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"This sports report appeared in the July 2007 Calgary North Haven and area News." Myk Aussie


"The Donald Daffy Disney Anaheim LA Ducks or whatever their name is recently won the Stanley Cup defeating the Ottawa Senators in 5 games. To me it was a disappointing Stanley Cup series. The Ottawa Senators did not play that well or was it as thought the West was way better than the East this year and a Western team was expected to win. Tampa Bay, Carolina and again this year the Stanley Cup goes to a city where many sports fans don't even care about Ice Hockey. Since arriving in Canada in March 1998 I eagerly await the day that a Canadian team can again win the Cup. Imagine how all the Edmonton Oilers fans felt as they watched the now hatred Chris Pronger carry the Cup around the rink. I like NHL Hockey but the season goes way too long. It's summer now. Garry Bettman finally did something good as well. Iím thinking it was he that made a phone call to the judge in LA to get Paris Hilton put back in jail. Yep, there is no doubt she would have been hanging around the players, celebrating with them in LA and putting herself all over the cup. Maybe thatís why sheís not eating in jail, sheís all upset she didnít get in the LA/Anaheim Stanley Cup media spot light.

Finally the 07 CFL season has started!
I believe the Stampeders will start the year strong. Will they again in 07 get over confident as the season approaches the play offs and then loose in the playoffs. I look forward to watching throughout the season how the new "1 Team" campaign goes for them. After some very over the top end zone celebrations last year and then Stamps receivers Jermaine Copeland and Nik Lewis's crazy sledge of Lions Champ Geroy Simons on TSN Off The Record, it appears this year coach Tom Higgins is being tougher on his players. They are promoting hard the "1 Team" message. Being individuals seeking the Terrell Owens type attention that some of them were in 06 it appears will not be tolerated. Iím not sure why coach Higgins didnít come down harder on the player in concern in 06 as he said on radio he didnít like the over the top end zone celebrations. I believe the Stampeders or the Lions will get to this years Grey Cup from the stronger CFL West. The Stampeders as many of you know have a great tailgate party, the Biggest in Canada. The guy that started it all is Grant Painter. In the 80ís when the Stampeders were in some financial trouble Grant camped outside Ranchmanís on McLeod trail for many days in very cold weather on the top of a 10+ metre scaffold set up. This gained a lot of media attention from Canada. Many Stampeder season tickets were sold as a result. On Saturday night I had the pleasure of attending Grantís 50th birthday party.

The recent Kelowna Cup of Australian Rules Football was a great event.  
What a great day of Aussie Rules Footy it was in Kelowna, British Columbia on June 2. The Kelowna Cup is unique in that the Canadian and non Australians play against each other and then the Australians play each other. The Alberta Canadians won the main game of the day and thus the Kelowna Cup defeating the BC Canadians. Mark Block Canada's national team head coach was there and he was impressed. I interviewed Mark for MYKwebTV and we discussed likely players from both Alberta and BC that could make the Northwind Canadian team. On July 7th we will again be holding the Stampede Cup of Australian Rules Football at Marlborough Pk in Calgaryís NW. I have heard that Vancouver will be bringing a strong side this year so it should be a great day of football. Malborough Pk is a great place to watch as the hill provides a great elevated view. I hope you can join us, sit on the hill and watch our great game.

See ya later!"

Myk Aussie
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