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Myk competing in the Spring Splash, Colorado!

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Myk "The Wildman" & his girlfriend Pammy Lee Anderson Harrison Christmas shopping in Richmond, Canada!

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Play Extra Hi Sp Play Hi & Modem May 28, 06 Re highlighted as Ricky Williams to play in CFL in 06! 2 mins "Myk & Mates at The NFL Pro Bowl! Myk Aussie 1 on 1 interviewing the #1 NFL cheerleader Cwoa's and hanging out with the NFL star players including Ricky Williams. I had a great time being there as well." Moose Play Ext Hi Sp Play Hi Sp & Modem

"Now on Mates Club TV the 4 part 20 min version. Amazing close up #1 Cheerleader footage and interviews! This is some of my best ever TV Wow! Hope you can join me in Mates Club Click here" Myk Aussie

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"Argo's Cwoc Cheerleaders and the real Cwoc Pamela Anderson in The Best 7 mins from Grey Cup 05 week!" Opinion has it that this could my most watched show ever over the coming mths as the real Pamela is in it! Includes The Parade featuring the real Pamela Anderson, The BC Booze Brothers, many of the CFL cheerleaders inc the Argo Cwoc stunners with their Grey Cup 05 rings, CFL stars Ed Hervey and Jason Clermont, Rider titty Cwoc, Wow!, Honest Mur, Bubbles The Green Bastard, Moose, ScottyDog Total-CFLer and lots more great CFL wild fans. Enjoy!" Myk Aussie 
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High Sp Play Modem 1.5 mins "Myk trying to chat up Britney Spears Grey Cup in Montreal! Total-CFLer Marty with Britney in Montreal in 2001. Britney the Argo's fan. Way to go Argo's Marty! Play HiSp Play Mod

Make sure to check out Tiger-Cats Total-CFLwebTV! Features Argo's Mike Morreale. Click here 

Play Hi Sp 3 mins - Pt 1 Myk interviewing CFL cheerleaders about AFL Aussie Footy at the CFL Grey Cup Awards". Featuring Cwoc Mel BC Lioness, Cwoc Lisa Stamps, Cwoc Tammy Ms Winterpeg, Cwoc's from VVRegina & lots more great CFL cheerleaders. Play Hi Sp

Grey Cups Total-CFL MYKwebTV 1
5 mins - Part 1 "Myk
& Total-CFL mates at the CFL Grey Cup 2002 Street Parade" Featuring Stamps Oldpaint Click here

Play Extra Hi Speed Play Hi Speed Play DialupTVHi Play DialupTVLow 5 mins - Pt 1 of 4 Myk Aussie in his Blue & White Argo's Colors & Duncan Crazy Kicker O'Mahony CFL & AFL Aussie Footy Kicking contest. What a great day it was in Abbotsford BC as me & Duncan spent 2 hrs together kicking the footy & talking CFL. Featuring Cwoc Brenda camera lady & commentator.  Play Light Speed Play Hi Speed Play DialupTVHi Play DialupTVLow

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"Myk Aussie is available to web Sports cast your upcoming Sports event in Canada, US or Australia! April 27 Myk was at Big White web Sports Casting the Ski 2 Sea event. For more details  
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Oh no I can't show this great 5 min MYKwebTV show of legend Stamps QB Jeff Garcia


"I was going to include this unreal 5 min MYKwebTV from Pro Bowl 2002 that includes Jeff Garcia but seeing it's Total-CFLwebTV decided against it. Here's a great pic Cwoa Merideth my camera Cwoa took of Jeff right on the sidelines. Jeff is giving Merideth the Hawaii Aloha hand sign. Join me "Myk's Mates Club" for great NFLwebTV. Option 2 only a buck a week. Just for Stamps fans I'll replay this unreal 5 min show for anyone that joins in the next 2 weeks, Option 2 Click here" Myk Aussie
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