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 "Myk Aussie the "Aussie, Football, media, comedy guy" is fully recognized by the NFL as the Australian NFL guy. The NFL categories Myk Aussie as a NFL web Sports Caster. Myk has been granted sideline & locker room media passes at many NFL games & 3 of the past 4 NFL Pro Bowl's. Myk Aussie has been the only Australian covering the NFL in the past 5 years. 

Mike & Mark at NFL Media & told Myk Aussie in Jan 2002 that he can show any NFL player or cheerleader interviews on MYKwebTV,  just don't show game action.

Very high up officials at the CFL over the past 3+ years are aware that MYKwebTV shows some CFL game action. Myk Aussie promotes TSN into Australia & Nth America.

Myk Aussie wears either a NFL or CFL accredited media pass at all times when web Sports Casting. Please direct any questions to me. I hope that you enjoyed MYKwebTV & Total-CFLwebTV.

Photo's shown on MYKwebWORLD have been either taken by Myk or his web Sports Caster mates or they have been approved by the individual or company that owns the photos. If you believe I am in error here please contact me to discuss approval & linking to your site in exchange for the use of the possible photo in concern." Andrew Harrison, MYKwebWORLD Manager Ph: 403 870-5578 CDN #