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Pro Football Weekly: NFL and Pro Football Video Picks with amazing coverage from Myk Aussie -The Pro Football Comedy Media Guy.

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Mar 6, 2003 "Me Nth American Footy expert Moose has supplied me with this great Super Bowl history Win Loss record of all the teams." Myk

Subject: Super Bowl Standings  All-time Super Bowl Standings:
                                        W  L
San Francisco 49ers             5  0
Dallas Cowboys                   5  3
Pittsburgh Steelers              4  1
Green Bay Packers              3  1
Oakland/Los Angeles           3  2
Raiders/Washington            3  2
New York Giants                  2  1
Miami Dolphins                   2  3
Denver Broncos                   2  4       "Go Broncos!" Myk
Tampa Bay Bucs                  1  0
Baltimore Ravens                1  0
Chicago Bears                     1  0
New York Jets                     1  0
Kansas City Chiefs              1  1
{Baltimore Colts/                1  1
Indianapolis Colts}*
Saint Louis/LA Rams           1  2
New England Patriots           1  2
Atlanta Falcons                   0  1
Tennessee Titans**            0  1
Philadelphia Eagles             0  1
San Diego Chargers            0  1
Cincinnati Bengals              0  2
Buffalo Bills                       0  4
Minnesota Vikings              0  4

* The Indianapolis Colts have never been to the Super Bowl to date, however their franchise is the old Baltimore Colts who played in Super Bowl(s) III & V
** The Tennessee Titans are the former Houston Oilers, who never made the Super Bowl.

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