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Aug, 06 "Weekly NFL reports on NFL webWORLD!"

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Sat Oct 16, 10. "I picked Giants for 13 points in week 6 in a great NFL tipping contest! Friday night Sept 17, I was talking NFL on Sports Rage with Gabriel Morency, Listen and watch now! Listen now. I got on The Jim Rome radio show Wed July 7 which has approx 4 million listeners and talked sports! Talking sports and often NFL on 5AA South Australian radio many weeks with Jeff Burzacott. Listen Live on the web! 153 of my 175+ Sports MYKwebTV and TotalCFLwebTV shows including lots of NFL are now on my Directors Channel!" Myk Aussie


NFL Pro Bowl cheerleaders

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My 2010 NFL week 6 picks in Nasty Nates 2010 Trans Canada Football Pool, a amazing NFL tipping contest coming Friday. Can I repeat in 2010 as the winner of this great competition, I've had a rough start. How to Play refer to Sat Sept 11 report below! Picks against the spread!

I had a terrible week 5 going 6-8 straight up. Against the spread I went a horrible 4-10. In this competition the team that I am most confident in winning, I give 14 points all the way down to the team I think will win, but am least confident about I give 1 point.

This weeks NFL picks are; 14
Pittsburgh Steelers, 13 New York Giants, 12 San Diego Chargers, 11 Chicago Bears, 10 Houston Texans, 9 Tennessee Titans, 8 New Orleans Saints, 7 Atlanta Falcons, 6 New York Jets, 5 Oakland Raiders, 4 Baltimore Ravens, 3 Washington Redskins, 2 Green Bay Packers, 1 Minnesota Vikings.

Against the spread. I used spreads this week. I will go for all of the above against the spread except I'll go for 1) Rams to cover the -9 against the Chargers, 2) Lions to cover the -10 against the Giants and 3) Dolphins to cover the -3.5 against the Packers. The Packers have several injuries, that game could go either way." Myk Aussie

Updated Sun Feb 10, 08 "Super Bowl pictures compliments of NFL Media!" Myk Aussie

Left: The catch of the game by Giants David Tyree. Middle: Giants QB and MVP Eli Manning holding the Super Bowl with coach Tom Coughlin. Right: The Huge Parade in New York. Pictures compliments of NFL Media." Myk Aussie

Tues Feb 5, 08 "Congratulations! The New York Giants upset the New England Patriots 17-14 to win Super Bowl XLII! A interview with MVP Eli Manning the Giants QB from NFL Media!

For the interview with MVP Eli Manning direct from NFL Media Click here" Myk Aussie

Sat Jan 2, 08 "New York Giants report from NFL Media! New Sports jersey Frames. The 1st shipment ever to Nth America. Order now. Available now! Massive amounts of NFL MYKwebTV!" Myk Aussie

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New York Giants report today Feb 2 from NFL Media.

By Mike Sando

The Giants completed their final practice before Super Bowl XLII, a roughly 50-minute walk-through session in which all players participated. "We're excited and we're ready to go," Giants coach Tom Coughlin said. "It's been a nice week in terms of working up to (the game) and we find ourselves right here, so we're looking forward to it." Wide receiver Plaxico Burress, unable to practice this week due to ankle and knee injuries, participated in the walk-through without limitation.

"I think he's a little bit better today," Coughlin said. "He gets a little bit better each day, and hopefully we'll be able to have some further improvement tomorrow."

The walk-through began with an abbreviated stretching session, followed by special teams, defense and offense. Team president John Mara and general manager Jerry Reese watched from the sideline under sunny skies at the Arizona Cardinals' practice facility in Tempe. Lt. Col. Greg Gadson, an inspirational figure for the Giants this season, watched from the sideline with his son, Jaelen. The elder Gadson, who lost both legs to a roadside bomb in Iraq, served an an honorary team captain, along with Hall of Famer Harry Carson, for the NFC Championship Game.

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Tues, Dec 11 07 "Giants 2007 NFL Playoff scenario direct from NFL Media! New Sports jersey Frames. The 1st shipment ever to Nth America. Order now. Available now for Christmas! Massive amounts of NFL MYKwebTV!" Myk Aussie

NEW YORK GIANTS 2007 NFL Playoff scenario direct from NFL Media.
IF NEW ORLEANS LOSES TO ATLANTA NY Giants clinch a playoff berth: 1) NYG win or tie OR 2) MIN loss or tie IF NEW ORLEANS BEATS ATLANTA. NY Giants clinch a playoff berth: 1) NYG win or tie OR 2) MIN loss or tie + NO loss or tie

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Wed, Feb 14 07 "Pro Football Legend William J. ''Tuna' Parcells retires after 20 year Head Coaching career by Moose Salzer and Michele DeWalt! I added this to New York Giants webwORLD as the Giants was where Bill was most successful in the NFL!" Myk Aussie

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From Moose and Michelle "The Parcells File: Head Football Coach, 20 years. NFL: 19, NCAA 1 (Record: 186-146-1). Born: Englewood, N.J., Aug. 22nd, 1941. Player: College / Wichita St. Position / TE. Coaching Record - NFL: New Jersey Giants, New England Patriots, New York Jets, Dallas Cowboys: 183-138-1. NCAA - Air Force Academy Falcons: 3-8-1. Ranks 14th in Pro Football History. Eligible for NFL Hall of Fame: 2012. Awards: 1986: Sporting News, UPI, AP NFL Coach of the Year; 1994: AP & UPI NFL Coach of the Year.

Coach Bill Parcells retired last week for the fourth time in his NFL Coaching career, this time for good. And he means it. One of only two Coaches to ever be profiled on Establishment show: Sixty Minutes, Parcells grew up in Teaneck, N.J. He was a good but not great athlete, known more for his physical rather than athletic prowess. A serious injury that caused the loss on one kidney his senior year shut him out of a possible Pro Football career (shades on Mike Shanahan!). Parcells worked his way up the Wichita St. Coaching ladder and left to become H.Coach at the Air Force Academy in 1978. Though outmanned, his Falcons played hard but ended his one and only NCAA season with a 3-8-1 record and he was replaced by Fisher DeBerry, who recently retired from the NCAAs. While at Air Force he became friends with current San Antonio Spurs NBA Coach Gregg Popovich, who Coached Air Force men's basketball. Popovich nicknamed him 'Wild Billy.' Parcells left Air Force in 1979 upon getting the New York Giants LB Coaching job.

That was the year they drafted QB Phil Simms, who would later lead them to two Super Bowl wins. Following the 1982 season, Coach Ray Perkins left the G-Men to take the University of Alabama NCAA Coaching job. (Popovich left the Falcons in 1979 to go to the NBA as a G.M.) Parcells, who moved up to Defencive  Coordinator in 1981 then got the Giants H.Coaching job. He almost lost it one year later. He acquired QB Jeff Rutledge (who would later go on to play in three different Super Bowls for three different NFL teams, an NFL record) and dropped Simms to thrid string! Scott Brunner who qb'd the team to a disastrous 3-12-1 record was traded to Denver in early '84 and Simms and Parcells patched up their differences and in two years time won their first Super Bowl together, 39-20 over John Elway, the greatest QB in Pro Football history. They repeated deal, 20-19, this time over ex-Montreal (CFL), Kansas City Chiefs (NFL), Chicago Blitz (USFL) Coach Marv Levy and the Buffalo Bills in Jan. 1991. Simms missed the game with injury but Jeff Hostetler filled in. Parcells who had been having heart trouble (yes, critics, he DOES have one!) and retired in May 1991.

He tried announcing, but came back in 1993 to Coach the New England Patriots for four years and with QB Drew Bledsoe went to the Jan. 1997 Super Bowl, with the Patriots losing 35-21 on Bledsoe's 4 INTs. Parcells then asked owner Bob Craft for his release and signed for three years with the Jets. The move cost the Jets two draft picks for 'tampering'. After the 1998 season, as the Ray Lucas lead Jets finished 8-3-0 in the regular season but lost to Elway's Broncos in the AFC Championship, Parcells came out with a book about his 'Last season as an NFL Coach'. The book bombed and Parcells didn't stay retired long. After Tony Dungy's firing by the Tampa Bay Buccs, Parcells signed a preliminary agreement to Coach the Buccs. He re-retired two days later. Then signed a four year deal, plus an option year, with the Cowboys, bringing him back to the NFC. Parcells, 65 just retired from that. If he had stayed under contract after Feb. 1st, the Cowboys would have had to pay him another $5.5mil.

Thus Parcells, who is 'Old School' embodied would have stayed on for the final year. Parcells sort of failed to bring the Cowboys back all the way, though despite going through Clint Stoerner, Chad  Hutchinson, Quincey Carter, Vinny Testeverde, Bledsoe (again) and Tony Romo, the 'Boys ended the Parcells Era, 34-32. Now, about that nickname, 'Tuna'. He got in from Hall-of-Fame Coach turned announcer John Madden, in 1986, when Madden brought him lunch. A tuna sandwich, Parcells' favorite. Terry Glenn? She'll miss him. So long, Bill. You were one of a kind!" Moose Salzer

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Mon, Aug 21 06 "Moose's Giants 06 preview! Lots of NFL MYKwebTV!" Myk

From Moose "N.Y. Giants (G-Men), 82nd Year, Five NFL titles, Two for three in Super Bowls. 2005 Record: 11-6-0, lost in playoffs to Carolina when QB Eli Manning (the worst of the Mannings?) went in the tank. Coach (?) Tom (Giggles) Coughlan, QBs: [the rest:] Tim Hasselbeck (who should be starting and who is the brother of Seattle's Matt], Josh Harris,

Other Key players: TE-OB Jared Lorenzen, LB LaVar Arrington (who makes spectacular plays but not enough PLAYS), Centre Shaun O'Hara, RB VA's Tiki Barber, Tampa CB Ronde's twin brother, WR Plaxico Burris, from VA Bch.'s Green Run High School, the poor guy, WR Amani (Benign) Toomer, TE Jeremy H. Shockey, DT Ryan Kuehl, Viginia, DE Mike Strachan and K Jay Feely (Ar.FL). Outlook: Jewel just came out earlier this year with an LP entitled 'No More Alice in Wonderland'. It's time to wake up and smell the stink of Eli Manning, masquerading as an NFL QB. It's not the poor kid's fault he's pretty lousy; he's been pushed into the job by applicable Coach, who knows this is his last chance to prove he belongs on an NFL sideline and by a kooky ownership group that thinks just because his name is 'Manning', he'll suddenly morph into Peyton II. Sorry; wrong answer.

Tim Hasselback, Matt's brother, who has also been with Philly and Washington is better. Lil' Manning belongs in Af2 or the NIFL! Manning managed to throw 24 eight yard TDs last year because he has the third best Offencive Line and the third best RB in the NFL. Even that won't be enough to save the G-Men  this year. Toomer, Shockey and  Burris peaked a year ago as Tiki ran through enough Defences to keep possession of the ball and let Jr., stay standing upright.

The Giants behind a very good Defence (Kuehl, Strachan, Ss Will Demps, Jason Shivers, Roy's nephew and CBs Jason Bell, Corey Webster and R.W. McQuarters, who may have to give change back this time) played it's guts out. They lost their second best LB Nick Griesen to Jacksonville and Quint Harris and McQuarters are on last legs in the secondary. The Special Teams is very average with a great K, no P to speak of and poor coverage but returns should be better this year.

The Offencive Line is gassed because Coughlan doesn't beleive in playing many subs. Outlook / Prediction: How can the G-Men win 11 games again when everybody knows what's coming at them Defencively. Does Arrington seem to be enough to replace Griesen, Shaun Williams, Will Allen, Kendrick Clancy? I didn;t think so. If this team is so great, why are droves of F/As leaving?! With Dallas better, Washingotn better, Philadelphia finally healthy, does N.Y./N.J. have a chance to get to the playoffs. Not this year. We'll see if Eli is anything this year. Remember they benched legendary Kurt Warner for him three years ago. Can you say dumb?  7-9-0, no playoffs. Coughlan gone after this season. Shockey next?!" Moose

"If you would like to add your comments about how you think the Patriots will go in 06 or comment on Moose's preview above please email me and I will add your report.

You can hear Moose weekly on Gabriel Morency's SportsRage Montreal Team 990 AM sports radio and on the Internet talking NFL Footy many Friday nights around 1am Eastern US and CDN time. I'm on late around 1.30-2am EST Friday or Monday nights as well talking sports in a comedy/crazy style. I think Gabriel Morency is the best sports radio guy in the World. To me he's like the Howard Stern of sports. I'm very confident you will like his show. To listen
Click here

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Thurs, Aug 18th 05 "Moose's NFL New York Giants 05 preview!" Myk

From Moose “New York (really New Jersey) [They would be} Giants, 81st season. Super Bowl record, 2-1. Coach {'Don't be late!']: Tom Coughlin. QBs: Eli Manning (if you can believe that...) Jessie (the Canadian) Body [also, the Batchelor] Palmer, Tim Hasselbeck. Other Key players: TE Jeremy (Ho) Shockey,  WR Amani (Benign) Toomer, DE-LB Michael (Overrated) Strachan, LB 

Nick Griesen (bro of former NFL, current Ar.FL QB Chris). This is another bad football team with 

no General Manager and a stiff-as-board/won't bend for anything puppet Coach. Aside from 

beating a bad Dallas team in the final game last year, Eli was horrid at QB. AND THEY STILL HAD KURT WARNER on the team.

Let's review: Kurt leads the team to a surprising 5-2 start. Then the Giants give up 13 sacks in 

the next two games, they lose to drop WARNER'S RECORD TO 5-4 AND Coughlin starts Eli (son of), who was third-string since playing horribly in relief in week one. All training camp Coughlin yapped about Jessie looked liked he was gonna be the guy, IF he could beat out Warner, which naturally he didn't. Manning - get this, on advise from Mom Olivia and Dad Archie 23-78-1, worst mark in NFL history as starting QB!) tell HIM NOT TO SIGN WITH SAN DIEGO! S.d. THEN 

HAS MONSTER 12-5 season. Talk about bad advice from parents! San Diego then settles for Phil Rivers, brother of former NFL/CFL/ NFL E QB. Peyton's brother gets one more chance to save Coughlin's job – and hold off the Jessie (Batchelor) ERA in Jersey. Will he be the next Jeff George, Andre Ware or Rick Mirer? How about Ryan Leaf. Those five guys will go down as the biggest number draftee flops in NFL history. Predicted finish: Fourth, 4-12-0 in NFC East.” Moose  

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Thurs, Nov 11 04 "Giants vs Cardinals week 10!" Myk Aussie


From NFL Media


GIANTS: Club seeks 4th consecutive road win for 1st time since ’00. Team leads NFC & ties for  2nd in NFL with 13 rushing TDs……QB KURT WARNER has 40-18 (.690) record as NFL starter & makes 1st career start vs. Cards. Has 65.0+ comp. pct. in 4 of 8 games……RB TIKI BARBER needs 180 yards rushing for 4th-career & 3rd consecutive 1,000-yard rushing season. Leads NFL with 1,231 yards from scrimmage (820 rush & 411 rec). Has 100+ yards rushing or receiving in  6 of 1st 8 games. Has 18-career 100-yard rushing games & needs 1 to tie JOE MORRIS (19) for most in club history……WR AMANI TOOMER has reception in club-record 91 games in row. Has 449 career receptions, 2nd to Barber (453) in club annals……TE JEREMY SHOCKEY has 5+ catch games in 5 of past 7 & ties for NFC lead among TEs with 3 TD catches……Defense has intercepted 4.0 pct. of opponents’ pass attempts (10 of 248), 4th-best in NFL……DT FRED ROBBINS had 2 sacks last week & has career-high 4, tied for 3rd-most among NFL DTs……Rookie 5th-round S GIBRIL WILSON ties for NFL rookie lead with 3 INTs & NFL lead among DBs with 3 sacks. 

CARDINALS: Club has forced 20 turnovers, tied with NYG for 2nd-most in NFL (Cin)……QB JOSH MC COWN has 60.0+ comp. pct. & 0 INTs in 4 of 8 starts in ‘04……RB EMMITT SMITH is NFL’s all-time leading rusher with 17,983 yards & needs 17 to become 1st player with 18,000. With 565 yards in 8 games, is on pace for his NFL record 12th 1,000-yard season. Has 19 TD runs vs. NYG, his 3rd-most vs. any club. RB TROY HAMBRICK avgs. 4.8 yards per carry (53 for 252)…… WR ANQUAN BOLDIN has 5+ catches in 13 of 18 career games. WR LARRY FITZGERALD ranks  2nd among rookie WRs with 31 rec. & 463 rec. yards. Had game-winning 2-yard TD catch last week. Second-year WR BRYANT JOHNSON has 29 catches (275 yards) & needs 7 to surpass rookie total (35 for 438)……TE FREDDIE JONES has 382 career catches, 2nd among active TEs (TONY GONZALEZ, 511)…...Defense hold foes to 33.3 red zone TD pct. (30 trips, 10 TDs), best in NFL. Club has 18.0 sacks after finishing ’03 with 21.0. Second-year DE CALVIN PACE ranks 2nd on club with 4.0 sacks……CB DUANE STARKS had 41-yard INT TD, his 2nd career & 1st with club.

It is so cool to be the only Aussie that has regularly reported on the NFL for the past 5 years.  Yep that's me, I have had NFL media passes at Super Bowl's, Pro Bowl's and other NFL games.  Thus I am allowed into the NFL Media section and allowed to post their great reports on here.  Much more coming over the coming weeks." Myk Aussie


Sept 4, 04 "Scott's New York Giants NFL 04 Preview! 

New York Giants NFL Titles - 6 (1927, 1934, 1938, 1956, 1986, 1990)
Super Bowl record: 2-1
(Won vs. Denver 39-20, Super Bowl XXI; Won vs. Buffalo 20-19, Super Bowl XXV; Lost vs. Baltimore Ravens 34-7, Super Bowl XXXV)

Coach: Tom Coughlin - 1st season with the NY Giants, 68-60 reg. season record in 8 seasons with the Jacksonville Jaguars (4-4 in playoffs).

2003 record: 4-12

2003 review: After making the playoffs in 2002 with a 10-6 record, expectations were high for Big Blue. Playoffs and possibly a Super Bowl apperance. However, such was not the case. The Giants never really recovered after a week 2 loss to the Dallas Cowboys on Monday night. The Giants staged a furious 4th quarter comeback and took the lead with 14 seconds to go. Matt Bryant, the kicker for the Giants kicked it out of bounds, and the Cowboys took advantage by tying the game up at the end of regulation and then winning in overtime with a field goal.  They would lose 11 more out of 14 games. Quite frankly, like the Redskins, the Giants pretty much quit the last half of the season. Jim Fassel, the coach of the Giants since 1997, was let go after the season finale.

2004: The Giants hired Tom Coughlin, a former assistant for the Giants under Bill Parcells, and a noted disciplinarian to help reform the New York Giants into a winning football club. The biggest news came on Draft Day this year when the Giants traded for the rights to the number one pick in the draft, Eli Manning. Also included is the signing of 2 time MVP and Super Bowl MVP Kurt Warner. Warner has not won a game since the 2001 NFC Championship Game, is trying to make a comeback, but will be no more than a seat warmer until Eli Manning is ready to start. Kerry Collins, the starter at quarterback for previous 5 seasons, was released and later signed with the Oakland Raiders

Question Marks: Coach Coughlin - Tom Coughlin has developed a reputation as a drill sargent, but has not developed the personality with the players and media to get away with it. Bill Parcells does the same thing, but he is a master with handling the media. Bill Belichick has developed a little better attitude with the media, and his players for that matter, than he did in his stint with the Cleveland Browns. Coughlin could get away with his marine style practices and discipline in Jacksonville, but it better produce results in Gotham or else it will wear thin quick. Also unlike Parcells or Belichick, Coughlin does not have his type of players from Jacksonville to help with the transition. Usually Parcells and Belichick will import players that have played for them in the past to help the younger and less motivated players from the previous staffs to help get with the program. Such is not the case for Coughlin. I find it kind of interesting.

Jeremy Shockey - Shockey is one of the best tight ends in the NFL. However, his health is questionable. Foot problems in the middle of the year ended his 2003 season, and the Giants offense suffered without him. They were 0-8 when he was not in the lineup. It would be imperative for him to be healthy for the Giants to have success. 

Corners - Will Allen and William Peterson were injured most of the year. When healthy, they are a good corner tandem. Their health will determine how good or bad the Giants defense will be.

Strengths: Michael Strahan - He is the heart of the New York Giants. Another stellar season for the future Hall of Famer. He had 18 sacks plus 9 tackles for losses. I would say that he was the lone bright spot in an otherwise dismal season for Big Blue. With him on the defensive line, the line can put pressure on the quarterback.

Receiving - Armani Toomer and Ike Hilliard are solid receivers. They are not speedy, but they get open with good route running. Toomer, who has the most receptions in team history (a record that was held for about 40 years by Frank Gifford. Yeah that one that used to be on Monday Night Football), had a relatively subpar season due to attention he received from opposing defenses and shotty qb play. He caught 63 passes (down from 82 in '03) and barely passed 1000 yards receiving. Hilliard has had injury problems in the past, but he is a solid second receiver.

Weaknesses: Offensive Line - Line was terrible last season due to injuries and poor play. Only Luke Petitgout remains at the same position from last year at left tackle, but the other 4 postions are up for grabs. Look for this to be a total problem in 2004 that won't be addressed until the next offseason.

Running Back - Tiki Barber has a decent combination of rushing and receiving. He had 1216 yards rushing plus 461 more receiving. However, he fumbled 9 times, a stat that Coughlin would greatly disapprove, and for Barber to improve. Also, he had only 2 rushing TD's the whole year. Ron Dayne, the Heisman winner from 1999, was a coach's scratch the whole season. Dayne has slimmed down in the offseason to around 240 pounds, but still does not hit the hole fast enough, and he is relatively easy to tackle for a back his size. They do not have much depth in running back to help challenge the veterans.

Also of note, the Giants only had 6 rushing touchdowns the whole year.

2004 prediction: The Giants are in a tough division with the Eagles, Cowboys, and Redskins. The Giants need everybody to be healthy because they have very little depth. Even so, it will still be tough for Big Blue to get out of 4th place.

6-10 - 4th place" Scott

Fri, May 21 04 "NFL Quarterback Jesse Palmer can finally stop seeing Mrs Palmer and her 5 daughters as he picks Cwoa Jessica in ABC's The Bachelor! " Myk Aussie

A Big Jesse Palmer ABC's the Bachelor and NFL Giants QB report coming. For those that don't understand me Aussie lingo and Mrs Palmer and her 5 daughters Click here Read below for some earlier episode comedy style reports on Jesse and his Cwoa's." Myk Aussie

Sat, April 24 04 "What will happen to stud Jesse Palmer as Eli Manning gets selected by the Chargers #1 but is now a Giant!" Myk Aussie

Oh no what will now happen to Canadian stud Jesse Palmer as Eli Manning brother of Champ Peyton Manning gets drafted #1 this morning by the San Diego Chargers but then gets traded to the New York Giants. It is believed the Giants will keep Kerry Collins and thus Jesse could be the #3 QB. Oh well at least Jesse will have lots of babes to take out after he dumps the Cwoa that he is meant to marry in ABC's The Bachelor.

It was another funny night watching Jesse entertain the Cwoa's and the 1 not Cool Woman Of America, Trish the Dish. What a great tart she is, stunning looking but this week admitting to having sex three days before going on this high rating TV show. The other girls can't stand her, she admits to having sex with at least 35 guys including a married man and she also admitted to being naked with 2 other Women. Wow! Trish the Dish survived and received a rose even after Jesse's friend told him how much of a gold digging tart she is. Personally I think she is Hot Hot hot but shouldn't be on the show.

The nightlights of the night were 1) Seeing Jesse be a great Canadian by kissing and getting romantic with many of the Babes, way to go Jesse. 2) Jesse saying he was cold because he was Canadian and it's cold up in Canada when really babe Jesse was freaking him out and coming on to strong with him in the apparently "cold tub" 3) My favorite highlight was seeing Jesse peeping through the window as Tara was trying on all the magnificent dresses. Way to go Jesse having a peak and getting rid of a load outside before going on a date with the beautiful Tara.

Five Cwoa's left and Trish. What a funny World we live in but the American and Canadians seem to love this show. I'm watching it simply because Jesse is a NFL footballer from Canada and I get a real laugh out of the way these Cwoa's seek fame and fortune in a someone screwed up TV World lots of people live in. Read below for my even more detailed previous week reports from ABC's The Bachelor" Myk "Wgll" Aussie

Fri, April 16 04 "Canadian fella & New York Giants Back up QB Jesse Palmer is down to ten Cwoa's but he's so horny he has to go visit Mrs Palmer & her 5 daughters again! Message from Warren "QBKilla" Sapp!" Myk Aussie

Week 2 of ABC's Bachelor was again a great laugh as Jesse Palmer the New York Giants Backup Quarterback got all ten Cwoa's names correct this week & gave out ten Red Roses to end the show. I'm not big into Reality shows but this is must watching as the Canadian fella does Canada proud.

Highlight of the show was when Jesse says to the Cwoa ladies at dinner that he was sick of waking up in the morning & not knowing the babes name that was next to him. Way to go Jesse be honest with them! Of course you are going to play around when you're younger at US College & then at the Giants. Sometimes it's better to bang a babe every now & then & then focus on footy during the week instead of getting involved with a Crazy Non Cwoa or Cwoc that will effect your game. A couple of the babes bailed him up on that though & wanted to make sure his tarting/banging around days were behind him. Well I'm not so sure on that as one of the Roses went to the gorgeous Julie 23 from Sacramento, a professional cheerleader who came on heavy with Jesse in the pool. See it seems this whole show could be a waste for Jesse as he might simply end up with a cheerleader anyway! Julie even wants to set Jesse's mates up with her cheerleader mates! I reckon Jesse should go for that offer but ABC executives will be pissed.

Jesse was loving it though as he even got to throw some passes in a NFL style game of footy with the babes. A long pass was caught by one of my early favorites the Beautiful Big Boobed & lovely Susie a 26 year old. Maybe Jesse should marry lovely Susie then he can Bang passes at her all week then get her to pick up all the balls & fetch them back to him, bit like a dog does! 

What about the Bitchiness though towards Jesse's current favorite the stunning Brunette Trish a 28 year old model from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She's definite Hot Hot Hot & confident but the other Cwoa's seem to be really jealous of her. Trouble is she's a bad girl as she admits to banging a married guy. You're done Trish with owning up to that you Crazy Not Cwoa Gold digger but hey if you're ever up here in Western Canada I'm not married so how about it. Trish the Hottie who stripped into her G-String/Thong in front of the girls at the pool. Wow! She told Jesse she can't speak French but she can do good things in French, French tongue lashing kissing I presume she meant.

The ten to make it through to join Jesse & Mrs Palmer & his 5 daughters are Trish in her Thong of course, Jessica B a 21 year old Blondie Babe & Law Student from Huntington Beach, Wow! Julie the cheerleader as mentioned,  Mandy J a gorgeous 26 year old Interior Designer from Austin, Texas, Susie the 23 year old as mentioned above the Wide Receiver with great titties, Tara the 23 year old long Blonde haired Bombshell from Norman OK, Jesse the 25 year old Attorney from Austin Texas, Wouldn't that be nice Jesse marries Jesse! at least he won't forget her name in the morning! Karen the Brunette who shitta her da pants last week by nearly missing out, Kate the beautiful Brunette & ring in &  my Dark Horse, & Jenny S Jesse's Canadian Spy friend. Can I count is that ten who cares I'm close enough & all excited now thinking of these hotties but I won't be visiting Mrs Palmer & her 5 daughters.

I did hear that seeing Jesse can't Bang any of these ladies "Yet" he is so horny he takes a visit each night to see Mrs Palmer & her 5 daughters for some much needed relief. More next week as Jesse will dump four more." Myk Aussie

Tues, April 13 04 "Sorry US & CDN mates re NFL news as Mrs Palmer & her 5 daughters are in trouble!" Myk Aussie

I don't think you guys understand what I am saying here. I tested this saying with a few Canucks on weekend.

Mrs Palmer & her 5 daughters ? Aussie saying, You know feeding the chooks, choking the chicken, pulling your pud, wanking. Have a read below you might enjoy my humor." Myk Aussie

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Thurs, April 8 04 "Happy Easter everyone! NFL news as Mrs Palmer & her 5 daughters are in trouble!" Myk Aussie

Mrs Palmer & her 5 daughters! Seems not only was Canuck & Giants Backup QB Jesse Palmer sick of visiting Mrs Palmer & her 5 daughters every day that he decided to be Bachelor.

Well last night Jesse got 25 of someone's daughters to choose from.

He had to get rid of 10 on the 1st night but Blew it in a different way to what he was used to with the 5 daughters.

Yep Jesse had 1 Red Rose left but mixed up Cwoa Karen with Cwoa Kate. A Smart Canuck Jesse is though as he got to keep 16 of someones daughters instead of 15.

Seems Jesse accepted the offer to go on the show as he was just sick & tired of visiting Mrs Palmer & her 5 daughters most days!!!!" Myk Aussie

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