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Sat Oct 2, 10. "In NFL week 4, I picked Lions against the spread! Friday night Sept 17, I was talking NFL on Sports Rage with Gabriel Morency, Listen and watch now! Listen now. I got on The Jim Rome radio show Wed July 7 which has approx 4 million listeners and talked sports! Talking sports and often NFL on 5AA South Australian radio many weeks with Jeff Burzacott. Listen Live on the web! 153 of my 175+ Sports MYKwebTV and TotalCFLwebTV shows including lots of NFL are now on my Directors Channel!" Myk Aussie

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My 2010 NFL week 4 picks in Nasty Nates 2010 Trans Canada Football Pool, a amazing NFL tipping contest!This week the picks are from 14 points to 1. ie the team I am most confident to win I give 14 pts. The 2nd most confident to win I give 13 pts all the way down to the team that I am least confident of to win I give 1 pt! Picks against the spread!
I had a very average week 3 going 8-8 straight up. Against the spread I went a horrible 5-11.

This weeks NFL picks are; 14
New Orleans Saints, 13 Green Bay Packers, 12 San Diego Chargers, 11 Cincinnati Bengal's, 10 Indianapolis Colts, 9 Atlanta Falcons, 8 Philadelphia Eagles, 7 New York Jets, 6 Houston Texans, 5 Tennessee Titans, 4 Chicago Bears, 3 Miami Dolphins, 2 Baltimore Ravens, 1 St Louis Rams.

Picks against the spread, this week I'm using the spreads. I am going for the teams above against the spread (my last 4 picks being underdogs) except for, I am going for the Broncos, Bills and Lions against the spread.

From Tuesday Sept 21. My week 2 bets report!

My bets were Vikings –5.5 at
Philadelphia Eagles –6 at
New Orleans Saints –6 at
. I thus went 0-3 against the spread.

Philadelphia Eagles defeated Detroit Lions 35-32.

My prediction that Eagles new starting quarterback Michael Vick would play a great game was correct. I thought my bet was all good just after 1/2 time as the Eagles were well infront, but it was not to be as the Lions fought back to nearly win at home.

News just in is that Vick will stay the Eagles starting quarterback. And so he should." Myk Aussie.

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Tues, Aug 15 06 "Moose's extensive Lions 06 preview! Lots of NFL MYKwebTV!" Myk

From Moose "Detroit Lions, started in 1930 as the Portsmouth (OH) Spartans, Won three NFL titles in the 1950's. One of five teams to still never have made the Super Bowl. Coach: Rod Marinelli. Offencive Coordinator: Mike Martz, Defencive Coordinator: Donnie Henderson. QBs: Jon Kitna, Josh McCown, Dan Orlaovsky. Other Key players: RBs: Shawn Bryson, Kevin Jones, FB Cory Schlesinger, OLm: Dominick  Raiola (HI), Damien Woody, Rick DeMulling, OT Jeff Backus and KS Don Muhlbach.

Outlook: Partly cloudy, but ("Fire") Matt Millen may [finally!] get it right as V.P./G.M. The NFL Leos finally cut their ties with four year ? Joey Harrington (he flew south to Miami, not Houston, mistake Texans!) and they dropped CFL'r Red Garcia, who only won them one game last year. And yes, more good news; Rick Mirer isn't coming back either! In are: Jon (Rusty) Kitna, Mr Never-quite-there Josh McCown and still as of yet, untested Orlovsky (sounds like a violinist in Yithak Perlman's band). At FB, the lions have the best this side of aging Tampa star Mike Alstott, Schlesinger, the pass catching hammer-blocker. The RB by committee may get a boost next year when injured Ram Marshall Faulk may join this team and his former Coach, one of the few players that got along with Martz. In charge of this hodgepodgelodge of an Offence is the afore mentioned Martz, who became the most hated man in Saint Louis when he destroyed Dick Vermeil's former Super Bowl winner in Gateway to the West town.

At least Martz has the best Offencive Line in his division: newcomers: Barry Stokes and Courtney Van Buren will love playing in the Dome and the best set of WRs in the League! Roy Williams, Charles Rogers and KR/WR Eddie Drummond backed by TEs Kory Dickerson ( a former star from NFLE), Dan Campbell, a former starter in Big 'D' & w/the N.Y. G-men and running out of steam Marcus Pollard. On Defence, Marinelli, the former Super Bowl D-Line Coach of Tampa Bay brought in bright younger Def. Coordinator in Henderson from the Jets (Lions1, Jets 0). The new scheme is revolving around the LBs this time not overweight and aging D-linemen, which is what got Jauron and Mariucci let go after last season. Big Dan Wilkerson is on last legs but Shaun Rogers and Clevland Pinkney are still good in the middle. The Es are: Marcus Bell, Tyoka Jackson, Bill Swancutt and James Hall...Help!

The LBs are the stars of this D...starters, Byron Bailey, Teddy Lehmann, LeVar Woods, Donte' Curry and Al Lewis. Good depth there. The secondary consists of Ss Mike Furrey, a former Arena League TD leader (46, three years ago), who played four positions for the Rams., Dre'Bly, from here in Chesapeake, VA, Stan WIlson, Idrees Price, also from the Ar.FL and Vern Foxx. The Special Teams has P Nick Harris a good one. Also K Jason Hanson, a 14-yr fixture. Drummond is the best KR in the NFC but not as good as Furrey, who may take over at PR or KR. He will also play WR, or RB. Outlook:

There's nowhere to go but up for the leos, make that Lions. No roar yet - from either the crowd or the players buy there ARE moving in the right direction. Since Brett Favre is on last legs in Green Bay, pencil the Leos in as at third in the NFC Norris Division and behind Minnesota and Defencive minded Chicago, who just got a boost from the signing of QB Brian Griese. Third, 8-8-0, no playoffs, yet..." Moose

"If you would like to add your comments about how you think the Lions will go in 06 or comment on Moose's preview above please email me and I will add your report.

You can hear Moose weekly on Gabriel Morency's SportsRage Montreal Team 990 AM sports radio and on the Internet talking NFL Footy many Friday nights around 1am Eastern US and CDN time. I'm on late around 1.30-2am EST Friday or Monday nights as well talking sports in a comedy/crazy style. I think Gabriel Morency is the best sports radio guy in the World. To me he's like the Howard Stern of sports. I'm very confident you will like his show. To listen Click here

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Thurs, July 28th 05 "Moose's NFL Detroit Lions 05 preview!"

Seeing that the Super Bowl is in Detroit this NFL season and many of my favorite teams are Lions lets hope the Detroit Lions have a great season so we will start Moose's excellent previews with the Lions." Myk Aussie

From Moose "Detroit Lions, 76th year. (News flash: former Lions QB Eric Hipple, who lost his starting job to Bob Gagliano, in ’88, stopped an armed man ‘knifing’ people at a BBQ in Mich. Two days ago. Way to go Eric!) Coach: Steve Mariucci. QBs: Joey Harrington, Red Garcia (many years removed from winning Calgary that Grey Cup in ’98!), Overweight rookie Dan Orlovsky.

Outlook: The Lions have been improving the last couple years under Mariucci but the heat has been turned up another notch on he and seemingly underachieving QB Harrington, a former Oregon Duck, who broke some of San Diego great, Dan Fouts records there. Harrington looked well enough to hold onto his starting job at least a little longer, after a strong recent showing at the NFL QB competition I saw on T.V a couple weeks ago.

But his improvement has been ‘glacial’. Orlovsky should be ready about the time the United States swears in it’s first Libertarian President in about 0’12 [the year of the 100th Grey Cup]! For now it’s Harrington or bust, unless Garcia, who was run out of town like a common pygmy with leopracy, after the fallout in Cleveland (4-12-0) last year. Garcia gave Mooch a lot of wins in San Francisco a couple of years ago, but his arm strength and athleticism is in  serious decline.

The Offencive Line is the team’s real strength and this year it is joined with a very good Defence, lead by new Defencive Coordinator, Jim Bates, former USFL / Ar.FL and late Miami Dolphins Coach (Interim; 3-2-0 record. Dolphins, who have no REAL Coach now should have kept him!). The O-Line’s mainstays include: Hawai’i’s Dominick Raiola. The decision to not resign TE Steve Alexander and former Hula Bowl WR, MVP, Dave (RinglingBros.& Barnum Bailey) Kirkus was dmub, dumber and dumberest (!?) – Where’s the depth? Sure, Charles Rogers, new TE’s Marcus Pollard and vet Werner Hippler, who went a full camp with the Lions in ’98, and WR Roy Williams are good, but also losing Reggie Swinton (CFL/AF2) hurts the Special Teams, which without also Oz Hakim at punt returner is also depleted.  The Defence Bates inherits is the best in the Division – barely.

Defencive Line consists of Shaun Rogers (no relation Chuck), Dan Wilkenson, James Hall and Cory Redding IS the best in the Division. Expect several of the Lions LBs to be in the Pro Bowl that Mykaussie and I plan on attending next Feb. ’06, after the Super Bowl in Motor City, also Feb. ’06. Lbs: Byron Bailey, Wali Rainer, Earl Homes, Teddy Lehman is a strong as the O-Line of Raiola,

Damien Woody, Kyle Kosier & Sean Bubin. The Secondary of two-time Super Bowl player ‘Dre Bly, from here in Chesapeake, VA, along with: Kenoy Kennedy and ex-CFL QB Keith Smith is very good also. Prediction: Without REAL depth how far can they go? I can see this team certainly getting an 8-8-0 mark and saving Mariucci (and Harrington) for one more year, but even getting Bates, a potentional H.Coach, to Coach the Defence for now won’t quite get them past either Green Bay or Minnesota in a tough NFC North Division." Moose

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Tues, Jan 25 05 "8.00am today I'll be on Detroit FM radio talking NFL footy!  9 out of 10 is the 1st rating in from the movie "Football Fan Frenzy" now on DVD!

8.00am Pacific Nth American time I'll for the second time be on Detroit FM radio with Greg and Michelle. It should again be a lot of fun.
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Testimonial "Myk Aussie your movie is as good as you told me it was! Very, very funny, you are a clown. Anyway what are you? Comedian, media guy, movie maker, you do it all. It was a pleasure meeting you! " Michael Landsberg, TSN Toronto

Mates call or email me for details on how to be involved in the next the 10th DVD edit of this movie or 1 403 870-5578. 

If you heard me on Detroit FM 97.1 today and are the 1st to email me I'll send you a copy of the DVD." Myk Aussie


Thurs, Nov 11 04 "Lions vs Jag's week 10!" Myk Aussie


From NFL Media


LIONS: Club leads NFL with +11 turnover ratio after finishing even in ’03. Offense has 68.8 red zone TD pct. (16 trips, 11 TDs), 5th in NFL……QB JOEY HARRINGTON has posted 90.0+ passer rating in 3 of past 5 games. Has 13 TD passes & needs 4 to equal career-best 17 in ’03. Has 106.0 4th-quarter passer rating (43-66, 506 yards, 2 INT) & ties for 2nd in NFL with 6 4th quarter TD passes……Rookie 1st-round WR ROY WILLIAMS (No. 7) leads rookies with 5 TDs & avgs. 1 TD every 5.4 receptions. Needs 2 TD catches to tie WILLIE GREEN (7, ’91) for club rookie mark……WR AZ-ZAHIR HAKIM leads clubs with 16.3 yards per catch avg. (24-391). Had 7 catches for 120 yards last week…D-line has posted 19.0 of club’s 23.0 sacks……DE JAMES HALL leads club with career-high 5.5 sacks……Rookie 2nd-round LB TEDDY LEHMAN has started all 8 games……CB FERNANDO BRYANT spent 1st 5 seasons with Jags (1999-03), starting 71 of his 72 games……KR EDDIE DRUMMOND ranks 3rd in NFC with 25.7-yard KR avg. K JASON HANSON has played in 200 games & needs 1 to pass WAYNE WALKER (200) for most in team history......

JAGUARS: Team returns from bye. Club is 5-3 after 8 games for 1st time since 1999 (7-1). Third-year QB DAVID GARRARD has completed 34 of 60 (56.7 pct.) career passes, including 2 of 2 in Wk. 7 for 28 yards. Has 1 career NFL start. Threw school-record 60 TDs in 44 games at East Carolina……RB FRED TAYLOR (510) is on pace for 4th 1,000-yard rushing season in past 5 years. Rookie RB GREG JONES (No. 55) is 3-for-3 on converting 3rd & 1 rush attempts into 1st downs……WR JIMMY SMITH leads NFL w/ 13 receptions of 20+ yards & has 100+ rec. yards in 3 of past 4. WR TROY EDWARDS leads club with 10 catches on 3rd down. Offense is 7 of 12 (58.3 pct.) on 4th down conversion tries……LB MIKE PETERSON has led club in tackles 8 games in row, tying club record (HARDY NICKERSON, 2001-02). S DONOVIN DARIUS leads NFL defensive players with 4 FRs. Jaguars are No. 2 in NFL in KO coverage, allowing 17.8 yards per return. Opponents’ avg. drive start after kickoff is 22.6, poorest field position in AFC

It is so cool to be the only Aussie that has regularly reported on the NFL for the past 5 years. Yep that's me, I have had NFL media passes at Super Bowl's, Pro Bowl's and other NFL games. Thus I am allowed into the NFL Media section and allowed to post their great reports on here. Much more coming over the coming weeks." Myk Aussie


Thurs, Oct 21 04 "Lions vs Giants injury report direct from NFL Media" Myk Aussie



Detroit Lions


LB Boss Bailey (knee)



RB Cory Schlesinger (hamstring)



CB Fernando Bryant (groin); LB Donte' Curry (knee); CB Andre' Goodman (hamstring); WR Az-Zahir Hakim (ankle); DT Dan Wilkinson (upper arm); WR Roy Williams (ankle)



DT Marcus Bell (shoulder); T Stockar McDougle (groin)



Listed players who did not participate in "team" practice:


(Defined as missing any portion of 11-on-11 team work)



LB Boss Bailey; DT Marcus Bell; CB Fernando Bryant; LB Donte' Curry; WR Az-Zahir Hakim; T Stockar McDougle; RB Cory Schlesinger; DT Dan Wilkinson; WR Roy Williams




New York Giants


DT Kenderick Allen (calf); DT Fred Robbins (shoulder)



Listed players who did not participate in "team" practice:


(Defined as missing any portion of 11-on-11 team work)



DT Kenderick Allen; DT Fred Robbins

Wed, Oct 20 04 "I'm now more of a NFL Lion as well as a BC Lion and Sth Gawler Lion! A new MYKwebWORLD sponsor on Detroit Lions webWORLD!" are now advertising on MYKwebWORLD. If you need NFL tickets this is the place to get them. Click here

The Detroit Lions are one of the NFL teams I decided to focus more on at the start of this season and guess what? I now have a paid Advertiser here on Detroit Lions webWORLD 

As you know I'm a BC Lion and a Sth Gawler Lion and more of a Detroit Lion now that they have come good of late. I've been waiting a few years and this is the year for me now to focus and support the Lions more plus I had a great radio interview a few weeks ago on Detroit FM Sports radio. They are Blue and White just like me home Aussie Rules footy team the Sth Gawler Lions. Go the Lions!" Myk Aussie

August 28, 04 "Moose's Detroit Lions NFL 04 Preview!" Myk Aussie

"Detroit, NFC North, Coach: Steve Marriucci, Team's all time>record: 471 wins, 500 losses, 32 ties, QBs: Joey Harrington, Mike McMahon, Rick Mirer. RB Avon Colbourne looked good in the 'AAA's in Europe this spring and new acquisitions like: CB Fernando Bryant, G Dave Loverne, ancient DB Braock Marion, who started in the Paleolithic Era, and G Damien Woody will help immediately. 

Coach Mooch will have a better year this year only because he
couldn't possibly have the injury situation he had last year again. No way. Harrington looks alternately very good or very ordinary and may have NFL Lions fans wishing they had kept B.C. Lion starter Dave Dickenson. Or maybe Dave Krieg. Or even Bob Galiano. Well, Rodney Peete is available. Sorry, I got carried away. 

Well traveled KR/WR Reggie Swinton {Wininipeg-CFL/Arkansas-Af2/Dallas/Green Bay/Det.-NFL} was a real help last year at mid-
season after Bill Schroeder and Oz Hakim got hurt (off'n-on) as KRs. They should have kept Schroeder because he is a great blocker. 41-year-old Ray Brown has retired leaving a big hole in the offencive line to fill. Former Univ. of Hawai'i/Hula Bowl'r Lui Fuata could make the team and would help since he can play three 'O' line positions. Mooch Mariucci should have a winning record for the First time in Detroit. Third in NFC North, 9-7-0." Moose

"If you are a NFL fan or official do you want to promote your favorite NFL team to the World via MYKwebWORLD and MYKwebTV. I am already talking to several NFL team officials. Email me for NFL 04 season details " Myk Aussie


South Gawler Lions Aussie Rules Footy MYKwebTV!"Lets hope the Lion roar in 2004! For the past 6 years I have been based in Canada covering the NFL and CFL the Detroit Lions are the only Lions that are not winning Lions" Myk Aussie

Tues Dec 8, 03' "Mooses HARDBall at times NFL report & all the results! A great NFL report from Neil! " Myk Aussie

For me & Mooses's NFL reports & all the results Click here " Myk Aussie

Thurs, Aug 14, 03 "Moose's Detroit Lions preview!" Myk Aussie

Detroit Lions...started in 1930 as Portsmouth Ohio Spartans}...'02 record:
3-13-0...Coach (for now) Steve (Underachiever) Mariucci...QBs: Joey Harrington, Mike McMahon, CorySauter (& maybe one or 2 of the Detmer sisters)...If their is anything redeemable about the always seemingly complaining coach
Steve Mariucci, its' #1 that he was a reserve CFL QB w/ Hamilton in '78 & #2

He had an outstanding record of 57-39 (including playoffs) in six yrs. in San Fran. It wasn't enough to save his job however as he was jettisoned in favor of tired retreat Dennis Erickson (another underachiever - career rec. w/ Sea. 31-33). After a Jeff Garcia lead comeback over the seemingly Super Bowl-bound New Jersey Giants
(they play there anyway!), aided by two bad kick snaps by 20-vet Trey Junkin, The 49ers got clobbered in the next round of the NFC playoffs & Mariucci was thrown out like last night refuse. 

Jeff Garcia hinted that maybe under Mariucci the 48ers lacked killer instinct or
something similar...Maybe so. But his job should be safe here for some time since all he has to do is top current Philly Off.Coor. Marty (Arena Bowl I) Morninghweg's paltry two-yr. mark of 5-27...To start w/ the NFL Lions (I personally like the CFL
ones better) had a very productive College draft...The best two pics in my
esteemed view (I like it!) was choosing two outstanding WRs that Myk & I had the pleasure of seeing in the Hula Bowl last Sat., Feb. 1st on the lovely Island of Maui: David (Circus) Kirkus & Charles Rogers...They join w/ Oz Hakim & Billy
Schroeder, the former Rhein Fire Slayer to give the Leos 4 good wideouts. Joining them on Off. are all-World FB Cory Schleisinger & slow-footed but productive RB James Stewart...

QBs Joey Harrington & Scott's buddy Mike McMahon (no relation!) have already toiled in Marty's version of the West coast 'O' so what's another couple yrs. in Mariucci's...Steve should feel @ home since he is from Michigan & it may be his last chance to rpove that he should be an NFL or any Pro League's team Head Coach. The best Off. Lineman is Honolulu's own Dominic Raiola who joins 40-yr-old Ray
Brown, who started another career this spring announcing NFL ('AAA') Euro games. Defensively Robert Porcher, who I rode a plane back with from Hawai'i @ Pro Bowl two yrs before Myk Aussie & I went to one together, Luther Eliss & Shaun Rogers give the Lions a chance to wreck havoc on Off. Lines. 

Despite Richmond, Virginia's John Jett @ P, Jason Hanson @ K & the return potential of Schroeder & Hakim (who were both hurt quite often last yr.) this team wasn't very good last season in kick returns & coverage...Bring back Scott Kowalkowski. or even Werner Hippler (a full camp in '98)...Trivia: Coach Mariucci & Washington's Steve Spurrier coached against one another in the '80's in the United States Football League - Spurrier was head bean counter w/ Tampa Bay's Bandits & Mariucci was WRs coach w/ the Orlando Renegades. Predicted finish: 5-11-0...Last Place, NFC North. It's good to see the original 'Black 'n Blue division back in order after all this time: Det., G. Bay, Chi. & Minnesota." Moose

South Gawler Lions Aussie Rules Footy MYKwebTV!"Lets hope the Lion roar in 2003! For the past 5 years I have been based in Canada covering the NFL and CFL the Detroit Lions are the only Lions that are not winning Lions" Myk Aussie

Pro Football Weekly: NFL and Pro Football Video Picks with amazing coverage from Myk Aussie -The Pro Football Comedy Media Guy

May 06. I have finished the New Massive Mates Club webWORLD. I hope you can join me in Mates Club for hours of NFL Sports, Comedy, Babe TV, your existing email link will get you to the new Mates Club Massive Menu or Click here" Myk Aussie


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