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"This sports report appeared in the January 2007 Calgary North Haven and area News." Myk Aussie


“Hi, I’m Myk Aussie the Australian Sports, Comedy, Media Guy that has been based in Western Canada the past nine years. Recently I moved from Brentwood into North Haven.

By the time you read this it will be very close to Super Bowl time unfortunately without the Denver Broncos. Whichever AFC team is in the game I think will win. I really like watching the NFL. I also really like the CFL. Some of you may have seen me over the years at the Stampeder games and the great tailgate party or heard me on QR77 Sportstalk with Mark Stephen. Again his year “some” of the Stampeder players thought they were a bit better than they actually were. It’s great to see this very proud club back on track after the recent “FTroop” disaster. Canadians that “bag” the CFL disappoint me.        

Yes there are Kangaroo’s in Calgary! Australian Rules Football, (no it’s not rugby) has always been my favorite sport to play and it still is now as we have the very successful Calgary Kangaroo’s. With increasing numbers we have formed a second team the Calgary Bears. Calgary based “Canadian” players Josh Symonds and Gareth Williams along with Matt Kid from Red Deer are heading to Houston on January 20th to represent Northwind which is team Canada to play against the USA National team. Josh Symonds is an excellent player with great skills, he’s strong and tough. Gareth is a tall excellent defender who often stands the best forwards of our arch rival the Vancouver guys. Matt is a very versatile player who represented Canada in the International tournament in Melbourne, Australia in 2005. Josh, Gareth and Matt have played here in Calgary since 2001 when the Roo’s were formed. These guys I’m sure will be great players for the Canadian National side in Houston and in the future.


In October 06 we went to Las Vegas and along with the Vancouver Cougars/Burnaby Eagles team were the only two Canadian based teams competing in the US Nationals of Australian Rules Football. After winning all of our tournaments in 2006 the US Footy boss put us straight into Division 2 where we won 2 of the 3 games and thus a very successful 1st trip. Starting in the spring time we practice Wednesday nights at Riley Park in Kenzington. If you are a guy that is fit or willing to get fit I’m very confident you will like our game that has exploded in Canada and the USA the past 5-10 years. It is a great time to come and join us now with the Calgary Bears being formed as we need some more players. I have a 4 part 70 minute MYKwebTV show on from Las Vegas that hopefully you will enjoy.    

Aussie Rules Footy is the most popular game in Australia just like Hockey is here in Canada
. I drive around during the day and evenings in Calgary and often see youngsters with the hockey net on the street and many young Iginla’s trying to beat the young Kiprusoff’s. Now that I’m writing here I better go and web sportscast a local hockey game.

Some Media News. There is still “some” good TV on the many TV stations here in
Canada. Other than watching sport, two great sports TV shows you might want to watch if you haven’t already are “Friday Night Lights”, Wednesdays at 9pm on NBC and a great Canadian production “Rent a Goalie” on Showcase Sunday and Tuesday nights 10.30pm.

Gabriel Morency who I think is the best sports radio guy in Canada has moved from the Team 990 Montreal AM and Internet radio to Toronto and on January 15 he debuts on Sirius Satellite radio. I better now get one of these extraterrestrial radios!”     


Myk Aussie
Hrs of Sports Comedy TV, columns.

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