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"Mates down under we call hot Aussie babes "Birds". Lots of famous Aussie Birds coming to Myk's Mates Club" Myk Aussie

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 "NFL Pro Bowl Cwoa MYKwebTV!
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"Stop staring at my tits! Touch them! Cwoc Karen above  says. For funny column's, sexy sports pic's and MYKwebTV hope you can join us at Mates Club
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"Wow what a great pic of one of me fav Aussie Birds ever, Aussie Bird Al from Adelaide! Al is soo sexy & popular down in the Cayman Islands the locals even named a special event after her, "Burn's Night". This great photo was taken at Al Burn's night in Grand Cayman a few years ago. 

Me fav famous Aussie Birds will be great new segment on the new MYKwebWORLD." Myk Aussie

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