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"Hi Guys & Cool Women welcome to me Unique products e-store. Some great NFL, CFL & NHL jerseys & jackets etc etc below" Myk Aussie 

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"Bill Romanowski and Thomas Incledon PhD, their "Pure Romo Nutrition". I use it, it's great and it tastes great as well Click here " Myk

11) Updated Wed Feb 22nd, 06 "Football Fan Frenzy" The movie/documentary Running time 120  minutes. DVD now available. Legally I can not sell this movie "Yet" but... 

The 10th edit and 2nd to DVD is here! PLEASE EMAIL OR CALL ME IF YOU WANT TO BE INVOLVED IN PROMOTING THIS MOVIE. or Ph 011 1 403 870-5578. You will also have the option of having your name as a editor on the next 10th and final edit of the movie. The best 7 mins from Grey Cup 05 with the real Pamela Anderson will definitely be added. This 7 mins can now be viewed on my Mates Club MYKwebTV.

Moose and his mates have showings of the movie in Virginia. Moose has watched it 15 times he says while opinion has it from 1,000's of other sports fans that it is a very funny movie. You could be in this movie? If you are for legal reasons etc I need to talk to you. My aim is simple. To get to Hollywood myself and take the champ footy fans in the movie with me.

Testimonial "Myk your movies as good as you told me it was. Very, very funny, you are a clown! Anyway what are you ? Comedian, media guy, movie maker, you do it all!  It was a pleasure meeting you" Michael Landsberg, TSN Toronto

"This amazing movie I have watched at least 10 times. Myk Aussie travels to 3 NFL games, the CFL Grey Cup in Vancouver, NFL Pro Bowl in Hawaii, makes TV appearances in Toronto and  kicks it up bigtime on Halloween night at Pammy's BC Place.

Myk Aussie & his editors have made this movie very intense, it is brilliant. I just have to keep watching it every few weeks. 

Some of the informative but comedy style interviews Myk did at the NFL and CFL are fantastic & include Myk 1 on 1 with NFL players Bill Romanowski, Ed McCaffrey, Rod Smith, Darren Bennett, John Parrella &  John Carney. CFL players Danny McManus, Mike Morreale & all the Tiger Cats players. Media stars in Leslie Visser & Michael Landsberg. Many many Cwoc's & Cwoa's including Playmate Morgan Fox, CFL cheerleaders from Grey Cup in Vancouver & Myk's best mates in Hawaii they were of course all the NFL number 1 cheerleaders from Pro Bowl. Myk's comedy stars especially Pammy Lee Anderson Harrison, Bill Cliton, Monika LewinEsky, the famous BC Booze Brothers, Jeffry "the big hamma man" and Derek Eskimo. This movie is so good several major movie companies don't really know what to do with Myk. I firmly believe the popularity of MYKwebTV will get Myk to Hollywood." Richard Moose Salzer

If anyone believes they could be a part of this movie please contact me Ph 403 870-5578. I can explain my aims or I will remove you from the movie." Andrew Harrison, MYKwebWORLD Manager

For details on helping promote this movie email or Ph 403 870-5578 CDN Legally I can not sell this movie "Yet".

"To see me present Duncan Crazy Kicker this movie Click here "Myk Aussie

12) "Football Fan Frenzy 2" From Grey Cup 2001 to Grey Cup 2002. The movie/documentary. Running time 1 3/4 hrs. Legally I can not sell this movie "Yet"

This movie is for the avid CFL & NFL fan!  Includes Myk's Footy shows as shown on MYKwebTV over the past 15 mths. Includes Myk Aussie in Montreal for Grey Cup 2001, Myk & Moose at Pammy's BC Place for BC Lions vs Winnipeg Blue Bombers clash, Myk & Moose at Seahawk Stadium for Rd 4 NFL 2002 Seahawks vs Vikings game, Myk at Sexy Sexy Sonja's, Myk & Cwoc JJ Bones in Regina for Riders vs Bombers clash, Myk in Winnipeg for Riders vs Bombers clash, Myk in Winnipeg Cwoc huntinh & co-hosting at the Face Off Fitness Model search, Myk in Regina for BC Lions vs Riders clash, Myk & Cwoc Fanny Anny at CFL Western Final Eskimos vs Bombers, Myk, Moose & Fanny Anny at the CFL Grey Cup 2002. 

Includes Myk 1 on 1 interviewing many of the very top CFL stars including from the Blue Bombers Milt Stegall, Khari Jones, Mike Sellers, Dave Mudge, Tom Europe, Moe Elewonibi, Troy Westwood, Marcus Howell and Daved Benefield. Eskimos Ricky Ray, Jack Kellogg & Sean Fleming. Riders Nealon Greene. Alouettes Anwar Stewart, Marc Megna & all the Alouettes Grey Cup champ players. Also featuring the BC Booze Brothers, Melonhead, Duff from the Simpsons, Cool Cop Luke, Oiler Babe  & of course many of the great Cwoc  CFL cheerleaders. What a great CFL and NFL 2002 it was! For details on helping promote this movie email or
Ph 0 11 1 403 870-5578 CDN #

"To see me present Duncan Crazy Kicker this movie Click here "Myk Aussie

14) June 6, 04 Item below was given to Total-CFLer Eskinator! Win prizes on Discussion each week. Brand new still with the box & wrapper a Edmonton Eskimo CFL bobble head & a couple of EE stickers

Me Mates at Total-CFL or Ph 011 1 403 870-5578 CDN #

15) Wow ! Look what I have here. A Baltimore Stallions flag! A very unique product here on our Unique products e-store. Size is approx 300mm x 400mm


Introducing me Total-CFL Bay to Bid! Consider it like a donation to help grow! Make me, Brad & Moose a investment offer! Highest bidder wins by 1st regular season game of CFL season! Baltimore & TotalCFLers below a Grey Cup 95 souvenir program! or Ph 011 1403 870-5578 CDN #

16) Grey Cup souvenir programs! Wow this makes me laugh the Stamps won the great Grey Cup in 2001 but look at the front cover! It's the Eskimo's on it as they were favored to make the Grey Cup but as we know the Stamps ventured to Eskimo Land for the Western Final & caused a major upset. Then they even more amazingly beat the Blue Bombers in a great game at Olympic Stadium. Also a Baltimore Stallions winners Grey Cup 1995 program , a Grey Cup 2000 BC Lions year & a Grey Cup 2002 Alouettes winners program. They are all brand new.


Invest Now!! $8 US, $11 CDN each several 2001's available, 1 of 95 or for details on sending me cash, bank cheque or other items email or Ph 403 870-5578 CDN #

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