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Mon Nov 30, 15. Houston Texans and the problems of playing quarterback roulette


After twelve matches, the Houston Texans sit joint-top of the AFC South and will fancy their chances of toppling the injury-hit Indianapolis Colts in the coming weeks. Bill O'Brien's men have improved significantly since the start of the season and have won three consecutive matches - taking their record to 6-5 for the year. All this despite juggling their quarterbacks throughout the campaign, with both Ryan Mallett and Brian Hoyer spending time as Houston's starting signal-caller. If the Texans manage to reach the playoffs - either by winning the division or securing one of the AFC's two wildcard spots - they deserve plenty of credit for an outstanding effort across the board.

   by  StartAgain

Essentially, the Texans have been playing quarterback roulette throughout 2015. Until the end of October, Mallett and Hoyer were both given ample opportunity to prove their worth at the position. As the name suggests, quarterback roulette is simply where you play different quarterbacks depending on the situation, matchup, scenario and even weather conditions. It's a complete lottery as to whether your decision (or wager) will pay off, hence where the levels of risk come into play. Playing a rookie quarterback is very similar to placing a wager on 0, so you can either place a lower amount of money on the event paying off or simply give him lesser time in the quarterback roulette game.

In fact, there are a number of teams across the NFL who are currently playing quarterback roulette. The Washington Redskins were playing it earlier in the season as they opted for traditional backup quarterback Kirk Cousins over 2012 overall second pick Robert Griffin III. Their decision has paid off and they now sit at the top of the NFC East. When playing quarterback roulette for your fantasy team or 32Red roulette games, you should take inspiration from this kind of decision when considering risks or choosing whether to play it completely safe.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Back to Houston's situation, the quarterback position is their only real weakness. On defense, they have JJ Watt, Jadeveon Clowney and Vince Wilfork in their front seven - with those three teaming up with Brian Cushing to form a formidable unit up front. The Texans have gradually improved in recent weeks and their secondary, which was getting dominated earlier in the season, is now making top quality players against some of the best offenses in the NFL. Houston are a well-oiled, organised unit and their defensive stars are starting to stand out on a weekly basis.

On offense, the Texans are getting by without a genuine number one quarterback and their primary running back. Arian Foster was ruled out for the season with a torn Achilles - an injury that was supposed to end Houston's chances of success this campaign. Alfred Blue and Chris Polk have done a decent job in Foster's absence but in a way, Houston have had 'running back roulette' problems throughout the second half of the season. Their main threat on offense? DeAndre 'Nuk' Hopkins. The wide receiver has been sensational throughout the early stages of the campaign, racking up 1117 yards and nine touchdowns. If the Texans are to reach the playoffs, Hopkins' contributions will not go unnoticed. As of November 30th, Houston are valued at 33/20 with 32Red to win the AFC South this season and their star wideout will need to maintain his form if O'Brien's men are to stand a chance.

<iframe src="//" width="480" height="192" frameBorder="0" class="giphy-embed" allowFullScreen></iframe><p><a href="">via GIPHY</a></p>

Next season, their quarterback roulette problems may be over. The Texans could trade down in order to select the top-rated quarterback in the draft, Connor Cook. The Michigan State signal caller is widely regarded as the solution to Houston's problems and it wouldn't be a massive surprise to see the Texans trade down to acquire the quarterback. In 2015, Cook has thrown 21 touchdown passes and just four interceptions - an incredible achievement, even for a college quarterback. Houston's quarterback roulette problems aren't quite over yet but O'Brien's men will stand a much greater chance of success next season with a top signal caller at the helm.

by  rkimpeljr

Fri Sept 17, 10 "Houston Texans defeat Indianapolis Colts 34-24! NFL week 1 was as expected unpredictable! A report on my picks and bets! Friday night Sept 17, I was talking NFL on Sports Rage with Gabriel Morency, Listen and watch now! Listen now. I got on The Jim Rome radio show Wed July 7 which has approx 4 million listeners and talked sports! Talking sports and often NFL on 5AA South Australian radio many weeks with Jeff Burzacott. Listen Live on the web! 153 of my 175+ Sports MYKwebTV and TotalCFLwebTV shows including lots of NFL are now on my Directors Channel!" Myk Aussie

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NFL week 1 was as expected unpredictable! A report on my picks and bets!

Week 1 is famously hard to predict, so I tried to play it safe with my picks as per below:
Indianapolis Colts favored by 2 pts at
Miami Dolphins favoured by 3 at
3. Dallas Cowboys favoured by 3.5 at Sports

Houston Texans defeat Indianapolis Colts 34-24!

Early last week I thought the Texans were a chance to win this game but later in the week I thought no way will the Colts loose, they hardly ever do. The Texans lead the Colts all day, Arian Foster for the Texans ran for a team-record 231 yards and scored 3 TD's. Colts star quarterback Peyton Manning had yet another great game throwing for 433 yards and 3 touchdowns. Last week many NFL experts were predicting this could be the year the Texans make the playoffs. A great win" Myk Aussie

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Mon, Aug 21 06 "Moose's Texans 06 preview! Lots of NFL MYKwebTV!" Myk

From Moose "Houston Texans, fif' year (as Dave Chapelle would say). 2005 Record: 2-14-0. One of five teams to have never made the Super Bowl, but they had a good one there in 2004! Coach: Gary Kubiak, who spent 10 years as John Elway's backup in Denver as maybe the best backup QB in NFL history (Frank Reich, Jeff Rutledge eat your hearts out!) QBs: Dave Carr(wreck), Dave Ragone (L), Sage Rosenfels.

Outlook / Prediction. They should be glad they lost out on the Joey Harrington 'sweepstakes'. Miami probably won't like the results; check back with the Dulfins on December 31st. Offence: Gone are G.M. Charley Casserly and Coach Dom Capers, the ex-Carolina Coach. Scapegoats for the dopey managements finding nitpicking blame with everything they did. The blame should go on the shoulders of QB Dave Carr who plays like the second coming of Johnny Unitas one week and the second coming of Kerry Joseph the next! (I shouldn't insult Joseph like that - he DID rush for 1,006 yds., last CFL year in Ottawa!) Sage Rosenfels, who's name sounds like the cross between a Rabbi and an 1880's gunslinger, from Miami should give him a BIG push.

When Gus Frerotte got hurt late in the year, after he BARELY beat out A.J. Feeley (now the no.2 QB in San Diego), Rosenfels won two of three games for the Dolphins to get them to 9-7-0 for the season. His reward? He was RELEASED and he's still pissed over that! Rosey has a big gun, big butt and good legs (to run with). Lefty Dave Ragone who almost won the NFLE Bowl two years ago is number three. All could get playing time this season. Rosenfels/Ragone/Carr will hand off to Jake Delhomme's neighbor back in Beaux Bridge, LA, Domanick Davis, a very underrated runner/pass catcher. Ex-Saskatchewan CFL WR Derrick Armstrong, Jerome Mathis, Eric Moulds and TE Jeb Putzier who Denver stupidly let get away, will be prime targets for whoever passes them the ball most (I say Rosey...). The Offencive Line is not bad with: Centre Mike Flanagan (formerly of Green Bay, San Diego and Chicago), Chester Pitts, Zach Wiegert (no relation to Amy), Fred Weary and Bryan Pittman. But who will back them up? That's the big problem that Kubiak will needto straighten out. That and getting rid of Carr, once they secure a number 1 pick to draft a real QB with next year!

On Defence, there is nowhere to go but up after finishing 32nd and 20th in the League the past two years! That's why the Texas had to pass on Mr 1,500-2,000 yds.(probably) Reggie Bush in the draft and go for Mario Williams from North Carolina St.. Also, the T's drafted other Defencive help in: LB DeMeko Ryans, and signed DE Anthony Weaver, LB Sam (I Am) Cowart and DE-LB N.D. Kalu, who has been a puzzling average player at Philly. Prediction: If there is any young and/or first year Coach I would to see succeed this year, it would Kubiak, who could have started for seven or eight teams in his NFL QBing career. Kube stayed in Denver and went to three Super Bowls as player and two more as Ast.H.Coach to Mike Shanahan. We'll see how well Shanny does without him but this team has the worst ownership in the history of Pro Football (and that includes the XFL!).

Owner Mr. McNair is as blind as Mr. Magoo. Anybody with eyes that worked even partially could see that Carr(wreck) is a terrible QB and doesn't belong in NFLE! Kube will give him one chance but expect Rosenfels to get his first real shot sometime this year unless Carr wakes up and becomes the next Tom Brady (who as of right now is my choice for 14th best QB in Pro Football history). The Defence will be much improved and the Special Teams with K Kris Brown and P/H Chad Stanley. Coverage will improve with the addition of Putzier from Denver, the one guy the Broncos COULD NOT AFFORD to lose. Houston will definitely win five games, but if more, call out a Congressional Investigation and watch Oliver Stone's new movie! If they win 6 or more WITH CARR at starting pivot, Kube is Coach of the Year! Last in  AFC South." Moose

"If you would like to add your comments about how you think the Texans will go in 06 or comment on Moose's preview above please email me and I will add your report.

You can hear Moose weekly on Gabriel Morency's SportsRage Montreal Team 990 AM sports radio and on the Internet talking NFL Footy many Friday nights around 1am Eastern US and CDN time. I'm on late around 1.30-2am EST Friday or Monday nights as well talking sports in a comedy/crazy style. I think Gabriel Morency is the best sports radio guy in the World. To me he's like the Howard Stern of sports. I'm very confident you will like his show. To listen
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Sat Sept 10th, 05 "Moose's NFL Houston Texans 05 preview! All the Super Bowl 38 from Houston MYKwebTV shows especially for Texan fans and the New Orleans people now in Houston!"

What a great wild time I had in Houston for Super Bowl 38 week with SportsRage star host Gabriel Morency and Shaun Starr. Lots of great MYKwebTV from this fantastic week. Good luck to the Texans and their fans this year and a special good luck to the New Orleans people that are now making Houston their home. Here is a special link to all my MYKwebTV shows from Super Bowl 38 in Houston especially for the Houston fans and the New Orlean's people in Houston that found this section of the massive MYKwebWORLD Click here " Myk Aussie

From Moose "Houston Texans Preview, 4th season [Tenn. ‘Tits’ played here in Houston, 1960-96 as Oilers], Coach: Dom Capers. QBs: Dave Carr, Dave Ragone (l) [NFLE], Tony Banks. Carr, like Cincy’s Carson Palmer, could be ready for a breakthrough year. But it’ll be in ’06 not this year. Palmer, and Cincinnati are alittle closer. The Texans had one of the better passing attacks in the AFC last year, until a couple of WRs, including ex Saskachewan Roughrider Derrick Armstrong got hurt late and Carr cooled off. Dominick Davis is a first rate running back and the Offence could be one of the top 6 or 7 in the AFC this year. 

Capers has been very patient with this young developing team and his Defence and Special Teams are as good as any non-playoff team in the League right now. Myk was at the magnificent Stadium there in Houston for the Super Bowl and I’ve been there to Houston several times in the past myself.

The fans are great Football fans and know a good team when they see one. They are witnessing the rebirth of Pro Football in Houston after the disappointment of both the Oilers and Ar.FL Thunderbears leaving several years ago. The Lbing Corps of Kalie Wong, Jamie Sharper and Zeke Moreno will lead the Division in Sacks. This team will not make the playoffs this year, unless the Broncos or Chargers drop off with a rash of injuries but they should be able to make 8-8-0. Capers should get a contract extension when this season is over. Third, AFC South." Moose


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Thurs, Nov 11 04 "Texans vs Colts week 10!" Myk Aussie


From NFL Media

MATCHUP BETWEEN 2 former No. 1 overall draft selections – Houston QB DAVID CARR (2002) & Indianapolis QB PEYTON MANNING (1998). Offenses stand No. 1 (Indy, 38) & No. 2 (Hou., 35) in completing most 20+ yard pass plays in NFL……TEXANS: Club has won 4 of past 6 & are 2-0 in division……In 2 divisional games, QB Carr has completed 42 of 60 (70.0 pct.) for 442 yards & 2 TDs vs. 1 INT for 95.4 passer rating……Last week at Den., RB DOMANICK DAVIS registered 6th multi-rush TD game in past 16 games played. Davis (5) ties for 5th-most rush TDs in AFC……WR ANDRE JOHNSON (693) stands 2nd in AFC receiving yards. Johnson had at least 4 catches in each of 2 career games vs. Colts as rookie. Johnson has 111 receptions in 1st 24 games (4.6/game). Since 2002, WR COREY BRADFORD has 12 TDs w/ avg. length of TD play reaching 43.6 yards. WR JABAR GAFFNEY has 85+ yards & 5+ catches in past 3 games…… G CHESTER PITTS has played in all 2,356 offensive plays in Texans history……Club tied for NFL lead w/ 11 INTs, led by rookie CB DUNTA ROBINSON (No. 10) with 3……

COLTS: Club has never lost to Texans (4-0) & is 11-4 (.733) all-time vs. AFC South……Head coach TONY DUNGY is NFL-best 39-0 (1.000) when team has 14+ lead. QB Manning has 9 TDs vs. 1 INT in past 2 & has reached 26th TD of season in fewest games (8) in NFL history. Last week, Manning & WR MARVIN HARRSION (666) surpassed Buffalo’s JIM KELLY & ANDRE REED (663) for most completions between teammates in league annals……RB EDGERRIN JAMES (36) stands tied for 5th among active NFL RBs in 100s. In past 2 vs. Hou., James has 2 100s (275 yards). WR Harrison reached 800th career reception last week in 131st game for fewest games played in history to reach mark. Former record was 154 games (JERRY RICE)……Club rec. yard leader REGGIE WAYNE (603) & BRANDON STOKLEY (533) are both are on pace for 1st 1,000-yd seasons of careers. TE MARCUS POLLARD (33) is Manning’s 2nd-leading career TD receiver & caught 2 last weke vs. Minn. (Harrison 75) ……DE DWIGHT FREENEY posted 7th career multi-sack game last week in 39th career game.

It is so cool to be the only Aussie that has regularly reported on the NFL for the past 5 years. Yep that's me, I have had NFL media passes at Super Bowl's, Pro Bowl's and other NFL games. Thus I am allowed into the NFL Media section and allowed to post their great reports on here. Much more coming over the coming weeks." Myk Aussie

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