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You can also hear me talking sports many Thursday or Friday nights on Legend Gabriel Morency's Sports Rage now on Fri 8-11pm Pacific CDN/US time. For the details on this great Hardcore sports radio show Click here Also I'm on each week on 5AA Adelaide Sth Australia radio talking Sports with Jeff Burzacott, new time 5.15am Thurs morning Adelaide time which is 11.45am Wed Mtn time in Nth America. Listen Live Click here If you are new to MYKwebWORLD and you want to know what I do this is a great article Click here

NBA MYKwebTV! I'm talking about NBA and star player Allen Iverson on TSN's Off The Record. Also Aussie Andrew Bogut on MYKwebTV from 05 US Natl's of Aussie Rules Footy Click here

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I'm here with Teen Wolf the legend basketball player at the Stamps vs Al's CFL, Canadian Football League Halloween game on a Saturday night. A MYKwebTV show of Teen Wolf trying to teach me how to Dunk is now up, it's in the 2nd show below the TV screen Click here

Tues, Jan 19, 10 "Sports Betting and the NBA! Betting on sports is becoming more and more popular!" Myk Aussie

Sport Betting and NBA! Betting on sports is becoming more and more popular!
Betting on sports is becoming more and more popular. There are tens of sports and sportsmen you can bet on while enjoying the play. Football, hockey, basketball, baseball or tennis is only a few sports you can bet on, now online also. There are numerous online sportsbooks and bookmakers where you can bet on your favorite sports, using online sportsbook reviews and guides can lead you to the best ones available on the worldwide web.

NBA betting is certainly one of the most popular sports and events people, basketball fans are gladly betting on. With the help of this outstanding sport, small bettors having knowledge and good sense for proper money management can win large amounts of money. Before betting on NBA games everyone should know be acknowledged about NBA Odds and after studying should also understand these odds. If someone manages to understand odds can easily get closer to understanding how do bookies set their numbers. Bookmakers are aware of the fact people are betting on superstar teams like Chicago Bulls or Lakers, so if you are lucky and going against popular teams you can find some great situations to get good numbers.

Just as casino games and other offers, NBA Odds are also different at each sportsbook; that is why when you are searching for the best NBA Odds it is best to shop around between offers, and if you are really interested and a high roller, the best solution is to have accounts founded at at least 3 or 4 sportsbooks. The most popular sportbooks giving the best odds are,,; these are only a few ones worth betting at, but there are more sites, being trustworthy enough to bet at.

The majority of bettors are unfortunately not aware of the betting basics. So before betting everyone should know a few things like, before everything, before the game there is a point spread offered. For example, if the Lakers were playing the Celtics and you see a line reading the Lakers were -4, your team needs to win at least by 5 otherwise you lose. There are other betting options, like moneyline or NBA totals also known as Over/Under, where you can guess the total points supposed to be scored during the game. For example if the Over/Under of the game is 170 and you bet the under, if the score is 80-75, you would lose, because the total is only 155.

So before betting on NBA or other sports knowing every detail and fact connected to betting is a wise thing to if you do not want to lose your money.

In Nov 09 MYKwebTV became part of the Partner Program! For 137 of my 165+ MYKwebTV shows now on Click here" Myk Aussie

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