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"You can also hear me often talking NFL many Friday nights on Gabriel Morency's Sports Rage now on Sirius Satellite radio, Channel 186. Fri 8-11pm Pacific CDN/US time. Moose Salzer is on every week during Arena Footy season. For the details on this great Hardcore sports radio show Click here" Myk Aussie

"This sports report appeared in the March 2007 Calgary North Haven and area News." Myk Aussie

"Congratulations to Indianapolis Colts on winning the NFL Super Bowl. They have been a very good team now for many years and a worthy winner. The NFL Pro Bowl a week later was, Wow! Over the past years many media have bagged the Pro Bowl saying it was a bit of a joke with many players not committed on the day and I have to somewhat agree with that. However the hit by Redskins Sean Taylor on the Bills punter Brian Moorman was as good a hit as Ive ever seen. Bengals Chad Johnson appeared to wrench his knee early in the game. Chat was back on the field competing at Wide Receiver in the last quarter. Just two examples from a great game in which the AFC won with a field goal with seconds to go, 31-28.

I wish Duncan OMahony all the best in his comeback to the CFL with the Calgary Stampeders. After Duncan went "walkabout" in 06 it was announced recently that Duncan signed with the Calgary Stampeders to compete for the punting job. Duncan was a member of the victorious 2001 Stampeders Grey Cup team.

Aussie Rules Football, a follow up to last months article Team USA
4 goals and 10 behinds = 34 defeated CDN Northwind 1 goal and 2 behinds = 8 in Houston. Calgary Kangaroo’s Gareth Williams performed the best out of the four Western Canadians on a wet day in Houston. 07 Calgary Kangaroo’s and Bears training starts soon, I hope to see any interested guys joining us playing Australia’s most popular sport but here in Calgary.

Tennis. Seeing that I haven’t made a trip home in over four years I particularly enjoyed watching the recent Australian Open on TSN. The event one of four Grand Slams is held every year in Melbourne. Melbourne is known to be the most sports mad city of any Australian city as again was seen this year with the huge crowds, many people sitting for the whole day in 35-40 degree Celsius heat to watch the best players in the world. What’s with the “grunting” though, the very popular sexy Maria Sharapova being one of the worst offenders.  If the tennis bosses want to make tennis more popular they really need to get these players to stop grunting. It's very annoying and a definite "habit" that can be cured if they were “made to”. Get out the fines just like they fine NBA players for not wearing suits after a game. Tennis is possibly the 2nd or 3rd most played sport in Australia. All over the country in cities and country areas on Saturday mornings you will find the children and teenagers playing in competitions and on Saturday afternoons the adults and the good teenagers play in competitions. Many teams are formed with equal men and ladies or as I call them Aussie birds so it is also a great social event in Australia. It’s a great game and as I’m writing this Canada is playing Columbia here in Calgary in the Davis Cup.

“And” I am confused! Something that I have noticed in the past months in the major newspaper sports columns and in fact by many of the CDN and USA journalists in all columns is that they often start sentences with “And”. In my English classes at school in Australia starting a sentence with “and” was one of the biggest no, no’s ever in writing. It was simply never done. I’ve been so amazed at this which I believe is simply a trend by the professional journalist’s that I had to ask Breanne my friend who attends Junior High here in NW Calgary. Breanne agreed with me that she is taught in English classes not to start a sentence with “And”. Then I realized this and this is why I am confused. Many sentences in the New International Version of the New Testament start with “And”. I better now ask a University teacher who teaches Journalism.

See ya later alligators!"


Myk Aussie
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