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 Myk trying to be a QB at NFL Pro Bowl!

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"Hi Guys and Cool Women  welcome to me Fighting/Wrestling webWORLD pic's" Myk Aussie

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Left: Myk is back left "Ralphy you old bastard. Your still strong you prick! All that spare time you got as a  Firey! Come on give in Zippity  Zap! " "Stuff you Myk you Prick!" Ralph Zip Zap Sewer Right: Me & me Fighting Footy Woodville Warrior Mates team photo as we take off to Bali for the 1990 Woodville Warriors footy trip.


"Myk as Bill Cliton Fightin here with Monika! He's trying to give Monika away to his Italian mate but of course Monika wants to stay with Bill! Halloween 2000 at Myk & his Mates Palace, Vancouver. There is unreal "Myk as Bill Cliton Myk's Mates Club MYKwebTV" coming March 27" Andrew Harrison, MYKwebWORLD Manager 


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Left: Myk & his ex Aussie Bird Al. Myk's not Fighting yet but "Hey Al you Crazy Aussie Bird! You'll get a good Belting if you keep doing that! " Myk 

Right: 2002 CFL season "Me Stampeder Tailgate Mates Fightin with the Calgary Cops as there's trouble in Marcus Crandell Town! Great photo's coming to "Myk's Mates club" compliments of me Calgary Doc,  Dr Zoom." Myk 


Left: "I'm definitely "Not Fightin" as I  take me girlfriend Pammy Lee Anderson Harrison shopping in Richmond, Canada." Myk Aussie

Right: "Yep I've had a few Fights in me life are drinking that "Stupid Booze"! But I like this photo from the Flinders Park Footy Trip "The Pig Tour" 9 day Pacific Cruise." Myk Aussie


Myk looking for a Fight, Grey Cup 1999. "Hey baby do you like my G-String! Myk

                         "I'm outta here. Hope you enjoyed me pics." Myk         


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Pro Wrestling Weekly: Wrestling and Boxing Video Picks with amazing coverage from Myk Aussie -The Pro Sports Comedy Media Guy


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