the Buc's won.

From Moose "Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 30th year. 1-0 in Super Bowls. Coach(es): Jon (& Jay) Gruden. QBs; Brian Griese, Chris Simms (where's Major applewhite?) and Luke McCown, ex-Brown's starter. Other Key players:

Fairfax Virginia's Charlie Garner, RB, FB Mike Alstott, S Dexter Jackson (former Super Bowl XXXVII MVP), WR Joey Galloway [primary owner of  the Columbus Destroyers, Ar.FL, where Jon's bro Jay Coaches the

Orlando Predators in the NFL offseason], DE Simeon Rice, LB-S Derrick Brooks, CB Brian Kelly, LB Sheldon Quarles (CFL-WInnipeg), K Matt Bryant, OLm John Wade. So you think 'Lil Jonny Gruden and bro Jay's

Bucc's are ready for the scrap heap and Jon'S JOB IS IN TROUBLE just three seasons after Myk and I ventured out to San Diego to see them cream Jon's ex-boss, Al Davis Raidahs, eh? Think again, mate.

The fun is just beginning. Griese was arguably the hottest QB down the stretch, completing a League leading 69.6% of his passes and he started out the year third-string! That was the free agent signing of the year as far as I am concerned, at least in the NFC last year. And in the offseason Jon and Jay reupped Brian for four more years. It may take that long to get the Buccs back to the SUper Bowl (that one'll be in L.A.!), BUT DON'T count on it. The Buccs parted company with some pretty heavy vet free agents in the offseason but had a killer draft and signed the best returning free agents from last year's team. Griese is the key however.

The Buccs early season schedule is easy and it won't get tough until they beat their Divisional opponents like Carolina and Atlanta. Simms tryout lasted about 19 plays before he separated his left passing shoulder. Griese, is the son of former Miami Super Bowl QB Bob and Simms is the lefty son of former two-time Super Bowl (2-0) Giants QB, Phil. But Chris is not as tough as his dad. The Offencive Line, lead by Wade, Todd Steusse, Dan Browning, Kay Walker and Matt Stichcomb is the best in the NFC South. The Buccaneers must do a better job of converting on third down - they were 29th in the League last year. But did better with 'Lil Griese in the linup than  Brad Johnson (back to Minnesota to back up Duante Culpepper) and Simms. Ronde Barber, Giants Tiki's twin brother is a very good CB and Kelly and

recently acquired Juran Bolden (CFL-Winnipeg Grey Cup team in '01) is a fine addition. They still miss John Lynch's hits and the Gruden braintrust admitted that it may have let him go a year too early. But realistically, the Buccs aren't going back to the Super Bowl this year anyway. If the running game improves and the Buccs can finish in the top 14 teams in converting 3rd and 4th downs, they should win 10 or 11 games easily. It'll be tough to pick the Buccs for the playoffs - they will finish behind Atlanta and Carolina. But then I like the Grudens - they are winners. Jay has six ArenaBowl rings and he and Jon have a Super Bowl ring each. Predicted finish: 10 or 11 wins, wild card playoff spot, finishing just ahead of Minnesota and Seattle. Jon  Gruden for Coach of the Year? Maybe...” Moose

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Thurs, Nov 11 04 "Buc's vs Falcons week 10!" Myk Aussie


From NFL Media


BUCCANEERS: Club seeks 4th win in past 5 after 0-4 start……QB BRIAN GRIESE has played in 4 games with Bucs, starting 3, & has 100.0+ passer rating in 3 of 4. Leads NFL with 0.9 INT pct (1 INT, 116 att)……RB MICHAEL PITTMAN has 990 career rushing attempts & needs 10 for 1,000. Rushed for career-high 3 TDs, including career-best 78-yard TD run, vs. KC…… Rookie 1st-round WR MICHAEL CLAYTON leads NFL rookies with 42 receptions & 595 yards receiving. Has 90+ yards receiving in 3 of past 5……WR JOEY GALLOWAY returned to action for 1st time since Week 1 & had 2 catches for 40 yards vs. Chiefs. WR TIM BROWN has 100 career TD catches & needs 1 to pass STEVE LARGENT (100) in 3rd all-time. WR JOE JUREVICIUS had career-best 100 yards receiving vs. Falcons (8 catches) on 12/8/02……Defense surrenders 174.3 passing yards per game, 4th-fewest in NFL……DE SIMEON RICE has 97 career sacks & needs 3 to become 3rd active player with 100…… KR TORRIE COX avgs 27.4 yards per KR, 2nd in NFL……

ATLANTA: Club seeks 7-2 start for only 2nd time in team history (1998)……Team averages 149.6 rushing yards per game, 3rd-most in NFL……QB MICHAEL VICK has 18-10-1 (.638) record as starter, including wins in 8 of past 10. Leads QBs with 463 rushing yards. Has 4 100-yard rushing games & needs 100-yard game to pass BILLY KILMER (4) for most 100s by QB in NFL history……RB WARRICK DUNN ties for 4th in NFC with 7 rushing TDs & needs 2 for career-high (8, ’00). Spent 1997-01 with Bucs, posting 2 1,000-yard seasons. RB TJ DUCKETT avgs. 4.7 yards per carry (47-219)……WR PEERLESS PRICE has catch in 79 games in row & had 1st multiple TD game with club in Week 8. WR BRIAN FINNERAN has 115 catches with club since ’01, 70.4 pct. for 1st downs (81 of 115)……TE ALGE CRUMPLER leads club with 31 receptions & 441 receiving yards……Defense has 20.0 sacks & DE PATRICK KERNEY has 7.0 sacks in past 7 games…… PR ALLEN ROSSUM ranks 2nd in NFL with 15.6 PR avg


It is so cool to be the only Aussie that has regularly reported on the NFL for the past 5 years. Yep that's me, I have had NFL media passes at Super Bowl's, Pro Bowl's and other NFL games. Thus I am allowed into the NFL Media section and allowed to post their great reports on here. Much more coming over the coming weeks." Myk Aussie

Sat Sept 11, 04 "Scott's Tampa Bay Buc's 04 Preview!" Myk Aussie

Tampa Bay Buccaneers All-time record: 118-237-1

NFL Titles - 1 (2002) Super Bowl Appearances - 1 (1-0)Defeated Oakland 48-21, Super Bowl XXXVII

Coach - Jon Gruden: 57-29 in 6 seasons (19-13 w/ Bucs) - 5-2 in playoffs 2003 record: 7-9

2003 review: Expectations were high for the Bucs as they won the title the previous year. However, the offensive line was awful, the defense did not play well, and the Keyshawn Johnson vs. Gruden confrontation was major distraction. All this led up to an under .500 season. They became only the fourth team in the Super Bowl era to have a less than .500 record after winning the Super Bowl the previous year. The biggest feud was between between overrated Keyshawn Johnson and Jon Gruden. Johnson, the loudmouth possession receiver, was suspended for the latter half of the season for insubordination and consistently not showing up for meetings and being late for practice. Also the defense had dropped from being the best unit in 2002 to being the 5th best unit in the league. The rush defense allowed over 104 yards a game, about the middle of the pack, but a drop off from near the top in 2002. Their biggest loss came on Monday night as they had a 21 point lead with under 5 minutes to go against the Indy Colts, only to see it vanish in regulation. The Colts won in OT and shattered the confidence of the Bucs, especially their once vaunted defense, who never recovered after that game.

2004 outlook: The Bucs dumped longtime GM Rich McKay, who is now with the Atlanta Falcons. In comes Bruce Allen from the Oakland Raiders. He is the son of former Skins coach George Allen (and brother of US Senator George Allen of Virginia). Bruce Allen and Gruden believe in George Allen's "The future is now" theory. They made significant changes in the offseason. They were the most active in free agency in signing ex-Raiders Tim Brown, Skins killer Charlie Garner, and Matt Stinchcomb. Also they tried to improve the O-line by signing Matt O'Dwyer and former Panther Todd Steussie. They also acquired receiver Joey Galloway from Dallas (Keyshawn trade), linebacker Ian Gold from the Broncos.

The biggest subtractions were Warren Sapp, John Lynch, and Keyshawn Johnson. Sapp, the soul of the franchise, was released and eventually signed with Gruden's former team, the Raiders, John Lynch, the All-Pro safety, who signed with the Broncos, and Johnson was traded to Dallas for Galloway.

The biggest question is Brad Johnson, who was beaten around pretty good with a lack of a running game. The offensive line additions will help, but privately, Johnson was not happy that Gruden tried to find any qb possible to replace him. Johnson might be replaced during the season with back up Chris Simms, who has looked great in camp, and a Gruden favorite.

The second biggest question is leadership. Sapp and Lynch were declining, but they were the leaders of the team. Will they have the leadership to replace this void? Luckily, they have All-World linebacker Derrick Brooks who is now the heart and soul of the Bucs.

The running game looks solid with the addition of Charlie Garner and Michael Bennett. Bennett will be suspended for 3 games due to his past troubles. Mike Alstott, who is coming back from neck surgery which end the last half of 2003, has looked impressive and will provide depth with that position.

Wide receiver is a weakness with the continued holdout of Kennan McCardell. McCardell is willing to sit out the whole year because he wants a restructured contract with the Bucs. The Bucs have balked at that idea, and McCardell still sits. 1st round pick Michael Clayton was a great pick so far. He needs to be. Joe Jurevicius is out for 6-8 weeks and that is a big blow for their west coast offense. Clayton and Joey Galloway must pick up the slack of the injured and holdout receivers. Galloway averaged 19.2 yards a catch in 2003 and will provide much needed speed that the Bucs have lacked. Tim Brown, picked up from the Raiders, will serve mostly as Clayton's mentor, but do not expect much from Brown for the gas tank may be empty.

Defense is very solid with Derrick Brooks and Simeon Rice, plus an improved and revamped secondary.

Kicker Martin Gramatica had a dissapointing year. He must improve or he is out. His kickoffs have significantly decreased in distance the last few years. Josh Bidwell was imported from the Packers to replace Tom Tupa, who signed with the Redskins.

The Bucs have never had a kickoff return for a touchdown in their franchise history.

2004 Prediction: 7-9 - The Bucs will contend for the playoffs with a very veteran roster. However, Brad Johnson is on a tight leash and might be replaced during the year if the Bucs do not improve from 2003. They will be better than the Falcons, but not as good as the Panthers and Saints." Scott


April 24 04 "All NFL off season news including NFL draft, Moose's weekly reports, my Jesse Palmer in ABC's The Bachelor comedy style weekly reports! Promoting NFL on MYKwebWORLD to the World!" Myk Aussie


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Dec 03' "A very disappointing season is over for the reigning Super Bowl Champs!" Myk Aussie


Enough said! A very disappointing season. Read below for Moose's Buc's preview. Email me for your thoughts on the Buc's season Lots coming in Sept 04 to Buc's webWORLD." Myk Aussie

Dec 8, 03' "More great Super Bowl XXXVII MYKwebTV coming next week! Keyshawn Johnson cry baby! Mooses HARDBall at times NFL report & all the results! A great NFL report from Neil!" Myk Aussie

Buc's fans I have unreal Super Bowl XXXVII MYKwebTV coming next week to "Myk's Mates Club MYKwebTV". Moose & I had a great week at the Super Bowl as we attended many of the media events & of course parties. Invest In Inet MYKwebTV! Myk's Mates Club Dec Free gift Special. Click here or email me for a 7+ day trial

Buc's fans what a disgrace! I can't believe Keyshawn spat & cried like a little school boy or do I mean school girl! Very very disappointing. I need to take him home to Aussie take him out practicing with me Aussie Rules Sth Gawler Lions footy mates that play for no $$ & see what he thinks. Get him to see how we love the game & train our asses off for no $$ but fun & mateship.

For me & Mooses's NFL reports & all the results Click here " Myk Aussie

Fri, Aug 1, 03 "Tampa Bay Buccaneers preview, the current Super Bowl Champions!" Myk Aussie

By Moose Salzer Tampa Bay Buccaneers started 1976.'02 record: 12-4-0. Coach: Jon Gruden. QBs: Brad Johnson, Chris Simms (L), Shaun King, Jim Miller, 
Tom Tupa (p/h). The most difficult thing this past off season for Jon Gruden was watching his brother Jay (who is also on Jon's staff w/ the Buc's) play Arena QB
for the Orlando Predators. But then since the Tampa Bay Storm won the Arena
Bowl, Tampa Bay is truly the Football City of Champions. Seriously, the Buc's didn't lose much more than Def. safety/ rover Dex Jackson, the Super Bowl XXXVII MVP (to Ariz.) in the off season.

They should more than make up for it w/ John Howell, who prepped in NFL E. the Buc's rolled through the reg. season last yr. w/ a club rec. 12-4-0 mark that had the Glazer family looking like geniuses for the all the draft picks they paid to da Raidahs last off season to Gruden & his system in place. Look for Jay to play a bigger role on the staff this season & to stop playing QB in the Arena League '04 since the untimely death of Preds H.Coach Fran Papasedero. Brad Johnson had a career yr. @ QB & Rob Johnson was jettisoned in the off season '03 to Washington. The real fight will be between the 3 guys competing for the back up role. Picking up a good NFL E vet like K Ralf Kleinmann from the three-time def. Champ Frank-furt Galaxy should improve the kicking game another notch, if he can beat out vet Martin Gramatica.

The future of Super Bowl standout RB Michael Pittman could be in doubt after
he violated his parole in Ariz. w/ another off season mishap. Enter Larry Csonka, Jr., or as most call him, Mike Alstott, who still has not been unleased in Gruden's system. Gruden took all 31 other G.M.s to the cleaners last season by picking up such excellent free agents as Eagle-killer, WR Joe Jurivicious & TE Ken Dilger, who
couldn't wait to get away from Peyton Manning's eccentricities in Indy 500

DLs Warren (I want to spare w/ Mike Sherman) Sapp & Simion Rice are joined by newcomer DeWayne White. @ LBs the Buc's have the strongest unit in the league. The secondary w/ CB Ronde Barber (Tiki's bro.) & perrenial Pro Bowler John Lynch is the best @ coverage this side of the Eagles, who put 3 men in the Pro Bowl last season. Myk & I were in San Diego to witness the crash'n-burn of the Barret Robbins-less  Raidahs (much to Myk's chagrin) & saw a show of complete domination. Folkes, the Buc's have no noticeable deficiencies & should have enough to make it back to Super Bowl XXXVIII, this time v. either Tom Brady's Pats, Rose's K.C. Chiefs or Myk's Broncos. Prediction: 12-4-0 again, 1st place NFC South." Moose

"Go Packers! Make sure to join "Myk's Mates Club MYKwebTV for unreal footage of me & Moose at the recent Super Bowl. Also unreal footage as I hang out on the sidelines of Pro Bowl with Warren Sapp, Brad Johnson & other star Buc's players. Good luck to the Buc's this season! Click here" Myk Aussie

Pro Football Weekly: NFL and Pro Football Video Picks with amazing coverage from Myk Aussie -The Pro Football Comedy Media Guy

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