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Play Hi Sp Play DialupTVHi Play DialupTVLow Re highlighted Feb 3, 07. Duncan again a Stampeder in 07! A CFL/Aussie Rules Footy kicking contest with Duncan O'Mahony.  5 mins - Pt 1 of 4 Myk Aussie & Duncan Crazy Kicker O'Mahony CFL & AFL Aussie Footy Kicking contest. What a great day it was in Abbotsford BC as me & Duncan spent 2 hrs together kicking the footy & talking CFL. Featuring Cwoc Brenda camera lady & commentator. Play Hi Sp Play DialupTVHi Play DialupTVLow

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 Play Extra Hi Play Hi Sp Play Modem  Duncan & Myk Total- CFLwebTV Pt 5 5 mins - Part 1 Myk in Montreal Grey Cup 2001 This 3 Pt 15 min MYKwebTV show won me a A-Channel guest reporters job in Calgary in 2002. Featuring Click here  Play Eet Hi Play Hi Sp Play Mod

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 Play Hi Sp Play Mod  Duncan & Myk Total- CFLwebTV Pt 8 3 min -  Myk Aussie presents Duncan with some Unique products. Includes footy & Cwoc talk from Pt 4 of "Myk & Duncan CFL/AFL kicking contest."  Play Hi Sp Play Modem

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Oh no I can't show this great 5 min MYKwebTV show of legend Stamps QB Jeff Garcia


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