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"Hi Guys & Cool Women welcome to me Unique products e-store. More great NFL, CFL & NHL jerseys & jackets etc etc below" Myk Aussie

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"Bill Romanowski and Thomas Incledon PhD, their "Pure Romo Nutrition". I use it, it's great and it tastes great as well Click here " Myk

43)   June 6, 04 To be given away Wow! these front vehicle license plates are a big hit in Alberta! New ones to read & Total-CFLwebTV! My car gets so many looks with the magnificent Australia's & Eskimo's colors Green & Gold license plate here in Alberta. Cwoc Fanny Anny & Cwoc Donna's cars looks great in the Canadian & Stamps colors Red & White license plate. The next lot I make up will say "Total-CFLwebTV" Driving in BC was unreal. The people couldn't believe it as I think Alberta is 1 of the only places we can have one on the front. Pre drilled holes for easy mounting on these 1/4 inch plastic plates & water proofed they look great. More CFL team colors available upon request. New June 16 To be given away. Email me


To see 1 on me Probe check out "Myk's Car Racing webTV" as I drive through the mountains. The last 10 secs of the webTV you can see my car with the Green & Gold license plate. Click here

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44) A Dallas Stars NHL Hockey puck. Maybe Oiler Babe will buy this to throw off a cliff up their in Oiler Land ! Sold


45) Me Adelaide Crows beer holder! Love the Adelaide Crows but I though t a CDN or US Aussie Rules footy fan would get more enjoyment from this than me. Plus the hot Cwoc's & Cwoa's will be saying to the investor "Where did you get that unique Aussie product?" You never know it may help you get some Cwoc or Cwoa action! Seriously! This beer holder has seen a few good times but still looks brand new. Sorry. Given away at the Snow Bowl 04


46) Unreal NFL jersey, Houston Oilers Warren Moon replica! Warren Moon is a legend in Canada & the US in CFL & NFL. Thanks Moose for these great jerseys. Sold


47) Unreal Rangers NHL jersey of legend Mark Messier! Authentic New York Rangers, string tie neckline from 1994. Mark Messier's name can also be seen on the Stanley Cup as I zoom into Oiler Babes Oilers Stanley Cup wins on me NHL MYKwebTV. The former Canuck captain is a legend in CDN & the US. Thanks Moose for this great jersey. I have a couple of Cwoc's that may wear this jersey on "Myk's Mates Club MYKwebTV" before I send it to the buyer/investor. A bit of rauchy Cwoc & NHL jersey MYKwebTV will be fun! What do you think Cwoc Michelle, Sexy Sexy Sonja, Morgan Playboy Model Fox or Oiler Babe ? New May 3 I'm backing Cwoc Michelle coming soon to Total-CFL MYKwebTV on this one!

Invest Now!! $85 US, $115 CDN Reduced $68 US, $95 CDN or for details on sending me cash, bank cheque or other items email or Ph 403 870-5578 CDN #

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